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Global Life Report 2019 tells you:
Buy a house and go to these European countries!
Recently, the Global Life Report 2019, which is known as the "Guidelines for Purchasing Homes", was published by CRBE, a world-renowned real estate service provider.
It mainly analyzed and compared the cost of living data of 35 key cities in the worlD.Among them, the content of real estate points out the direction for investors to buy global real estate.
For investors, real estate bears the function of value preservation and appreciation, so the cities with fast rising house prices and high rent income are naturally hot investment places.
According to the report, European cities ranked among the top 10 cities with the fastest price rise in the world in 2018, accounting for 7 seats, almost covering the top 10. Barcelona and Madrid, the two most popular cities in Spain, ranked first and fourth with 16.9% and 10.2% increases, respectively.
Spain has always been a recognized investment hotspot for global investors.
According to the Spanish Ministry of Construction, Spain's housing prices still have 30% room to rise in the future.
In addition, Spain's "buy-one-give-one" policy has attracted a large number of investors to invest.
Apart from the rapid rise in house prices, Spain, as a major tourist country, has also attracted investors'interest in the growth of rents for local residential buildings.
Madrid, Spain, ranked second with 11.1% growth in the world's fastest urban rent increase in 2018, followed by Barcelona, which ranked in the top five with 7.7%.
At present, the average house price in Madrid is about 274555 US dollars per unit, the average monthly rent is 1475 US dollars, the average price in Barcelona is 32880 US dollars per unit, and the average monthly rent is 1795 US dollars.
Taking the classic one house and one shop real estate selected by overseas Chinese as an example, the investment amount is 508,000 euros, the net rental yield is 4%, and the annual net rental income of apartments and shops is 7908+12780=20688 euros.
For investors, preservation, value-added, rental income plus family status is a good thing.
In addition, the European countries which are directly proportional to the rate of house price growth and rent increase also include Dublin, Ireland, Lisbon, Portugal and Milan, Italy, ranking in the top 20 or even the top 10 of the liSt.Lisbon's housing rent, with a 20.
9% growth rate, has left 11.1% of the second place far behind, becoming the "king of the highest rental returns".
Thus, the real estate performance and investment heat of the above countries and cities are basically the same, which is worth considering.
In addition, Greece, a popular tourist country, has considerable investment potential.
The booming tourism industry has also led to a steady rise in Greek housing rental prices.
The shortage of residential accommodation makes many short-term rental properties through platforms such as Airbnb a "hot commodity".
On Airbnb, Hotel Apartments in Greece and Vacation Apartments in wealthy Athens are well receiveD.Not only is the vacancy rate very low, but the rent is also very considerable, which makes more and more investors flock.
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