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The EVUS system is officially launched in the United States, so how should we fill it in?
Expert answers:
Recently, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau officially issued an important notice.
EVUS registration is mandatory for all passengers holding passports and 10-year visas of the People's Republic of China from November 29, 2016. Applicants holding 10-year B1/B2, B1 or B2 visas issued before November 2016 must register with EVUS after the entry into force of this provision before they can continue to use the visa.
So where on earth should I register?
How should I register?
First, before you re-register EVUS in the United States, make sure you meet the registration requirements and have the required documents for registration; secondly, login to the EVUS registration website:
gov/evus; then, click the language option in the upper right corner of the page to switch to Chinese; click the "Registration Application" in the top menu bar or the "New Registration Application" in the Web Center to enter the application page.
Next, choose "personal registration" and "group registration" if you have colleagues; then formally enter the registration step, according to the page prompt, complete seven steps in turn:
disclaimer, travel document information, registrant information, travel information, qualification issues, inspection and registration, and submission of registration application; finally, after you successfully submit the EVUS registration application, you will transfer to the registration step.
The interface to be processed will produce the results within 72 hours.
Experts remind that after you successfully submit the EVUS registration application, it is recommended to print the page and save it for later query.
What is the admission criteria? The admission decision is how to make? The American college admissions staff learning ability and social activity comprehensive survey of students' ability, leadership, personal talent in the admissions process, taking into account the recommendations and the applicant wrote an essay, and then make a decision; the average American college admission work by the Admissions Committee responsible for admission under management, full-time international students.
The admission decision generally have the following common form 1) group recommendation, the committee voted to; 2) full-time staff responsible for the recruit international students for admission, the chairman of the Committee veto; 3) full-time staff responsible for the recruit international students did not pass the review materials, and then handed over to the review group.
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