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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the costs of investing in Greek real estate other than the purchase fee?
Greek house-buying immigrants have become one of the more choices for Chinese people in recent years.
Greek house-buying is good, but do you know the cost besides house-buying?
Property tax Normal transfer, if the house is before January 1, 2006, will pay 3% of the total housing tax, followed by 24% of each transfer, when you buy the property, you must register with the government through the accountant, and pay the housing holding tax, 0.
Take the 250,000 Euro real estate tax as an example.
The annual holding tax is 500 euros.
Property fee Depending on the area, the normal cost is 20-150 Euros per month, multiplied by 12 is one year's coSt.Whether you live or not, you have to pay these two fees.
If you rent, your rent includes these taxes, that is to say, the two fees you pay as a landlord, the actual amount varies according to the real estate project.
Individual income tax Payment is made once a year and last year in this year.
According to the total annual rental income, the rental income of less than 12,000 euros is 15%, and that of more than 12,000 euros is 30% - 45%.
Housing insurance premium About 350 euros per unit per year, depending on the age of the house, depending on the size of the house, subject to the actual fees paid by the insurance company.
Housing rental expenses Housing intermediaries will charge one month's rent as intermediary fee.
Home Trusteeship Fee If people are not in Greece, they need to be managed by intermediary companies, such as leaking water, various maintenance and repair, tenants will inform intermediaries, intermediaries will charge 600 euros a year for service fees, they will send people to communicate with tenants, find relevant companies to maintain and repair, but third-party costs will be paid by landlords.
There is also a full package service, charter, return service, this service is provided by developers, the premise is that you want to buy a developer's own house, they will sign a lease contract with you for a certain period of time, will promise the net return value, suitable for people who shake hands, but housing insurance + accounting fees + housing holding tax and so on are still to be paid by you, that is to say, save a house rental.
One month rent and annual custody fee are 600-800 euros.
Lawyer fees The lawyer's fee for house transfer is 1.24% of the house price.
Whether you buy a house from an individual or a developer, it's the same.
Notarization fee It is 1% to 1.5% of the total price of the house.
The final charge is calculated by the Greek Notary Office.
Decoration cost If the price of the house you buy is very low and the condition of the house is very broken, it needs to be fully decorateD.Simple package like the developer needs 350-400 euros per square meter.
You can calculate the cost of decoration according to the area of the house you want to buy.
Large housing intermediaries have their own decoration companies to Commission to decorate, and they can also find other companies to decorate outside.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    The latest Florida attractions Raiders - Florida will play attractions Recommended
    From the dream of colorful theme park to the continuity of natural beach, from the vibrant international metropolis to a wild profusion of vegetation National Park, Florida, the sunshine state full of charm brought hitherto unknown happiness for you.
    Travel to Florida, what are the attractions you can see?
    1. Miami Florida will play attractions For the Europeans, Miami is a seaside paradise;
    for Americans, is a leading Latin American road;
    to the caribbean people, is our way into the dream.
    2. Orlando Florida will play attractions Is a famous town in central Florida, a population of only 18 million, the total amount of tourists but rich tourism resources makes the annual reception of up to 2500 million.
    3. Everglades National Park Florida will play attractions Known as "a grass covered river from the mainland slowly to the sea" at the southern end of the Everglades National Park is located in Florida delta.
    This provides a good shelter in the living environment for countless birds and reptiles and manatee kind of endangered animal.
    The Everglades National Park was built in 1974, now covering 1 million 400 thousand acres.
    It is located in the southern Florida corner position, 6 inches deep, 50 mile wide river slowly flowing through the vast plains, thus creating the Everglades unique environment.
    Here is a subtropical wild animal protection to the United States the largeSt. Whether in the wilderness or in the completion of the camp camp, can enable you to enjoy the fun of nature.
    Park staff hospitality for you to enjoy the park and enjoy the joy of creating conditions.
    In addition, while traveling by boat along the mangroves, garden style guides about listening to the Flamingo and the shore of the vortex story is also very good.
    Another car for you in to get involved in the swamp adventure provides conditions.
    December 1993 Wetland National Park is the endangered World Heritage list, in order to remind people the threats encountered on wetland environment to be more closely, so that this fragile ecosystem is preserved.
    4. Walt Disney Florida will play attractions Walt Disney World Resort area near 40 square, to provide the world's leading entertainment experience, has a theme park and a water theme park, 34 Resort Hotel (where 22 by Walt Disney World solely owned and operated including 5 Disney Vacation club Resort property), six golf course provides a total of 99 a hole, a well-equipped spa, wedding hall, Disney Disney and Disney comprehensive world sports park catering and entertainment shopping area: a combination of shopping malls, shopping, and Pleasure Island city entertainment and catering integrated community.
    Disney cruise trip will also include the Walt Disney World resort.
    Walt Disney World is located in Florida, about 20 miles southwest of Orlando that the Bi secluded lake, opened on October 1, 1971, the end of the year round.
    5. Miami South Beach Florida will play attractions Is the famous tourist attractions in the United States, but also by some travel magazines into the world's top 10 beaches.
    But South Beach is not known for its harbour is more beautiful, but because of the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, 0 party, and others to elements to the beach are participating.
    So the South Beach has a nickname, Party Beach.
    6. Orlando ocean world Florida will play attractions Dolphins, sea lions, water roller coaster exciting, romantic music fountains and fireworks feast and so on, as long as you can think of water entertainment projects.
    Here is everything.
    Here, you can not only enjoy the wonderful performances of all kinds of water projects, experience all kinds of knowledge can create new styles, learning and understanding of many marine animal, young and old, entertaining, I believe this must be your summer tour!
    The 7. Tampa Florida will play attractions The Florida Peninsula west coast port city, is located in Hillsboro (Hillsborough) estuary, near Tampa Bay, even outside of Mexico bay.
    The urban area of 290.3 square kilometers, a population of 33.6 million (2010), including St Petersburg city group (St. Petersburg) and water (cleanwater), the population of 270 million (2010).
    Tampa - St. Petersburg - water city group including Hillsborough county 2, area of 2077.9 square kilometers.
    Tampa city group is second only to Miami's second largest city in Florida, second only to Houston in the Gulf of Mexico's second largest city, after Miami, Washington and Atlanta in the fourth southern city group, and Quan Meidi 19 big city group.
    Because of the good weather and low price, the tax, the Tampa Bay in the past 20 years is the preferred destination for the United States and foreign immigrants and the preferred holiday resort, the retirement.
    With the development of medical space is more, and the electric power industry and the formation of the southern Wall Street, Tampa Bay area has now become the speed of the fastest economic development area, ranked forty-ninth in the 2010 PWc world city GDP rankings.
    8. of Harry Potter's magical world Florida will play attractions Universal Studios in the most worth mentioning is the "Harry Potter's magical world" (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter).
    This corner is designed according to the British best-selling novels and Hollywood movie "Harry Potter" series of theme park park is located in the adventure Island Park, officially opened on June 18, 2010. The three part of the park as soon as possible to restore the hall of Hogwarts castle (Hogwarts castle), (The village of Hogsmeade Hogsmeade) (The Forbidden Forest) and the forbidden foreSt. The whole scene and the scene in a movie in which seemed as like as two peas, really across to the highlands of Hogwarts castle like magic in the world. Duke Hogg Maude honey village has carefully arranged (Honeydukes) left a candy shop, a joke shop (Zonko s) (Owl Post), the post office can really get the book "butter beer" (Butterbeer) of the Three Broomsticks (Three Broomsticks).
    The most attractive is Ollie Van De's wand shop (Ollivanders), here you can as early as age 11 in the wizarding world of Harry, from the old wand maker Ollie Van de hands to buy a belongs only to you the one and only wand.
    "Harry Potter's magical world" game also makes people hooked.
    In the castle, visitors can visit Dumbledore's office, dark room, Gryffindor common room, you can also experience a "Harry Potter and the forbidden journey" - a thrilling flight game.
    The castle in the forest, there are more exciting "Dragon challenge" (Dragon challenge), people can sit back four with the roller coaster in the Triwizard tournament.
    9.Key West Florida will play attractions Is a famous tourist resort, Miami is the southeastern end of the island, the United States "the remotest corners of the globe".
    Because of its beautiful sunset and known as the "sunset hometown", Key West International Airport, is the starting point of many luxury cruise routes.
    The United States President Harry Truman Island (Harry S.
    Truman) vacation home.
    The island is also known as the gay paradise.
    Key West, 260 km from Miami, more than 3 hours to drive.
    From Miami, on us Highway 1 (US-1), forty cross sea bridge will be a series of coral island together, like the series from scattered in the Atlantic pearl.
    The depths of the road extends to the caribbean, beautiful scenery.
    Key West and cuba across the sea, has a strong Latin style, the street everywhere charming souvenir shop.
    The famous American writer Hemingway had lived for several years in Key WeSt. 10., Jiegexun Florida will play attractions The largest city in the state of Florida.
    One of the center of the southeastern United States business, finance and insurance.
    Located in the northeast, across the St. Johns River, 32 kilometers east from the mouth.
    The population of 635 thousand (1990), the blacks accounted for 1/4. Duval and other large urban areas including 5 counties, covering an area of 1968 square kilometers.
    Founded in 1822, 1832;
    to commemorate President Andrew Jackson (1767.1845) named.
    Early because of the slow development of city war.
    1901 was destroyed by fire.
    After the reconstruction, the rapid development of the United States;
    become Southeast coast of the main harbour and business center.
    Fine port, channel depth of about 10 meters, ocean ship can be freely;
    many riverside wharF- Industry of shipbuilding and ship repairing, papermaking, wood processing, cigars, drugs and beer etc.
    Finance, wholesale and retail industry developed, especially famous for many insurance companies.
    The St. Johns River divides the city into two parts of the South and North Business District in the north.
    Warm and pleasant climate, the beach is about 13 km long, excellent facilities, as the tourist resort.
    city University of Jacksonville 5 University, and the Jacksonville children's Museum, art Museum, carmer Art Museum and Marine Science center and other cultural facilities.
    A naval base near.
    11. decorative art district Miami South Beach is not only sitting on the beauty of the sea, gathered a large number of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and erotic places, with the famous art deco district.
    As the world's largest Art Deco buildings, decoration art district gathered more than 800 buildings of various styles, including the 1923 to 1943 built hundreds of hotels, apartments and other buildings.
    The Mediterranean, simplified modern and Art Deco buildings in the area are represented.
    The historic district boundary east to the Atlantic, West to the south to 6th Lenox court, St., to the north along the collins canal Dade Blvd.
    Recently, after unified revision, the Miami Beach building, treasure pink or purple, or green, is one of the largest national historic site area of the United States, also formed a very beautiful scenery of the Miami representative.
    One of the famous buildings including clevelande The, Tides Hotel, carlyle Hotel and Raleigh Hotel.
    casa casaurina was a famous Italy fashion designer Gianni Versace's house, is where he was shot.
    Beautiful Delano was built in 1947, is the tallest building in the South Beach area at present.
    Between 12th St. and 14th St. street, there are three classic Art Deco Hotel: box shaped representative of Leslie, who appeared in the film "The Birdcage" in carlyle and has a beautiful round edge cardozo Hotel.
    Travelers can walk along the collins Avenue and Washington Street, a taste of Art Deco District.
    Travelers can also located at Ocean Dr.
    and 10th St. street intersection of the Art Deco District reception center (Art Deco District Welcome center) visit.
    Here the decorative art gift shop (Art Deco Gift Shop), you can fully understand the art deco style, but also can rent IPod, with audio commentary, understanding art deco district.
    To understand the most intuitive method of Art Deco district or by professional personnel to participate in the tour accompanied by explanations.
    Without any reservation, just 10 minutes early to 15 minutes of decorative art gift shop can be added to the whole 90 minutes walking tour.
    Miami Beach a week in January of each year will be held on the weekend when the decorative arts, decorative arts district will be more sultry.
    12. universal Orlando Florida will play attractions In the global total of 5 Universal Studios, Orlando is the most appreciate and play the.
    The great white shark, terminator, brave game, mummy, ET, shrek.
    every classic movies have been designed as a thrilling game, to bring people the most shocking sensory experience, every character has also been successfully integrated into the Universal Studios in.
    Whether you are Simpson fans or one family, the young Harry Porter fans, Universal Studios Orlando meet your dream in a few days.
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