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What are the conditions for getting an American Green Card?
Expert answers:
The United States has long been a hot country for investment and immigration, and has always been the "dream country" in many people's minds.
It is the wish of many people to invest in immigrating to the United States, and getting the green card of the United States is the dream of many people!
What are the conditions for getting an American Green Card?
Here is a brief summary:
1. The applicant must be at least 21 years old.
2. Applicants need not have any educational background, language, business or work experience.
3. Applicants must have $500,000 in cash.
And for the duration of investment to meet five years, only to meet this basic condition, is to obtain the most basic conditions of American immigration, of course, can also obtain permanent residence in the future.
At the same time, investors also need to have no criminal record and health.
4. For EB-5 investors, there is no need to restrict their business background, age, educational level and language competence.
It is precisely because of this relaxed condition that American immigrants are more simplified.
5. The applicant has no bad record:
All applicants for immigration to the United States need to provide a certificate of non-crime issued by their own country.
Indian citizens need to apply for a certificate of non-crime at the police station where their registered permanent residence is located, and the processing time is one week.
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