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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Students are advised to know the following three things before lending: 1.
Consider clearly that you need to apply for a federal loan or a private academic loan.
The main difference between federal and bank loans is that some of the federal provisions for borrowers may not be available through private loans.
For example, federal loans provide income-based repayment schemes to ease borrowers'burdens; students leave school after graduation, or reduce school hours to less than half, before they begin repayment and provide fixed rates.
Choose the amount of repayment you can afford When the repayment process begins, the real test is whether you can afford the loan: How much do you pay back each month? Amount of loan, interest rate and repayment period are three main considerations.
The longer the repayment period, the lower the monthly repayment, but the longer it takes to clear the debt.
At the same time, lower interest rates will mean that a large portion of monthly payments will be used to repay principal.
Knowing which loans match your monthly budget, consider whether you can easily repay your school loan while paying rent, telephone, etc.
How much money do you need to borrow before applying for student loans? Before applying for a loan, you should calculate how much you will need to spend after a year of college according to the scholarships and grants you can probably get.
Then you can decide the amount of the loan.
If you really want to get a loan, you should apply for a federal loan first, because its terms are more friendly to borrowers.
On the contrary, private student loans may have fixed or floating interest rates and may require students to start repayment at the end of the semester, cumulative interest plus principal arrears.
In addition, if students encounter problems in repayment, they must work with lenders to find solutions.
There is no income-based repayment plan for private student loans.
At present, the gap of university loans in the United States is getting bigger and bigger.
If we go further, it will certainly affect the development and stability of the U.
So after going to school in the United States, it will be more and more difficult to borrow.
Of course, if you are lucky to get a loan, you should also consider clearly, because the interest rate of American student loans is still relatively high.
A large amount, so if you have a better way to raise funds and channels, it is better not to hit the idea of student loans! What do you know about the four important facts about Greece that are about to emigrate?
Four important facts about Greece, how many do you know?
The data on gold visas are astonishing Recently, the Greek daily Kathimerini quoted the latest statistics from the Ministry of Immigration Policy that 58% of the long-term residence visas issued by Greece since 2013 have been given to Chinese investors.

A total of 4145 such visas have been issued since the launch of the Gold Visa Project to the first quarter of 2019.
Among them, 2416 were obtained by the Chinese, accounting for the first place; 428 by the Russians, and the second and third by the Turks.

How high is Greek welfare?
We all know that Greece is a high welfare state.

Despite the fact that the government is borrowing money everywhere, the country has not dared to cut the high welfare of its citizens.

The government carries the three mountains of medical care, education and old-age care, while the people work five or six hours a day, one hour of which is spent drinking coffee.

They also have to support civil servants, who make up 25% of the total population, who work four hours a day, earn 14 salaries a year and receive pensions from the age of 40.

Appropriate let people shed envious tears.

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