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Is it better to immigrate to Canada or the United States?
Expert answers:
Is it better to immigrate to Canada or the United States?
Canada and the United States are both old-fashioned immigrant powers, and they are also two immigrant powers that have always been favored by domestic investment immigrant applicants.
Canadian investment immigrants and American investment immigrants have their own advantages.
The key is to see which country the applicant's own conditions are better suited to.
Is it better to immigrate to Canada or the United States?
As an old zero-risk investment immigration project, Canadian investment immigrants apply for successful investment before implementing investment.
Immigrants to Canada need to have more than 1.6 million Canadian dollars in net assets and reasonably explain the process of accumulating assets; applicants for investment immigrants also need to have more than two years of management experience in the last five years; and finally, applicants for investment immigrants must have the whole family.
Health and no criminal record.
Is it better to immigrate to Canada or the United States?
The United States is one of the most developed countries in the worlD.After the applicants for investment immigration get the green card of the United States, their children can go directly to more than 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States and enjoy advanced education.
EB-5 is one of the fastest ways to invest in immigration to the United States.
As long as the applicant is over 21 years old, the family is healthy and has no criminal record, the applicant invests $500,000 in the United States, and reasonably explains the source of investment funds, he can emigrate to the United States.
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