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Can you apply for American Reunited Immigration and EB-5 at the same time?
Expert answers:
American reunion immigrants and American EB5 Investment immigrants belong to two different categories of immigrants, which can be carried out simultaneously without any influence on each other.
There is no need to revoke the application for reunion immigration or eb-5, and the applicant can rest assured.
In fact, when it comes to American immigrants, choosing EB5 immigrants can be said to be the best way to get a US green carD.First, because of its low investment, low cost, 500,000 US dollars can be settled; second, because the application conditions are small, as long as the age of 21 can be the main applicant, without the requirements of education, language, business background lights, the United States as a superpower, such immigration conditions have to be said to be relaxed.
Finally, American EB5 can actually bring its legal spouse and children under the age of 21 to apply for immigration to the United States. compared with the successful application of the main applicant for immigration to the United States, the United States EB5 has a great advantage in time.
To immigrate to the United States as soon as possible is to enjoy the welfare benefits of the superpower.
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