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Under what circumstances is it easy to refuse to invest in immigrating to the United States?
Expert answers:
As we all know, the EB-5 project is a risky investment project in the United States.
Whether the investors of the EB-5 project in the United States can get the green card successfully or not, the safety of the project is very important.
Only by ensuring the safety and reliability of the project and creating 10 jobs required by the U.S. Immigration Bureau on schedule, can they successfully get the green carD.So can everyone invest in immigrating to the United States?
Under what circumstances might it be rejected?
Firstly, the application materials are fraudulent.
Second, the guarantee of funds is not clear.
If you want to get your identity smoothly, the application materials must be authentic and valid, and you must not make false statements; you must be sincere in explaining your purpose of going to the United States, and the guarantee of funds must be authentic and effective; if your funds are not reasonably explained, it is also one of the reasons for rejection.
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