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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the advantages and disadvantages of immigrating to the United States?
Expert answers:
Every immigration project has two sides.
American immigrants are no exception.
They have both advantages and disadvantages.
Therefore, before deciding to immigrate to the United States, applicants for investment immigration must carefully examine their actual situation before making a decision.
So what are the advantages and disadvantages of immigrating to the United States?
The benefits of immigrating to the United States:
First of all, there are no barriers to the language of immigrant applicants.
English is the common language of the United States.
In addition, in some cities with a large population, there are residents with the same cultural background as immigrant applicants.
They live in the same community with their own immigrants, and the life of immigrant investors in the United States will be more warm and comfortable.
The disadvantage of immigrating to the United States:
the disadvantage of immigrating to the United States, the most noteworthy is the cost of immigration, the United States EB-5 investment immigration is a risky investment, investment immigration applicants must carefully choose investment projects, the best choice of a reliable professional investment immigration intermediary to help apply, must not blindly invest, the final loss of money and identity!
work Most colleges provide limited campus jobs for students who need financial support, such as library management, restaurant work, telephone wiring, housing repair, paid by the government or schools; graduate students often served as teacher assistant or research assistant, for low grade students on the classes or with experiments in the laboratory, this kind of school work income; small pocket money, all expenses to basically can be used to pay for college, the school is to help students in the school community to find work; but the school for students to work are limited to a certain period of time, usually 10-15 hours a week, holidays is not limited; with the cost of College and school requirements increase, the number of students that only rely on their own work to complete their studies and other forms of financial aid has been greatly reduced than in the past.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Bailey Mathews shellMuseum Bailey Mathews is located in the Florida Shell Museum in Sanibel Island, Sani Bell, which opened in 1995, the United States and around the world to provide information for scientists, students, shell enthusiasts, like a shell information center and research base.
    As is known to all, the United States of Sanibel Island is one of the easiest place to collect shells, so most of the shells from Yusanibeier island beach, in addition, there are from Fiji baby snail, fusospirochetal, a total of about 150 thousand and the number is increasing.
    The detailed description of the shell shell art, history, living environment, rare species, etc in addition, there are fossil shells, shells made of various kinds of handicrafts and addictive.
    Look at those shapes, colorful shells, hoped I could also have numerous shells decorate their neSt. Bailey Mathews shellMuseum cooperation with the United States and well-known research institutions in the world or the organization, carry out a series of educational activities, make people understand the value and use of the shell through the activity, then focus on the marine ecosystem.
    Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
    Reason: America's most famous Shell Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    Attractions: Sanibel city [Sanibel]

    The Florida sports hall of fame is located in Florida, Auburn DELL, founded in 1958, was built in honor of those who make contribution to Florida sports athletes, but also to promote sports, enhance the health consciousness of young people and adults, most respected athletes or firm and indomitable struggle quality.
    At present, 215 people have been elected to the Florida sports hall of fame, their glorious achievement is introduced, so that future generations can better understand their contribution to Florida.
    In addition to these celebrities, in the hall of fame and celebrity sports clothing, sports equipment and medals exhibition.
    Look at the hall of fame in the photographs, medals, the athletes hard fighting scenes emerge in front of their admiration arise spontaneously.
    Florida Sports Hall of Fame
    Necessary to Reason: to understand the best place Florida celebrity
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    city Attractions: Auburn DELL [Auburndale]

    Ann Norton sculpture park is located in Florida, West Palm Beach, by Norton (Norton House) and the house covers an area of 1.7 acre park, named for Norton (Ralph Hubbard Norton) second wife.
    Norton is the art collector, and builders of Norton Museum, was included in the Florida Hall of fame.
    Anne Norton sculpture park can be said in residence, studio and exhibition space as a whole, is one of the home studio of southern United States five complete, the creator can be created whenever and wherever possible.
    The sculpture park has more than 100 sculptures, is composed of second wife and Norton sculpture, sculpture garden, located in residential and studio.
    Her sculpture is known as abstract, but also contains a kind of comfortable, warm colors, very much in line with the standards of modern art.
    In the garden of sculptures hidden in more than 300 tall palm trees, walks, surprised to find that these abstract sculpture is a kind of surprise, is also a kind of visual enjoyment.
    Two weeks ago, Anne Norton Sculpture Park in the busiest time of the year is the year of December, is a popular "christmas tree", 25 to 30 evergreen tree will be dressed in colorful, creates a mysterious night, all kinds of sculpture will become mysterious and beautiful in the light irradiation also.
    Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
    Necessary to Reason: the most comfortable state of Florida Sculpture Park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    city Attractions: West Palm Beach [West Palm Beach]

    Tampa, Florida, the new economic driving force of traditional tourist resorts.
    2018.10.08 Florida is a perfect combination of sunshine and sand peninsula, located in the southeast port of the United States, west of the Gulf of Mexico to the east, east of the Atlantic Ocean West coast, geographical location, warm and livable climate, is a tourist resort.
    Florida attracts a large number of beach and wave.
    loving holiday travelers through its beautiful scenery and warm sunshine, but Florida's charm is not limited to this, its economic advantages are also very prominent.
    In 2018, Florida's economic volume exceeded $1 trillion dollars.
    If viewed as an independent country, it would rank 17th in the world in terms of gross domestic product, with a larger economy than Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Argentina.
    With a strong business climate, Florida was voted No. 1 in the most promising growth area in the United States, No. 4 in the most economic development climate in the United States and No. 7 in the best business development city.
    The state has assembled 16 world top 500 companies and 18 world top 1000 companies' headquarters.
    The excellent business atmosphere also attracted a large number of people to migrate here.
    Florida has been the second most populous state in the United States for three consecutive years, with more than 20 million residents and the third most populous state in the United States.
    According to incomplete statistics, more than 900 people move to this place every day.
    Florida is the second.
    largest us city in terms of one.
    way migration in the Southern Smile curve, with an 8% growth rate.
    Thanks to the good business environment, there is also the job market in Florida.
    Florida added 16,900 jobs in June 2018 alone, and 172,600 in the past year.
    The annual growth rate of employment in Florida in 2017 was 2.3%, which was more than 1.9% of the national average.
    As of July 2018, there were 9.864 million jobs in Florida, with an unemployment rate of only 3.7% over the same period, basically achieving full employment.
    In 2010, the unemployment rate in Florida was 11.3%, but in just eight years it has changed dramatically.
    In addition, according to NAHB data, as of July 2018, Florida issued 56,939 building permits for single.
    family villas, an increase of 13% over the same period in 2017, and a growth advantage over the average 7% growth rate in the United States.
    Florida's population, employment and building permit data are very prominent, forming a comprehensive advantage for land absorption.
    In the perfect combination of fire and leisure, the real estate market also has unlimited potential.
    Tampa metropolitan area Tampa metropolitan is located in the western part of Florida, close to the east coast of Mexico Bay.
    Tampa is not as well known as Miami and Orlando overseas, but as a strong growth area in Florida, its future potential and prospects are equally unlimited.
    In 2018, Tampa was named by Forbes as the top 25 fastest growing cities in the United States;
    in 2017, Tampa was named the 15th best performing city in the United States by Forbes;
    in addition, Tampa was ranked first in the best business city of all female entrepreneurs, and second in the best young entrepreneur city.
    Tampa metropolitan area is the center of professional and management services in Florida.
    Nearly a quarter of Florida's business and information services are centered on Tampa: Tampa is the birthplace of Jabil, Tampa's largest public company with employees from around the world;
    Tampa is also the birthplace of Tech Data, Florida's largest profitable company.
    Tampa is also the city with the largest financial services capital in Florida.
    With the above advantages and large enterprises stationed, Tampa has become the only way for the high tech corridor in Florida.
    Tampa also owns a Tampa Bay dock in the bay area because of its geographical advantages.
    The wharf is the first economic boost in central and Western Florida, making it the largest Wharf in the state with an area of more than 5,000 acres and 37 million tons of cargo transported annually.
    The wharf has brought $150 billion dollars in economic efficiency, and has created over 100 thousand jobs.
    Tampa is also a very livable city from a residential point of view, ranking in the top 20 of the most livable large cities in the United States.
    It is also the second most suitable retirement city in the United States.
    Because of its livability, the area has attracted large numbers of people to move in.
    Tampa has become the more than 2 largest metropolitan area in Miami after Florida.
    It is also the tenth most populous region in all Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States, with 54,874 people growing in 2017. In 2018, there were 3 million 140 thousand people in the Tampa Bay area.
    According to census data, Tampa's job growth is also more than 2 in Florida.
    Tampa relies on transportation and financial industry to continuously promote economic development in the region.
    The employment performance was strong, and the unemployment rate recorded a low of 3.3% in 12 years in 18 May.
    Tampa was named the eighth highest-paid and best-cost-
    living area in the United States this year, and the fifth most people in the United States to move to the Metropolitan Area, continuing to attract more people to live and live there, thereby driving land demand.
    There are more opportunities to open up the potential for land appreciation in Tampa.
    The county of It is located in the middle of Tampa metropolitan area, with beautiful bay area on the west side.
    In addition to the pleasant seascape, Hernando's appeal stems from the region's extremely affordable housing prices in the real estate market.
    Hernando, with an average price of $232,904, ranks third in Florida's most affordable housing market.
    The average housing prices in the cities near the city are between $310869 and $416307 dollars.
    The lowest prices were in Pasco, a county south of Hernando, and Hillsborough, which averaged $342,200 and $310,869, respectively.
    Nowadays, because of the saturation of land development in Hillsborough, the limited land supply and the difficulty of land planning in Pascoe, there will be more and more development opportunities to go north to Hernando.
    Apart from the above factors, prices in Hernando are the lowest in the entire Tampa region, and it is precisely because of its high affordability that it attracts more entry-level home buyers.
    As a result, developers continue to enter the market space and more opportunities.
    And the new target area entered Tampa, Florida.
    It is believed that this potential affordable housing will bring more powerful North American land opportunities.
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