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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
To study in the UK, you need to know these precautions in advance.
For students who study in the UK alone, there are many local customs and rules that differ greatly from those in China and need to be understood in advance.
Economic aspect Credit cards are indispensable for every foreign student, so before applying for credit cards, we must pay attention to the degree of universal use of the card, the number of special merchants and the distribution of outlets, so as to maximize the convenience of credit card swiping and cash withdrawal abroaD.And there are many short holidays abroaD.Everyone will choose to travel to nearby countries.
Therefore, it is suggested that multi-currency credit cards be the best choice.
Take your card with you when you need to spend or withdraw money.
If the card is lost or stolen, it should be reported to the bank immediately.
Please leave the card at home.
Students who have just arrived in Britain should carry around around 100 yuan.
Do not leave cash in their boarding family or home.
They should deposit cash in the bank immediately.
Accommodation It's the key.
A good living environment can increase the enthusiasm of learning, social enthusiasm, sports enthusiasm and so on.
On accommodation, dormitories are not recommended (if you are Tuhao studio, when I didn't say ~).
The dormitory is usually a 40-week contract and can be delivered monthly.
The contract is mandatory, even if it is moved out, accommodation fees will still be paid during the contract perioD.Smoking is not allowed in dormitories (indoor smoking is illegal by law), and smoke alarms are available in the rooms.
Dormitories are mostly five-person apartments, sharing kitchens, bathroom sharing generally depends on the price, please consult the school website.
Dormitories have the advantages of being close to the campus, safe and easy to make friends.
Please weigh them on your own.
There are usually many apartments rented to students in the vicinity of the school, which usually require at least one deposit and one payment.
Whether water, electricity, network, heating needs to be ascertained in advance, usually the landlord will pay for water and electricity.
Rental of non-student housing requires a guarantor, or at least six months'rent at a time (a small amount of rent can be negotiated for one-time payment) and then monthly payment.
Pay all bills before leaving the UK, or you will leave a bad record that will affect your visa application.
In Britain, renting a house is taxable.
It is called counciltax (except for school dormitories).
Students may not pay it, but they should prove to the district government that they are students.
It is also important to register with the local police station within seven days of arrival in the UK, and to change the school and visa number every time you move.
Safety aspect It's probably the most noticeable problem for parents.
This is because many unsafe factors can be avoided, although some of the fun will be loSt.When you come to Britain, please prepare a change wallet besides your wallet.
On the way, you can always meet those who sell art, beg for help, who are short of 50p.
Preparing pocket purse can avoid showing money to be spotted by bad people.
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