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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
There must be one of the three advantages of EU passport that you need!
Golden Springboard for Children's Education Cyprus is a Commonwealth country with a British-style education system, taught by many British teachers with rich teaching experience.
Students'grades are recognized by the UK.
After finishing high school in Cyprus, children can apply directly to famous UK schools, including Oxford, Cambridge and other well-known universities.
Some local universities have jointly run schools with British and American schools, which implement a 2 + 2 system, and students graduate directly to the British and American degrees.
Local international schools have students from 38 countries.
Children in an international educational environment can easily learn English, Greek, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and other multinational languages.
Students with green cards who have lived in Cyprus for more than five years can apply for Cyprus citizenship and enjoy a great tuition discount at British universities.
Business Tax Planning Tool Cyprus has a very low corporate tax rate in Europe, which provides a huge space for overseas enterprises to develop.
Many well-known companies are headquartered in Cyprus and are regarded as a rare safe haven for assets.
Tax incentives include, but are not limited to, tax exemption for profits earned by overseas resident agencies; tax exemption for dividend income in most cases; tax exemption for capital gains from the sale of overseas real estate; minimum corporate tax in Europe of 12.5%, without double taxation; tax exemption for sales of stocks, bonds or other securities; no property tax, inheritance tax and gift tax, with a special retirement tax rate of only 5%; Real estate tax saves a lot of money for customers who migrate by buying houses.
Curve "Immigration" UK Program Immigrate to Cyprus and live freely in Britain.
Equivalent to a passport, the "residents" of both countries, the curve realizes the needs of investors to "immigrate" the UK!
According to the transition agreement reached between Britain and the EU on March 19, 2018, any EU citizen can make Britain his home by December 31, 2020.
In the meantime, citizens of any EU country can legally move to the UK, where they will be able to obtain a British passport after five years of legal residence.
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