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How should investment immigrants avoid the trap in the United States?
Expert answers:
In recent years, the United States has exposed numerous investment immigration frauds, many of which have suffered from Chinese investors.
So, how should investment immigrants avoid the trap in the United States?
As one of the most developed countries in the world, the United States is the dream country of countless people.
The EB-5 project of American immigration project has no age, language education requirements, business background requirements.
One person applies and the whole family gets a green card at the same time.
At the same time, this project is also one of the most effective ways to get a green card from the United States and to live in the United States.
However, when investing in immigration to the United States, we must pay attention to avoiding risks.
First of all, you must not believe in taking shortcuts.
I suggest you choose the right immigration company and reliable intermediary.
This is the decisive factor for your immigration.
Many investors are deceived because they do not realize this.
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    ABOUT massachusetts local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 21385 square kilometers In the 50 states, listed in article 54. Population: 5782000 In the 50 states, listed in article 10. capital: Boston Boston The main city: Ottawa Manchester duo Worcester Springfield Springfield State flower: Mayflower State bird: Black tit    Massachusetts is the independence of the United States when one of the 13 states.
    The state from the Indian language, its meaning is "LargeHill-Place hilly area".
       "In 2000, the British colonies to the beginning.
    In February 6, 1788 to become the sixth old thirteen states of the United States state.
    The alias, called "Bay State" or "old colony" BayState OldcolonyState.
    In the "May flower" Mayflower is the state flower.
    The state motto: "by the sword we seek peace, we want freedom under the peace, is in."
    BytheSwordWeseekPeace, ButPeaceOnlyUnderLiberty.
       Boston Boston in Massachusetts Bay it is the state capital.
    A population of about seven, 000. Plus seventy-eight near a small town, a population of about three million.
    This is the New District of England in the first city and the first big port.
    Electronic industrial heyday.
    The city's new tallest building, and only six layer.
    In and around the colleges and universities have more than fifty-two.
    Near the airport, called the 1 International Airport LoganInternationalairport.
       The state has three features: first, many universities.
    The state's population is only about five million, but the Yibaishushi college school.
    There are two world famous A Harvard University HarvardUniversity;
    the other is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MassachusettsInstituteofTechnology.
    The former is committed to scientific theory;
    the latter is devoted to the application of science.
    The two schools are located in the west of Boston of cambridge cambridge.
    Harbin Dalian was founded in 1636 years, there are more than 20000 students.
    Ma Yuan was founded in 1861 years, new equipment.
    In addition, there are UniversityofMassachusetts of University of Massachusetts, founded in 1863 years, located in Amherst Amherst;
    Boston University was founded in 1869 years, located in Boston.
    In two, American Independence War, the state began to land, and as the leading area.
    Thirdly, the port of Boston is now the largest port of England.
    In the colonial period, it is the first port and fishing port in North america.
    Seafood is very rich in cod.
       The main products are potatoes, milk, beef, chicken, apple and cranberry *, orange cranberry.
    The marine cOD and halibut.
    "The king" wave city summer tour in cape cod
    Boston (Boston) located in the northeastern United States, is the capital of Massachusetts, an area of 125 square kilometers, a population of 65 million.
    It is the vastness of the the Atlantic, is the excellent harbor city.
    There are more than 10 towns around it, such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in cambridge city, the combination of these towns are called big Boston area.
    Boston has a history of 360 years, is known as the "most ancient city".
    In 1620, a group of English Puritans because by religion 1 on the May flower "the ship, after a long and difficult voyage, came to Massachusetts near the settlement.
    There is a team led by John Winthrop founded a settlement in the charles River in southern Haikou.
    Because there are a lot of people from the Lincolnshire town of Boston they, so he left their hometown with the name of the settlement.
    In 1632, Boston became the capital of Massachusetts, because the city connecting roads around like spokes radiate out, and also won the "hub city" nickname.
    Mid eighteenth century, Boston has been the largest city in North america.
    In 1773, Boston residents against the British government to impose high tax policy on tea tea, three tea boat east of India company, the value of 18 thousand pounds of tea poured into the sea, this is the famous "Boston tea", as the outbreak of the American War of independence buried a fuse.
    In April 18, 1775, the British governor was not far from Boston concord possession of arms of the militia weapons, then sent soldiers to confiscate seized.
    Engineer Paul Riveire after hearing the news, starry night gallop, inform each village militias, engaged the british.
    The British army and militia fighting in Lexington, despite the British troops arrived in concord, some of the weapons seized, but suffered heavy losses, 1 returned to Boston.
    Lexington shooting, opened a prelude to the American War of independence.
    Therefore, in the historical process of the founding of the United States, Boston has an indelible role.
    Boston's education in the United States premier.
    Here is known as the city of university buildings, education and research in science and technology in the world. In 1635, when the early pioneer was hacked, the earliest North America Latin School was born here.
    The city's existing more than 80 colleges, for all States of the crown.
    Famous universities are Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Northeastern University and other professional institutions, Boston School of music, Massachusetts college of pharmacy etc.
    In addition, in special education he lasiman school for deaf mutes, blind school of Massachusetts is also very special.
    Every year at all levels of government allocated a large sum of money to support the development of education, on the other hand, the school year also injected a large amount of funds to the local economy, many enterprises started to attract.
    The us "fortune" magazine has chosen Boston as one of the best international business environment, the enterprise development of the city.
    Boston and the United States first-class art Museum, science Museum and the Boston Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1881. King's college chapel The king's chapel is located in Boston Tremont street and school street intersection, founded by royal governor Sir Edmund Andros in 1686, is the first England Anglican church.
    This was originally set up in the king's chapel is a wooden church, built in 1688, is located in a public cemetery, the cemetery is located because no one would like to sell land to non Puritan church.
    The present church is a stone church, by Peter Harrison (Peter Harrison) design, in the construction of 1749 years, 1754 years to build.
    Around the stone church built in the wooden church, when the stone church was built, it was demolished wooden church, and then shipped out from the window of the new church.
    During the American Revolution, the church was renamed the "stone church", the royalists left Boston for canada, those who stay behind the church reopened in 1782. In 1785, James Freeman, in accordance with the Unitarian doctrine revised the book of common prayer, though Freeman thought the king church still belongs to the Anglican church, but he refused to stand by.
    Until today, the mixed etiquette of this church still follow their Unitarian church.
    King's chapel
    Reason: new England's first Anglican church
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Massachusetts: [Massachusetts State]
    Boston city attractions: [Boston]

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