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After immigrating to the United States, what cities are suitable for Indians to live in?
Expert answers:
The United States has a good economic environment, advanced science and technology, a high international status, leading the world in medical care, and many countries can exempt from signature if they have American passports.
So many advantages have attracted countless Indians to migrate first.
More and more Indians want to emigrate to the United States.
However, in such a large United States, the living habits and cultures of cities and states are very different.
Some places like open and popular culture, while others may be very conservative.
So in so many cities in the United States, which places are more suitable for Indian life?
New York, as an international metropolis, has numerous landmarks, shopping paradises, and is also the city with the largest number of Indians.
Indian gathering areas are well-known places of popularity, and a good place to live after immigrating to the United States!
Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States after New York, has a beautiful environment, mild climate, a large proportion of Indians in the total population, a large Indian community and a convenient life.
It is also a good choice for Indians to live in.
In addition, Irvine Bay, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, Boston.
They are also very suitable for Chinese people to live in!
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