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Which is better, the American Green Card or the British Green Card?
Expert answers:
In most people's eyes, there are too many similarities between Britain and the United States.
They are both ideal countries in people's minds.
It is the dream of most people to get any green card in either country.
But there are still many differences between the two countries.
Which one is better, the American green card or the British green card?
US Green Card:
If you choose US EB5 to invest in immigrants, invest US$500,000 in US projects, and create 10 jobs, you will get US permanent green carD.This is the most effective way to get the American Green Card to live in the United States.
One person applies, the whole family gets the Green Card, and the children can go directly to more than 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States with the Green Card, and enjoy advanced education!
British Green Card:
Choose British immigrants to invest, buy British government bonds as required, and buy a minimum of 2 million pounds of government bonds.
After five years of investment, you can get a British residence visA.After you get permanent residence in the UK, you can enjoy social welfare and free medical care for all people in the UK, and have children at no cost.
As the world's two leading countries in all aspects, there is no doubt that the better living environment, welfare, educational resources are all better.
Who is better, depends on people!
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