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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How did the money invested in immigrants go abroad?
Expert answers:
Now there are more and more wealthy Chinese who choose overseas investment and immigration.
When they have finalized the country, selected the investment and immigration projects, submitted the materials and prepared to invest the funds, you may ask, through which channel do you enter the relevant accounts of the destination country from home?
Yongming International gives the following answer:
Ant Moving Foreign Exchange Purchase:
Ant Moving Foreign Exchange Purchase is a popular term for individual purchasing and splitting transactions.
Investors can transfer domestic funds to overseas accounts by relocating ants, borrowing their yearly foreign exchange quota from relatives and friends, so as to purchase overseas real estate.
This is a familiar method, but also the most troublesome one.
Overseas Mortgage Loan:
Overseas Mortgage Loan is a legal channel provided by the Bank of China for the vast number of people with high net worth, so that people can get the legitimate source of funds for overseas purchase.
Some domestic banks have opened this business.
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    ABOUT new-york local customs, tourist attractions
    The symbol of the United States - Statue of Liberty Known to the world of Statue of Liberty, high standing on Liberty Island in New York harbor, a symbol of the American people freedom of lofty ideal.
    The statue of liberty weighing 450 thousand pounds, 46 meters high, 45 meters high base, and was the world's tallest monuments, the statue of liberty is called "National Memorial chorten", the official name is "Liberty Enlightening the world".
    The statue is 120 steel frame, 80 copper for the jacket, 300 thousand rivet assembly is fixed on the bracket, the total weight of 225. Inside the statue of steel bracket is produced by the French architect Uwe Ray Bo Duke Eiffel design engineer and is famous for the construction of Eiffel Tower in Paris.
    The goddess of lips, wearing a radiant crown, dressed in robes of ancient Rome, the right hand hold high the torch up to 12 meters, book in hand hold a symbol of "American" Declaration of independence ", engraved with the" Declaration "issued by the date of the word" 1776.7.4 ".
    On the left foot brake was the chains, symbol of tyranny rule was overthrown.
    The statue of the base of granite, engraved with the American poetess Emma?
    It's a thrilling Saul song of poetry: Tourists from the statue at the bottom of the elevator to the top of the pedestal, and then along the goddess within the 171 level on top of the ladder hovering at the crown.
    For the convenience of visitors, every three day Xuanti set up some rest for top tourist hall can breath.
    crown can accommodate 40 people tour, open around 25 small bars, each window is about 1 meters high.
    Through the window view, the visible "steel Babylon" of the Manhattan island edifice with the Gulf of New York to the South;
    the endless, boat waves matched shadow;
    the north side of the Hudson River meandering into the distance.
    From the crown to the right place can go on the bottom right arm high statue of the torch, which can accommodate 12 people by window, for security reasons, here no longer opening.
    The base of the statue is a hall in 1972, the federal government will its monarch immigration Museum.
    The Museum has a cinema, screening visitors to the United States early immigrants living films.
    From the city to the Liberty Island, every half an hour ferry, traffic is very convenient.
    The creation of this art is a sculptor in the late nineteenth century full of wit, his name is Frederic?
    Auguste Bartholdy?.
    An Italian family Bartholdy was born in 1834 in France.
    He was very fond of sculpture art from a young age, the image of the statue of liberty have long existed in his mind.
    1851 Louis?
    Bonaparte coup to overthrow the Republic after the second day, a group of Republican firm to build fortifications in the street when a young girl spreading shades of dusk, holding a burning torch, overleap obstacles, shouting "forward" slogan rushed at the enemy, Bonaparte molecular gunfire rang, girl lying in a pool of blood.
    Bartholdy witnessed the fact that the mood be calm.
    From the torch high brave girl has become a symbol of freedom in his heart.
    In 1865, Bartholdy in someone else's proposal, decided to create a statue a symbol of freedom, contributions by the French people, as the French government gave the United States government to celebrate the independence of the United States 100th anniversary gift.
    It is interesting: not long after, Bartholdy named Jeanne with a girl in a wedding encounter, Jeanne looks beautiful and elegant, distinguished air of elegance and coquetry.
    Bartholdy believed that she is very appropriate to "light up the world" the statue of liberty as a model, this requirement Jeanne readily nunes.
    In the process of sculpture, produce the pure love between them, finally married.
    complete the sketch design of the statue of liberty on 1869, Bartholdy began his heart and soul into work of sculpture.
    He has been to travel to the United States, for Americans to support the statue of the plan, but the Americans did not realize this precious gift.
    Until 1876, Bartholdy held in Philadelphia to celebrate the 100th anniversary independent exposition, in order to attract the attention of the public, the statue of liberty he held the torch hand on display at the fair, just a sensation.
    This hand in front of people only the index finger is 2.44 meters long, 1 meters in diameter, 25 cm thick nails, the torch can stand on the edge of 12 people.
    So this a few days ago also little.
    known sculpture suddenly worth a hundred times, become the everyone to appreciate art treasures.
    Soon, the United States congress passed a resolution formally approved by the president offered to accept the statue's request, at the same time to determine the Bedloe's island for the establishment of the statue's place.
    In July 6, 1884, officially presented to the American freedom like.
    In August 5th of the same year, the statue of liberty base foundation engineering construction.
    At the beginning of 1886, the scaffold 75 workers climb high, with 300 thousand rivets to the statue of liberty about 100 parts to its skeleton on the nail.
    In mid October, the establishment of the statue of Liberty was finally completed.
    In October 28th, the president of the United States to participate in the opening ceremony of the statue of liberty and delivered a speech.
    Surrounded by the masses in countless gods around, excited to look at Statue of Liberty for the first time the first enterprise to show her solemn face.
    Bartholdy because of his outstanding achievements and was elected honorary citizen of New York and the French honor regiment class members.
    He died in Paris on October 5, 1904, but he made the statue of liberty always express people's love and yearning for freedom.
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