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Why do Europeans and Americans prefer Portugal for the aged?
Here's the answer!
Portugal's second largest city, Porto, was chosen as the best destination for American couples earning less than 30,000 euros a year, surpassing Exx in Provence, France, and Aricante in Spain, according to dinheiro vivo.
It is reported that a retired couple living in Porto spends about 1340 euros a month on a daily basis, which is the cheapest in all the cities listeD.Not only that, Porto has a suitable climate, an inclusive atmosphere for Portuguese immigrants, as well as good food and wine.
It is an ideal destination for the elderly after retirement.
In the study of retirees'retirement destinations in the United States, the second place is Likata, Brazil, Italy, with an average monthly cost of about 1380 euros; the third place is Alicante, Spain, with an average monthly cost of about 2,000 euros; the fourth place is Valeta, Malta, with an average monthly cost of 2,240 euros; and the fifth place is Exx, Provence, France, with an average monthly cost of 2,320 euros.
The environment is excellent, the quality of life ranks first According to the ranking of the Quality of Life Index 2018 published by the world authoritative data survey agency, Portugal ranked first among 65 countries and regions on the list and was selected as the best place of residence for overseas Chinese with the best quality of life.
This is mainly due to its comfortable temperate climate and rich and colorful leisure cultural activities.
Portugal is known as a "warm harbour".
The northern part of Portugal has a temperate marine climate, while the southern part has a subtropical Mediterranean climate.
Living in Portugal, a habitable sanctuary, in your spare time, you take your wife to the seaside fishing and take a walk on the beach.
When you imagine these scenes, it's not difficult to understand why Portugal can become such a yearning country.
Rich diet and high quality One of Portugal's famous cultures is diet.
The excellent geographical location along the coast of southern Europe is cared for by the warm ocean currents.
The climate is mild and the seafood is abundant.
This gift is the main ingredient of Portuguese fooD.Various kinds of rice, potatoes, bread, meat, seafood and fish constitute the main recipes of Portuguese diet culture.
Portuguese wine is especially famous for Portuguese wine in Bordeaux.
In addition, Portugal also has strict dietary standards, not only food, but also tableware, kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, heat preservation containers, kitchen appliances and other materials in contact with food need to pass the EU food-grade testing standards.
Superior pension benefits and perfect medical system Portugal's pension system is huge and perfect, and people over 65 can receive pensions and pensions.
In order to protect the lives of the elderly, supplementary pensions for those over 80 years of age, long-term bedridden due to illness or serious mental illness can be applied for long-term care allowance, and widowhood allowance for those living alone.
Portugal is the right choice for old-age life.
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