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What impact does Trump have on U.S. investment immigration applicants after he was elected President of the United States?
Expert answers:
Trump is an anti immigration hardline, and Hilary focuses on protecting the rights and interests of immigrants, including illegal immigrants, with different identity backgrounds.
Trump's attitude towards immigration policy is tougher, so it can be said to protect American citizens in a comprehensive way against immigration.
For illegal immigrants, trump once said in the program that if elected president, he will withdraw the Obama administration's immigration administrative order and expel the undocumented illegal immigrants in the United States and cancel the preferential treatment for the children of illegal immigrants.
In addition, trump thought that the foreign population had robbed 7 million Americans, so what he called "hundred day reform" is likely to increase the immigration threshold of the United States.
Moreover, the threshold for the issuance of work visas is likely to rise dramatically, making it more difficult for international students to remain in the United States after graduation.
However, investment immigrants are not illegal immigrants, which means that the policy of Trump's coming to power may have been adjusted for American eb-5. Now, American immigrants have decided to postpone until April 28, 2017, and how the policy will change after April 28. The draft has come out.
The price increase is a firm matter, rising to $1.34 million.
If the draft is not implemented, the shutdown will also be suspendeD.It's not impossible.
Here, I want to remind investors that they can enjoy the best and most affordable price by immigrating to the United States before the expiration date.
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