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    ABOUT utah local customs, tourist attractions

    Utah is a state America, located in Western American. As America forty-fifth states in January 4, 1896. The main city of Utah has the city of Saline Lake, Ogden and provo.

    From the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado plateau and the big Saline Lake desert possessed. A population of about 2500000, about 80% of the population live in the capital city of Saline Lake. Mainly by the Mormon Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) believers offspring and descendants of European immigrants composition. The use of voice is english. In the state University of Utah .

    Agriculture: Utah because of mountain, climate, drought, arable land is not much, animal husbandry income accounted for about 70% of the agricultural and animal husbandry, the main production of cattle and dairy products, turkeys and eggs, sheep and wool, etc.. The development of the river valley area of irrigated agriculture, planting forage (Mu Xu), barley, wheat and sugar beet, fruits and vegetables.
    Mining: there are more than 200 kinds of mineral resources, there are 38 kinds of large-scale mining, copper production accounts for 1/5 of the country, its output value accounted for more than half of the total value of mineral resources. Utah is the country's largest beryllium ore producing area, the metal in space and nuclear technology in a large use. Gold, silver, lead, molybdenum production is one of the country's top 4 large state, from the big Saline Lake can also be extracted from a large number of magnesium and other minerals. Coal reserves of 1150 tons, is the main coal producing area of the Mississippi River, the oil reserves of 410 million barrels, the state is still the country's only production of hard asphalt.
    Logistics: due to the convenience of air and land transport conditions, Utah state logistics system is more perfect. At present, the state has nearly third 10 party logistics enterprises, providing a variety of logistics services. A large number of large warehouses, transport fleet. Transport warehousing revenue accounted for about 4% of total GDP.
    Finance: financial insurance institutions complete, there are a number of national banks, professional banks and credit institutions in the state with offices, providing convenient financial services, financial and insurance industry accounted for 10% of the total GDP.
    Tourism: tourism resources are more abundant, hiking the Canyon de Chelly, 16 world class ski resort, the vast waters, five national parks, 44 state parks and historic sites, six national monument, seven state-owned forest zone. Complete tourist facilities, road, hotel network.

    Employment status, income level and consumption level
    Employment status: according to the 2007 USA community survey, over the age of 16 has a population of 1912000, of which 1328000 (69.5%), the labor force employment accounted for 66.6% of the total number of.
    The level of income: a total of 835000 families, the average family income was $55000, fortieth in USA. The level of consumption: has a total of 835000 housing units (71.7% home, 28.3% rental); in 2007 96% households have more than one car; more than 30% households spend 27.3% of the total income for housing.
    The main industry
    In 2007, the main industry accounted for the proportion of GDP are: 3.3% 5.6% mining industry, building industry, manufacturing industry 11.3%, 5% wholesale trade, retail trade 7.7%, transportation and storage of information industry in 3.8%, 3.8%, 9.4% of the real estate finance and insurance, 11.3% and the government 13.1%.
    Education: Utah higher education level. Quanzhou has 14 colleges and universities, the famous University of Utah, Yang Baihan University, Utah State University Logan, agricultural college. University of Utah is a research institution west of the Mississippi River Basin is the oldest. Yang Baihan University in the United States in 2007 a comprehensive ranking of seventieth, the business school, ranked tenth, compared with the same low ranking university tuition fees. In addition, Utah and 718 public primary and secondary schools.
    Financial services: financial and insurance institutions complete, there are more than 10 banks nationwide, dozens of specialized banks and dozens of credit institutions with offices in the state. In 2007 the financial insurance industry GDP of US $9966000000, accounting for 9.4% of the total. Can easily access to financial services.

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