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How can immigrants explain the source of $500,000?
Expert answers:
The conditions for US investment immigration have always been clear.
The applicant is over 21 years old, the family has no criminal record, meets the requirements of physical examination and requires the applicant to invest US$500,000, and reasonably explains the source of US$500,000 investment.
The sources of investment funds may include salaries, company assets, dividends, mortgage sale of real estate, stock profits, gifts, inheritance and other forms.
In the proof of the source of funds, investors should focus on the following three aspects of the explanations of funds:
1. Prove that the investor's overseas account funds come from his own domestic assets and provide written certificates from domestic banks to prove that he once held certain funds, and then transfer out to prove the relationship between the transfer time and the transfer time of foreign accounts; 2. To prove the source of funds in investors'domestic accounts, if the funds existed long ago, then only need to prove the source.
If the funds belong to other sources, it is necessary to prove the existence of the assets.
Such as real estate, deposits, stocks, etc.
3. Evidence that the investor has invested $500,000 in the project limited partnership; In the process of investment immigration, the source of funds proves to be very critical.
The U.S. Immigration Law does not explicitly stipulate that the investment funds for investment immigration applications must be legal income, but it should remind investors that this largely determines the success or failure of U.S. investment immigration applications.
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