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What are the benefits of getting a green card from the United States for foreigners?
Expert answers:
What are the benefits of a foreigner getting a US green card?
Generally speaking, children born in the United States can enjoy the same benefits as American citizens in terms of education and employment.
The specific benefits are as follows:
Holders of the United States can enjoy free and compulsory primary and secondary education in the United States before they go to college at the age of 18. More than 3,000 schools are free to choose, but aristocratic private boarding schools have to pay tuition fees.
And in applying for American scholarships, the green card holders can enjoy more scholarships than a foreigner can apply for, of course, can also apply for various types of student loans.
In addition, if a green card holder marries a foreigner, he or she can apply for a green card for his or her spouse and minor children under the age of 21. Moreover, the holder of a green card can work in the United States without restriction.
In addition, retirement benefits, unemployment relief, life and fund, old-age medical insurance and housing subsidies can also be enjoyed.
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