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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What needs to be done before and during the process of investing in immigration to the United States?
Expert answers:
The United States has always been a dream country in the minds of all, a popular place for investment immigration.
If you want to immigrate to the United States, EB-5 investment in immigration projects is a good choice.
So if you want to invest in immigrating to the United States, what do you need to do in the early stage and in the process of investing in immigration after choosing the EB-5 project?
First of all, the pre-application conditions are as follows:
the main applicant is over 21 years old, the family has no criminal record and meets the requirements of physical examination; the applicant invests $500,000, and reasonably explains the source of the investment of $500,000.
Then, for EB-5 investment immigration in the United States, applicants and their spouses, accompanying children must provide birth certificates, marriage certificates and other documents.
The principal applicant also needs to provide proof of legal source of investment funds, such as tax return records, bank account records, proof of ownership of the company or business, financial audit reports of the company or business, and business licenses of the business enterprise, etc.
Finally, the application fee should be prepared in the process of investing in immigration.
Such as investment, immigration intermediary service fee, lawyer fee, translation of other materials, notarization fee, other government official fees and so on.
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    ABOUT louisiana local customs, tourist attractions
    Machak marsh Machak marsh is located in the state of Louisiana, also known as the "swamp ghost", got the name because the swamp cursed a voodoo queen, in early 1920s, she was smitten by the Everglades, therefore the curse of the swamp, in 1915 there have been three villagers in this piece the swamp in the mysterious disappearance, attracted the attention of the people.
    But does mancsak swamp with other marshes are not the same, even where the trees grow very horrible, ghastly, a man eating monster appearance, let people see is the voodoo queen tremble with fear, when under the curse of the swamp, joint trees and other biological can not escape.
    The rainy evening, mancsak swamp in only a little light, more like the usual horror film Ghost to appear on the scene;
    in the winter night, the cool breeze blowing branches, hum sounds like a hoot, makes the mancsak more eerie swamp.
    Manchac Swamp
    Reason: the most terrible swamp
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    Louisiana State Museum The Luis Anna Tony Museum is located in the city, built in 1906, a collection of tens of thousands of pieces of Luis Anna, rich and colorful history and culture collections, as one of the most important Museums in the state of Luis Anna.
    The Luis Anna Tony Museum collection is 450000, 7 building located in the historic district in france.
    The Museum's collections can be divided according to the type of visual arts, jazz, clothing and textiles, decorative arts, science and technology and the Louisiana historical center.
    The visual arts collection of 150000 photographs, 2000 paintings, 15000 pieces of art on paper and hundreds of pieces of sculpture, in addition, there are miniatures, prints, watercolors, postcards, etc.
    costume and textiles to the United States the largest one of the best collections, collections from a variety of clothing 18 century, the number of up to 15000, dizzying.
    Science and technology are part of the industry, science and technology, which are used in daily life tools, a total of more than 6000. The decorative art decoration art collection focuses on 1790 to 1890 pieces, including furniture, pottery, glass products, iron products, folk art etc.
    This rich collection of the Museum collection by jazz and famous, is the largest Museum in the world of jazz and related articles, about the origin and the successful Jazz story collection since 1917 Jazz instruments, music, postcards, photographs, records, tapes, manuscripts, the photo collection of up to 12000. Louisiana State Museum
    Reason: Louisiana State Museum is one of the most important
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: New Orleans [New Orleans]

    The Presbytere The house is located in the United States New Orleans District of France Jackson square, adjacent to the St. Louis cathedral, one of New Orleans's most important historic buildings, in 1970 was listed as a national historic landmark.
    The priest's house seat was capuchin priest residence, built this building originally to the priest residence, but after it was used for commercial purposes.
    This building is the colonial style building, designed in 1791, and to the other side of the cathedral city Hall (The cabildo) symmetry, but the two building was completed in 1813, 1834 to the court.
    In 1853, the church sold to New Orleans city, New Orleans city in 1908 and sold it to Luis Anna S.
    In 1911, the presbytere has become a part of the State Museum is open to visitors.
    The Presbytere
    Reason: New Orleans is one of the most important historical buildings
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: New Orleans [New Orleans]

    The United States of New Orleans to continue development is the main cause of excessive subsidence
    As everyone knows, New Orleans is a "settlement".
    The latest research shows that in some areas of the city to more than 1 inches per year the sinking speed, than many scientists thought.
    This latest study published recently in the journal "nature" shows that parts of the city almost four to five times than in other areas of the sinking speed.
    Experts believe that this is very deadly.
    The main research results of the author, University of Miami geophysicist Tim Dixon (Tim Dixon) said: "my fear is that the area is extremely low, these are the danger zone, and is not easy to reconstruct."
    The cause of this "trapped" phenomenon, mainly the development of excessive consumption and serious migration of nature caused by the earthquake.
    They think that there may be some hurricane Katrina flood destroyed, brings more danger to the future of the city.
    Dixon said that over the years, scientists have tried 100 kinds of measurement method, calculate the city at an average annual rate of sinking 1/5 inches.
    The latest data through the 150000 method to calculate the regional average annual 10% to 20%, the sinking rate has reached 1. Scientists and engineers said, because these areas of ground subsidence, flood embankment is sinking.
    The results of the same author, director Roy Duka Luis Anna State University center for space research said: "the Saint Bernard (St. Bernard) were destroyed because of the levees built too low."
    Doocar said: "" trapped "to the region change at the same time, let us also cannot withstand a single blow, trying to estimate the location of the region."
    Who washed out roads, hospitals and shelters were built in the area of the sea surface height is lower than the emergency planners envisioned -- far below.
    Experts believe that the reconstruction of the government 1 said the flood embankment should be higher than that of before Hurricane Katrina may still be lower than the actual height of the required height.
    Berkeley college of Engineering Professor Bob Bii (Bob Bea) said that in the United States Army corps of engineers led by 0 will not sinking current taking into account the levee reconstruction plan.
    This project belongs to the National Academy of Sciences Research Group Berkeley, they analyzed the reasons for the levees during Hurricane Katrina destroyed in the.
    The former New Orleans engineer clothing than previously advised the government to change whether long.
    term or short-term protection measures, he believes that the establishment of concrete protective wall is meaningless, because they are sinking and not easy to rebuild.
    california engineers are testing a lighter material, which is made of foam material with intermediate levee reinforcement.
    Dixon believes that the main reason is that over the New Orleans sinking fast development and consumption of the swamp.
    He said: "all problems are man-made.
    1700, people started to settle in, 1700 years ago, this area is located on the sea surface."
    But the main reason doocar sinking is migration seismic zone and has little relation to development.
    Also, all regions have not yet been completely submerged, there are better ways to use the construction time can be extended to New Orleans.
    Doocar said: "have a contract and we" sink "phenomenon, if people treat this land, we have the possibility to New Orleans and then there are 100, 200 or even 300 years."
    The us Army corps spokesman Jean Paurik (Gene Pawlik) said that the corps is high to build the original levees, and the reference measurement method for flood monitoring to develop subsidence.
    Baolike said: "this is the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in our most concern, of course, this is also one of the engineering challenges."
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