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Is it safe to invest in immigration projects in the United States and wireless network projects in New York?
Expert answers:
The New York Wireless Network Infrastructure Project is a global financial center infrastructure project supported by the government, supported by Google, and co-founded by the New York Mayor's Office, the New York Information Technology and Electronic Communications Bureau and the City Bridge consortium.
Moreover, the project operators have strong strength and good reputation, and have successfully operated 18 regional center projects, with the project approval rate as high as 100%.
In addition, the leading American enterprises are the largest shareholders of the project, the exit mechanism is clear and transparent, all investors are in the first order of repayment, the security of collateral is sufficient, the composition is clear, and the security of funds is guaranteeD.More than 2300 permanent green cards and more than 4700 conditional green cards have been signed for the past projects.
The project's employment surplus reaches 32%, which far exceeds the demand for employment.
It is easy to transfer to green cards in the later period.
Senior immigration experts said that the New York wireless network infrastructure project is the top priority of all large-scale technology projects carried out by the New York government, and its opening is a milestone for the EB-5 project in the United States.
So absolutely safe and reliable, is your best choice to immigrate to the United States!
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