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How to obtain EU citizenship?
Cyprus Investment Naturalization Program, the only global investment in housing can quickly naturalize European immigration projects to obtain EU citizenship.
Although the topic of Cyprus as a springboard for Britain has been very high in recent years because of the separation of Britain from Europe, it is undoubtedly that as a golden springboard, Cyprus citizenship can not only get the convenience of British residence.
The remaining 31 European countries, such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland and Iceland, are facilitating the free movement of EU citizens.
According to the existing Cyprus investment immigration policy, applicants only need to:
Purchase 2 million euros of one or more properties and sell them three years later (only half a million euros worth of property is reserved for self-employment); Or buy 2 million euros of equity and a set of more than 500,000 euros of real estate.
No language requirements, no business experience, no education requirements, 6-8 months can be completed.
After the implementation of the New Deal on May 15, the policy was tightened:
new contributions of 150,000 Euros were added, the investment cycle of real estate was prolonged, applicants had to hold a valid Schengen visa, and an additional investment of 500,000 Euros was needed to purchase the second-hand property which had applied for the overdue investment plan.
From the perspective of rapid access to identity + investment, a Cyprus EU passport, springboard Switzerland, Luxembourg and other European countries are very cost-effective investments for high net worth people whose wealth has accumulated to a certain extent and pay more attention to the quality of life.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Chinatown in San Francisco.
    To take root in a place that does not belong to you, it is not possible overnight to turn an unfamiliar environment into one's own neighbour's cottage.
    When I stepped into San Francisco's Chinatown, it felt like I was in another completely different place.
    The archway at the junction of Duban Street and Bust Street is like a heavy door which solidifies the vicissitudes of history and completely isolates the world.
    Reinforced concrete and skyscrapers 500 steps away seem irrelevant.
    Under the same roof, I am embarrassed to be mistaken for two worlds.
    I can't believe that I am in the largest Chinese community outside Asia.
    In the 1930s, it looks like China in the 1930s.
    Maybe Shanghai in the 1930s will be more pleasant.
    Vertically and horizontally in front of the narrow street, passing by is the elderly wearing embroidered linen, dark blue very durable that kind of cloth.
    I followed the direction of the map to find the sign of Golden Gate Cake Company, a small entrance that could not be any smaller.
    If I didn't look for it deliberately, I would be laughed at.
    This shop is said to be the sign of Chinatown, San Francisco.
    The reason is that this shop also operates a kind of lucky biscuit every day.
    It first bakes the biscuit into a circle, folds it in half when it is hot and soft, puts a small note with a signature on it and closes it.
    Then this kind of lucky biscuit will benefit every customer who eats in Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.
    After dinner, you can eat the lucky biscuit and see the words of blessing you received today.
    I took two pictures of the woman worker and put down a $2 tip (that's necessary).
    Next to him, a Chinese-American uncle gave us a chance to sell them.
    The big bag of supersize yellow orange biscuits in his hand made me feel very stressed.
    I'm sorry, uncle, we don't have a restaurant here.
    Then I took the smallest bag of biscuits with embarrassment and paid the other two dollars and left.
    My lucky sign today is: Your ability to love will help a child in need.
    01 The "Official" Gate Entrance of Chinatown 02 San Francisco Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the United States 03 Coming from the financial district, it's like entering a completely different world.
    05 is full of Chinese signs, almost no foreigners The Chinese transliteration of road signs 06 is also quite interesting, Duban Street, Bath Street, Qili Street.
    07 08 How many generations of Chinese have lived here and have made great contributions to San Francisco's economy? 13 Lucky biscuits are available in Chinese restaurants and at Chinatown grocery stores.
    14 The main store is here, in a very small alley called Ross Alley.
    15 biscuits are shipped everywhere in Chinatown every day.
    They are made, packaged and sold in this shop.
    16. The woman who makes fortune cookies is very famous.
    The pictures introduced in each strategy book are hers.
    ~ Your ability to love will help a child in need.
    Building cleaners on Nob Hill, 18 Rich District 19 I am in Beitan, a beautiful Italian community 20 Washington Square, where local residents like to walk their dogs, bask in the sun and enjoy the good times St Peter & Paul's Cathedral in Washington Square.
    Monroe is famous for her marriage here.
    22 Children play baseball on the playground in a private primary school in Beitan In the United States, as long as you see the STOP sign, you have to brake, and then make sure there is no car to pass.
    If there are incoming cars on the intersection line, the principle of first come first go is adopted.
    24 Beautiful North Beach 25 Divine Music Brightened~ Parking meter in 26 Financial District 27 I'm on the street in the financial district 28 Wall Street on the West Coast of the United States-San Francisco Financial District 29 There are many tall buildings, many banks and securities companies, and Wells Fargo headquarters of Wells Fargo, the famous Wells Fargo Bank, is also here.
    The 30 most famous, of course, is the Pan-American Pyramid.
    Designed by architect William Pereira, it was built in 1972 and is 260 meters high.
    It was once the tallest building in the western United States.
    32-F Line Bus (Historic Street Bus) in the car.
    The train departs from the Ferry Tower and ends at Castro, San Francisco's famous Comrade district.
    33--Comrades on Castro Street 34 Rainbow Flag, the logo of Comrade San Francisco.
    This is a comrade bar and theatre.
    At the end of the 19th century, Chinese immigrants came to California to build the Pacific Railway, which contributed a lot to the local economic construction.
    But they and Italian immigrants, blacks, poor white people, sailors were regarded as "second-class citizens" by the government at that time.
    They were limited to live in specific areas, so they had to settle in a small area centered on Dupan Street, which developed into today's "Chinatown".
    The archway is located at the junction of Duban Street and Bust Street.
    It used to be convenient from Union Square and is generally regarded as the starting point for entering Chinatown.
    The famous restaurant in Chinatown is the House of Nanking (919 Keary St, 11:00-22:00), which has a small appearance but always has to wait in line.
    The special features are fish soup, tofu and sauce mixed well.
    R&G Lounge Lingnan Pavilion (631 Keary St) is said to be very good for baked crabs with pepper and salt.
    Z&Y restaurant, 655 Jackson St. is a sign of authentic Sichuan cuisine.
    Golden Gate Fortune Cookies (56 Ross Alley, 9:00-20:30) is hard to find.
    The doors are very small.
    Lucky biscuits are sold in size.
    Women who make biscuits charge tips for taking pictures.
    Rongji bakery (on Jackson ST, the left section of Grant ST from south to north), all kinds of snacks, signature big chicken bags.
    The price is not expensive.
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