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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
London, England Due to historical, civilized and emotional factors, London Real Estate has always been the investment target of international investors.
London's high-quality school district housing, which means investment in education, is regarded as the best asset allocation option.
The investment of a good school district house can not only facilitate children to study, make good teachers and friends, but also lay a foundation for children to work after graduation and even start a family and career.
At the same time, there is a large space for property preservation and appreciation around the university.
Prices are less affected by market fluctuations.
Rental demand is strong and it is relatively easy to change hands.
At present, there are super luxury apartment housing projects on sale in London, UK, at the price of 1 million to 3 million.
[rendering] The project occupies a great geographical advantage:
Located between West End in London's West End and City in the City of Finance; It is adjacent to the Royal Court of Justice and the London School of Political Economy (the world's top social science institution with the second largest proportion of international students in the world).
Walk for 10 minutes to Covent Garden.
It is surrounded by world-class attractions such as the famous Royal Opera House, the National Gallery of Art and the British Museum.
In terms of district attributes, because of the gathering of top universities and top primary and secondary schools, the gold content is invincible:
Top Universities in the Neighbouring World London School of Political Economy:
Founded in 1895, it has trained 34 heads of government or state and 18 Nobel Prize winners.
It has ranked second in the world in social science and management for three consecutive years, second only to Harvard University.
King's College, University of London:
One of the top 20 universities in the world and one of the oldest in Britain, has trained 16 heads of government or state, 12 Nobel laureates and over 90% of graduates are employed by famous enterprises within six months.
University College of London:
Founded in 1826, the world's top-ranking comprehensive research universities, the global ranking has remained in the top 20, in recent years into the QS world ranking of the top 10 universities.
Top Primary and Secondary Schools St.Paul's Cathedral Private Primary School:
The popular primary school at the entrance of St.Paul's Cathedral is usually full two or three years ahead of schedule.
The school is outstanding in music, sports, art and social practice.
London City Men's Private Secondary School:
The top 30 in the UK, with a long history dating back to the 14th century; thanks to the surrounding City of London companies and cultural resources, campus clubs are rich in activities, focusing on fostering students'ambition and vision, and at least one third of graduates are admitted to first-class institutions such as LSE every year.
London City Women's Private Secondary School:
ranked in the top 10 in the UK, is the pioneer in the field of women's teaching in Britain, focusing on training students'comprehensive ability, artistic accomplishment, especially women's leadership.
About 20% of students enter first-class universities every year.
At the same time, within a few meters of the project, there are more than 50 well-known law firms.
Unilever, Goldman Sachs Bank and other world-renowned enterprises are also within walking range.
It is very convenient for students who want to stay and work in London after graduation.
California, USA California is one of the most concentrated areas of university education resources in the United States.
Many top universities in the United States gather here, and high-quality high school resources are also very dense.
In particular, the University of California system and the State University of California system are very famous among the international student groups in various countries.
Yongming International has maintained a long-term close cooperation with California's local real estate service providers to provide different types of California real estate at different prices for customers to choose from.
Take Yorba Linda, President Nixon's hometown, as an example:
There are currently 115-173.7 square meters of 2-4-bedroom villas on sale, starting at $550,000.
[Reference] The property was built by a luxury home builder.
Top 10 school districts, only 5 minutes from the famous Nixon Library and Museum, and 10 minutes from the spectacular Carbon Canyon Area Park.
The community master plan includes an entertainment center with a swimming pool.
The exquisite residence of the first-class school district is very suitable for self-living.
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