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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to obtain EU citizenship?
Cyprus Investment Naturalization Program, the only global investment in housing can quickly naturalize European immigration projects to obtain EU citizenship.
Although the topic of Cyprus as a springboard for Britain has been very high in recent years because of the separation of Britain from Europe, it is undoubtedly that as a golden springboard, Cyprus citizenship can not only get the convenience of British residence.
The remaining 31 European countries, such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland and Iceland, are facilitating the free movement of EU citizens.
According to the existing Cyprus investment immigration policy, applicants only need to:
Purchase 2 million euros of one or more properties and sell them three years later (only half a million euros worth of property is reserved for self-employment); Or buy 2 million euros of equity and a set of more than 500,000 euros of real estate.
No language requirements, no business experience, no education requirements, 6-8 months can be completed.
After the implementation of the New Deal on May 15, the policy was tightened:
new contributions of 150,000 Euros were added, the investment cycle of real estate was prolonged, applicants had to hold a valid Schengen visa, and an additional investment of 500,000 Euros was needed to purchase the second-hand property which had applied for the overdue investment plan.
From the perspective of rapid access to identity + investment, a Cyprus EU passport, springboard Switzerland, Luxembourg and other European countries are very cost-effective investments for high net worth people whose wealth has accumulated to a certain extent and pay more attention to the quality of life.
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