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These comprehensive universities, you must know when you study in Greece!
In recent years, because of the increasingly stringent foreign policy of traditional countries such as Britain, the United States, Australia and Canada, many foreign students choose the "curve salvation" approach, first in some relatively easy countries to study, and then springboard to the ultimate destination countries.
Greece is a country with the title of "the golden springboard of Europe and America".
If you choose to study in Greece, these universities must know about it.
university of athens Athens University is the oldest and most influential University in Greece.
It was not only the first university in Greece, but also the first university in the whole Balkans and the central Mediterranean.
Originally known as the University of Orson, it was renamed in 1932. In 1841, a new school building was built under the auspices of a Danish designer, and a new class appeareD.The number of students is also increasing year by year.
There are 92,000 students and 2000 teachers, including 6 colleges of politics, medicine, philosophy, law, science and theology, covering 30 disciplines and 75 doctoral degree awarding points.
Philosophy, law, medicine, economics, Archaeology and art history are the strong disciplines of Athens University.
University of Crete Crete University was founded in 1973, located in Crete Island, Greece.
It is a well-known multi-disciplinary research university in Greece and the worlD.The university is composed of five colleges, namely, the Academy of Social Sciences, the Academy of Science and Engineering, the Academy of Philosophy, the Academy of Education and the Medical College.
It offers a wide range of undergraduate, master's and doctoral courses.
At present, there are about 13141 students in the school, including 1011 undergraduates, 2130 graduate students, more than 900 professors and researchers and 240 administrative personnel, plus a large number of perfect teaching equipment, which provides a good learning environment for students.
At the same time, the University of Crete cooperated with the Greek Foundation for Technical Research (FO.
) on a number of research topics.
The major offered by Crete University includes biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, applied science, materials science, archaeology, medicine, immigration research, economics, psychology, sociology, politics, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, internal medicine, laboratory medicine and materials science and technology.
Democritus University of Thrace The University of Thessas de Mokrit is named after the ancient Greek philosopher de Mokrit.
The school is located in Clmodini, east of Macedonia and Thrace.
There are two colleges and 18 majors in four cities.
The University of Cesars de Mokrit plays an important role in the establishment of Thrace culture and has made outstanding contributions to the promotion of higher education in Greece.
The school is divided into two major departments:
engineering department and education science department.
The majors offered by the University of Cesars de Mokrit include medicine, agriculture and forestry, law, education, management, engineering, sports, natural science, history, the Greek Academy of Literature, social management, international economic relations and development, the languages of the Black Sea countries, molecular biology and genetics, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural engineering, production and management engineering.
Systematic Engineering and Management, Physical Education and Sports Science, Medicine, Cellular Biology and Genes, Early Education, Education Science, Forestry and Environmental Nature Management, etc.
University of Ioannina The University of Joannina is located in the city of Joannina, Greece.
As a higher education school, it was founded in 1970 and has developed rapidly in recent years.
With the development of decades, the scale of the university has almost doubled, and it has good prospects for development.
The University of Joannina consists of 17 academic departments, which offer bachelor's degrees, and now has a series of organized master's courses, which combine teaching and research elements at the master's and doctoral levels.
The University of Joannina includes the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, Education, Medicine, Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Enterprise Management.
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