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Immigrate to Spain to improve the happiness of you and your children With the increasing popularity of overseas house purchase and emigration, Spain's house purchase immigration policy has been favored by more and more Chinese immigrants.
500,000 euros for Spanish real estate, one person to apply for three generations of immigrants, permanent property rights, free access to 28 European countries, so that many investors flock.
In fact, there's another reason immigrants like Spain:
it's a country with a very high happiness index.
According to the World Happiness Report 2019 released by the United Nations, Spain's happiness index in 2019 is higher than last year's, ranking from 36 to 30, and Spanish people's lives are obviously happier than last year's.
The happiness index report compares 156 countries and ranks them by investigating six factors:
per capita GDP, life expectancy, social assistance, freedom of life choice, freedom from corruption or generosity, and perceptions of well-being.
In a happier country like Spain, there are basically good social welfare systems, high-quality living standards, good infrastructure and excellent educational resources.
Most people are satisfied with their lives and thus have a sense of happiness, which is the life we want.
In Spain, education is highly valued by the government, which is also the main reason why a large number of foreigners choose Spanish immigrants.
So how do children go to local schools when they emigrate to Spain?
How to solve the language problem in local life?
The Spanish government has always attached great importance to education.
It has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in education.
Education expenditure accounts for 5% of GDP, which is much higher than that of Britain, Germany and other countries.
Spain has a mature education model and system, and its advanced education model can enable every student to maximize their strengths and interests, and learn really useful and useful knowledge.
Throughout the European Union, Spain is leading the way in education.
There are many international schools in Spain which bilingual teaching is practiceD.While learning Spanish, students can also choose another language, which is also very helpful for their work after graduation.
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