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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to have a permanent resident card in the United States?
Expert answers:
How to have a permanent resident card in the United States?
As a big immigrant country, the United States welcomes all immigrant applicants all over the worlD.Therefore, there are many ways to have a permanent resident card in the United States, among which investment immigrants are the most popular among Chinese investors.
Yongming International Immigration Expert will give you detailed instructions on how investors can acquire permanent resident cards in the United States by investing in immigration.
How to have a permanent resident card in the United States?
Investors must first complete their investment, submit an I-526 application, obtain a temporary green card after an interview, and then submit an I-829 application to lift the restrictions within 21 months of obtaining a temporary green card in order to have a U.S. permanent resident carD.The investment project is the most important in the whole application process of immigration to the United States.
Whether the project can achieve the goals set by the U.S. Immigration Bureau determines the success or failure of immigration to the United States.
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    ABOUT washington local customs, tourist attractions
    Mount Baker Baker in Washington state, located at the junction of the United States and canada, is a mountain in the cascade Mountains to the north, 3286 meters high, is the fourth highest peak in the state of Washington and the cascade Mountains of the sixth peak, famous for its high annual snowfall and glaciers.
    Baker is the cascade Mountains second active volcano, second only to St. Helens volcaNo. In the 19 century, Mount Baker erupted several times into the 20 century, volcano activity than 19 century has decreased, but still exists, so it still exists the possibility of the outbreak.
    Baker is one of the world's biggest snowfall, still maintained a single season 2896 cm world snow records, the summer peak is still covered with snow and ice, a local one.
    In recent years, Baker became famous ski resort, opened a special ski, and a dedicated people guide by the majority of the popular skiing skiers.
    Visitors can ride on the broad ski, enjoy skiing fun.
    Mount Baker
    Reason: one of the most active volcano
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Washington [Washington State]
    The big shoe Museum As the name suggests, the Museum is the exhibition of big shoes people wear large shoe Museum, this is a very unique Museum in Seattle city, the Famous Pike market.
    The big shoe Museum by the local famous artist Ai western - BAM (Sven Sundbaum) design and build in 1997, its interior decoration is very exquisite, quite artistic style.
    At first glance, not the solution of this Museum visitors first must think this is the Seattle Art Museum, at the entrance to draw a very striking pattern of the circus The big shoe Museum exhibition began to Danny the knutz (Danny Eskenazi) a collection of stories in the shoes, advertising was also once used to shoe company products.
    Now, on display here from 1880s to 1950s period of 20 big pair of shoes, including once was the highest in the world - Robert Wardlaw (Robert Wadlow) shoes.
    Are visitors see will feel particularly surprised all of these large shoes, but also in thinking about it really is to wear shoes in reality?
    Giant Shoe Museum
    Necessary to Reason: America's most famous shoe Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Washington [Washington State]
    Seattle city attractions: [Seattle]

    St. Helens volcano is located in Skamania county in Washington state, as a part of the cascade range, named for the British diplomat Lord St. Helen, is an active volcano known in the United states.
    St. Helens volcano is an active volcano contains a part of the more than 160 Pacific Rim volcano zone, known for volcano eruption and volcano clastic flow, known as one of the ten most dangerous volcano in the United states.
    St. Helens volcano 2550 meters high, is a relatively young volcano, formed 40 thousand years ago.
    It is the most famous in a war for 1980 years, is the history of the United States and the largest number of casualties on the economic damage once the worst outbreak of volcaNo. The outbreak caused 57 deaths, 5.2 tons of ash ejected from the volcano, the volcano volcano ash is located in Spokane 400 km outside of the day as night, that their great power.
    St. Helens volcano has been restless, high volcano often emitted thick smoke, standing near the volcano can also feel the earth shaking slightly, geologists called this "low level volcano", but the local government or the lifting of the mountain of St. Helens fire ban, climbing tourists should always pay attention to safety.
    San Helen volcano in the surrounding mountains in the mountains due attention is symmetrical shape, and the snow in 1980 before the peak thick, and hence the "American Mt Fuji" nickname, attracts many tourists.
    Now St. Helens national scenic area has become a volcano volcano, the government has opened a special channel for the tourists, also use this place to educate the people, the risk of publicity volcaNo. Mount St. Helens
    Reason: one of the most dangerous volcano
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Washington [Washington State]
    seattle art Museum In the Museum, you can see a massive collection of the northwestern shore of India art and cultural relics and African art.
    The exhibition covers the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art in Europe and America, which also includes a special collection of contemporary art in the room.
    Here is a free tour guide for different collections.
    In front of the Museum, a hand hammer in workers by night work, the three storey steel is produced by Jonathon Borofsky, a symbol of hard workers.

    : Transportation: Bus: 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 22, 39, 42 or all of the tram.
    Address: 100 University St [information]

    : $6 tickets for adults over the age of 62, $4, under 12 years of age accompanied by adult free;
    the first Tuesday of the month is free to visit.
    The first Friday of every month free for the elderly (discount special exhibition).
    Within a week of admission is also effective in the Asian Art Museum in Seattle.

    time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Thursday: 10:00.21:00 10:00.17:00. Thanksgiving and christmas is not open, some festivals are still open on Monday.
    Port Townsend is a very popular tourist resort.
    Some people prefer sea sports, or your friend is a HanYaZi, he love to stay indoors or you are an outdoor enthusiasts.
    Don't worry, Port Townsend can meet the various needs of friends, people can choose a variety of ways of leisure.
    There, you can enjoy the scenery of the coast of Victoria Harbour in Washington state, while feeling of city rhythm.
    Let's imagine, if there is such a new learning scene: you are in the beautiful rural scenery, surrounded by a group of masters, and continue to have the audience for your loud shouts of applause.
    Yes, all this can be achieved in the port townsend.
    There is the most innovative base course.
    Want to learn how to ride a boat?
    That's all right.
    Here want to sing Bruce songs and pleasant to spend a whole week?
    come on!
    Port Townsend, special learning environment to attract everyone around the world. New ideas, new journey, here began a perfect adventure.
    Is not all can not help but began to yearn for all the port townsend!
    Address: 440 12th St., Port Townsend, WA 98368 Tel: +1 (360) 3852722 Opening hours: Monday ~ Friday 9:00.17:00 Saturday 10:00.16:00 Sunday 11:00.16:00 Address: http://enjoypt.com 銆銆
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