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    ABOUT virgin-islands local customs, tourist attractions

    The Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands, abbreviated as BVI) VG country code, and the translation of the British Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean region, east of Puerto rico.. The British Virgin Islands and the adjacent United States Virgin Islands and the Spanish virgin islands known collectively as the virgin islands.

    Modern geographic meaning of the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, is the lesser islands in the North Island group. Located in the northeastern margin of the Caribbean Sea, an area of about 507 square kilometers. Sixteenth Century has become Spain, Holland, England, USA and Danish colonial, later belong to the USA and the UK. In northern and Eastern said the British Virgin Islands, an area of 153 square kilometers, the capital of Luo Decheng. In recent years, the rapid development of the financial services industry, has become one of the Caribbean's financial center. Western and Southern said the US Virgin Islands, an area of 354 square kilometers, is the capital of Sherlock Maria.
    The British Virgin Islands (BVI) consists of 50 islands, covers an area of 59 square miles, about 15 island inhabited. The largest of which is an area of 21 square miles, with a population of 19000 TORTOLA. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an autonomous management by political stability, independence of the Legislative Council Legislative, the British colony, it has become an important centre for the development of overseas business activities.
    British Virgin Islands
    Belongs to delta North America
    The National Anthem "God save the Queen"
    BVI country code
    The official language is English
    National leader Elizabeth II
    The main ethnic Lebanese British Portugal Syria
    The main religions: Christianity
    The land area of 59 square miles
    Traffic drives on the left

    The United States Virgin is in the Caribbean, the northernmost Lesser Antilles Islands in the Leeward Islands, 64 km west of Puerto Rico, by St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix three main island and ca. 50 islands composition. Area of 346.36 square kilometers (133.73 square miles), 188 km long coastline.
    The United States Virgin Islands is American in the Caribbean a non institutionalized territorial islands, in the east of Puerto Rico, west of the British Virgin Islands, located in the northern tip of the Lesser Antilles. Composed of 50 multiple large islands and coral reefs, island in the middle of the biggest is St. Roy Island, St. John's Island and the island of St. Thomas and area is relatively small, but have special historical significance of Mizushima. The capital of Charlotte Amalie. The United States Virgin Islands is the only road on the left side of the road area. The United States Virgin Islands to the white sand beaches, and occupies a strategic Port Charlotte Amalie and Christiansted is known. The main attractions of the territory of the Virgin Islands National Park, the island of St. Thomas, trunk Bay, etc.. The trunk Bay is one of the Caribbean most often taken by one of the bay is also the world's ten most beautiful.

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