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What English exams do you need to know about the craze for studying abroad?
Nowadays, studying abroad is no longer a new thing, and studying abroad at a younger age has gradually become a trenD.More and more high net worth families are aware of the importance of better education for their children as soon as possible.
So, you who are going to choose to study at a younger age for your children, have you ever known about the examinations of younger students in different countries?
Today, let's take the UK as an example and have a brief look at it.
11 + Test for Junior High School 11 + is the elementary entrance exam for elementary school students at the beginning of sixth grade (autumn).
It is the selection exam of Grammar School and Private School, which is equivalent to "key middle school", and it is just 11 years old to go to middle school.
Most grammar school examinations take place in sixth grade, usually in September of sixth grade, when they are ready for seventh grade (about 11 years old for a child).
Some schools even hold exams earlier.
The content of the exam mainly includes four subjects:
mathematics, English (including reading comprehension, composition, grammar, vocabulary spelling, etc.
), logical thinking and language logiC.The content covers the knowledge points of sixth or seventh grade, so we should prepare in advance.
In addition, the length of each examination depends on the introduction of the school.
In addition to the above-mentioned school-based examinations, there are ISEB Pre-test and CE (Common Entrance Examination), which are the most commonly used tests in British private schools.
There is no unified examination office or examination board in Britain, so different schools will recognize the tests provided by different examination boards or examination boards.
The Independent Schools Examinations Board is the full name of ISEB.ISEB Pre-test provides Pre-test for students aged 10-11. Like Ukiset, ISEB Pre-test is also a computer teSt.The system tests the ability and knowledge of candidates according to their age.
Students need to take an exam in the school or school where they are enrolleD.The exam can be completed at one time or several times.
ISEB Pre-test, also known as Common Pre-test, usually takes place when candidates are in Year 6 or Year 7 (year 7 is not in the 11 + range).
The exam covers the following subjects:
Verbal Reasoning, which takes about 36 minutes; Non-Verbal Reasoning, which takes about 32 minutes; English, which takes about 25 minutes; and Mathematics, which takes about 50 minutes.
The questions are all single-choice, which takes about 2.5 hours to complete.
ISEB CE is currently used in many well-known private schools in Britain, including Benenden School, Downe House and so on.
The Common Entrance at 11 + test usually takes place on Year 6, and most students who apply for private women's secondary schools will take the teSt.Common Entrance at 11+, there are two exam opportunities every year - in November and January, most girls will choose to take the exam in January.
Examination subjects include English, Mathematics and Science.
13 + Entrance Examination 13 + is the entrance examination that students take in the eighth grade.
It is for the ninth grade (13 years old) to enter the school.
But only some schools enroll 13 + students, such as Top School in Britain.
Therefore, parents of interested students should be aware of the exam time of each school, including the content of the exam.
The compulsory subjects for the 13 + entrance examination are English, mathematics and science, and some schools will take other examinations.
Candidates can choose supplementary subjects such as foreign languages, geography, history, religion, etC.Generally speaking, private schools in the UK are quite autonomous.
They can decide how many rounds of entrance examinations they need to pass, or which exam institution they use or which school decides on their own.
High School 16 + Examination Some schools admit high school students through the 16 + test, which usually takes place in the autumn of the year before admission.
The content of the examination is usually based on the GCSE, A-Level syllabus.
Private schools in Britain are well-known.
The traditional British education system still has strict requirements on the comprehensive quality of students.
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