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Greek Private International Schools Inventory:
Springboard British and American schools, choose them!
Parents always want to give their children the best, including educational conditions.
British and American countries have the world's top educational resources and are the ideal places for many families to study.
However, the British and American universities have strict visa examination and fierce competition.
Many children are unable to meet the stringent conditions in every aspect, so they can only sigh at it.
Today, more and more smart parents are choosing international schools as springboards for their children to help them create more favorable pre-conditions.
The teaching mode of these international schools keeps pace with that of American or British schools.
After graduation, they can get an internationally recognized diploma and go straight to the ideal world famous schools for their children.
Today, Xiao Ming will take you to know about the famous international schools in Greece that can easily complete such "divine operation".
American International School 1. Athens International School International School of Athens (ISA) ISA is located in the wealthy area of northern Athens, only 14 kilometers from the center of Athens.
It has four departments:
kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school.
It is the only international school in Greece to adopt the highest standards of PYP, MYP and IB in the United States from elementary school to high school.
It has won the authoritative certification of the Central American College Association.
It is worth mentioning that the school's kindergartens are open 365 days a year.
Kindergarten children are 2.5-5 years olD.Kindergarten curriculum is creative, attaches importance to art, handicraft, and physical education courses, and pays attention to developing children's reading ability.
2. American Community Private Colleges American Community School (ACS) The predecessor of ACS was the British Army School founded in 1945, which was formally renamed the American Community School in Athens in 1954. ACS is located in the embassy district of Harandry in the northwest of downtown Athens.
The school offers educational courses from JK to grade 12 and from age 3 to 18. Schools adopt an American-style education system to encourage students to develop their own unique interests and personalities.
ACS is a school registered in the United States and recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education.
It is qualified to award high school diplomas in the United States and Greece, as well as IB International Diploma and AP Course Certificates.
IB International Diploma is recognized by almost all English-speaking universities.
As early as the 1970s, ACS has become the first school in Greece to offer IB courses.
AP course is a prerequisite course in American universities.
After completing the course and getting the appropriate scores, the corresponding credits can be exempted after entering the university, which saves both time and tuition fees.
All official courses are taught in American English.
In addition to American English, students can choose to study other language courses after secondary school, such as Greek, French, German, Spanish, Putonghua and so on.
ACS graduates are widely enrolled in prestigious universities in Britain, North America and other parts of the worlD.In 2015, the enrollment rate is 100%, which is also the best proof of the quality of teaching.
British International School 1. Campion College Campion School Campion School was founded in 1970 and is located in Pallini, 16 kilometers east of Athens downtown.
Schools, including kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, also enjoy a high reputation in Britain.
Students in grades 7-9 are fully educated in the English style.
Students in grades 9 and above are educated according to the admission criteria of Oxford and Cambridge University.
Students in Grade 11 need to take the preparatory course of this course and take the examinations of the preparatory course of British universities.
Campion shcool is a highly recognized private school in Athens, with an annual college enrollment rate of about 95%.
2. St.Lawrence College St.Lawrence College St.Lawrence College was founded in 1980.
It has been adhering to the British educational concept and teaching tradition, insisting on independent innovation, focusing on the cultivation of students'traditional values such as civilization, diligence, honesty and responsibility.
Official data from schools show that students from 52 countries attend the school.
St.Lawrence Private School is an International School of British Education and a source training base for world-class famous schools such as Britain and the United States.
At present, the school does not offer IB courses, but maintains a more British-style GCE A-Level exam.
A-level is widely recognized by all British universities, which is equivalent to the national college entrance examination.
From 2013 to 2014, 70% of graduates were admitted to Yale University, University of Toronto, Imperial College of Technology, King's College London, Edinburgh University and other world-famous universities.
3. St.Catherine British International School St.Catherine's British School St.Catherine, located in the elegant suburb of Kifissia near northern Athens, is a famous chain of British international schools.
The school was founded in 1956 and is a member of the British Independent School Board (COBIS).
In addition to teaching national courses in England and Wales, schools offer courses leading to the International General Secondary Education Certificate (IGCSE) and International Diploma (IB).
4. Byron College Byron College Byron College was established in 1986. It has kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, senior high school and university preparatory classes.
It enrolls students aged from 3 to 18. There are currently 300 students from nearly 50 countries attending school.
Byron College is a purely British international school and is the CIE, Edexcel and OCR examination centre.
The graduation rate of IGCSE is 96%.
Nearly 70% of them are in the A-C level, which is much higher than the average in the UK.
The average pass rate of GCE was 80%, and 7 of 10 courses reached 100%.
Schools use English primary education textbooks from kindergarten to ninth grade, and IGCSE courses from 10th to 11th grade.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Summary of Seattle Olympic National Park
    The Olympic National Park is located in the central part of the Olympic Peninsula in the northwest of Washington State, USA.
    It is named for the presence of Mount Olympus at an altitude of 2428 meters.
    The Olympic National Park was established in 1938 to protect forests and wildlife in the Olympic Mountains.
    It covers an area of 3626 square kilometers and features rainforeSt. The Park covers about two-thirds of the peninsula and covers an area of 3,629 square kilometers.
    Because of the large area, the attractions are relatively scattered, and the distance between the attractions is not close.
    The trees here are very special.
    The whole body is covered with moss, and moss grows on the moss.
    Over the years, the moss slowly dropped from the branches.
    Tree demon, every tree is a tree demon, that's how I feel when I'm in it.
    Olympic National Park tickets are also 20 knives a car, 7 days free access.
    But if you just drive along 101 highway, you don't need to buy tickets.
    That is to say, only rainforest Hoh Rain Forest and Hurricane Ridge Hurricane ridge need tickets.
    This time, instead of going to Hoh Rain Forest, you go to Solduchot spring.
    At 10:30 p.m., we arrived at the scheduled Speed 8 Hotel, and we could go to the National Park the next morning.
    The visitor information center of the Olympic National Park is near the hotel.
    You can buy tickets, take maps and let the park administrator help you design a suitable route to play.
    Hotel: 109 yuan (excluding 10.4% tax), double bed, although more expensive, is a better local hotel, still very comfortable and clean, with free Wifi network, guest rooms with wooden furniture, cable TV, microwave oven, refrigerator, coffee and other facilities, breakfast is also good, a meal before going out.
    Booking.com is available for booking, with a high score.
    Name: Super 8 Port Angeles Port Speed 8 Hotel Address: 2104 East 1st street, Port Angeles (Washington), WA 98362, USA Free Parking Following is a summary of the Olympic National Park: The National Park is famous for its combination of coastal, mountainous and rainforest eco-environment, which shapes the Olympic National Park.
    The National Park combines extreme ground landscape, which is called the most worthwhile National Park in the Northwest of the United States.
    However, friends who have been to Xinjiang in China need not go to this national park.
    If you haven't been to Xinjiang, one or two days, you can arrange your trip in the following way.
    First stop: Visitor Information Center to Hurricane ridge.
    The road may meet wild deer, there are many hiking paths (35 minutes drive), hurricane ridge is worth visiting, on the way can hit the wild deer, but also can see the snow mountain, from a distance.
    Along the trail, you can also see the wild deer.
    The sound of the camera shutter should be turned off so as not to startle the wild deer when taking pictures.
    Second stop: Lake Crescent is a quiet and beautiful lake.
    There is a hotel beside the lake where you can stay and eat.
    http://www.olympic national parks.com/accommodations/lake-crescent-resort.
    aspxRoom Subtotal 248.59 On the way, you can see the lake.
    It's very long and blue.
    Just take a picture of the parking place on the roadside.
    You can go kayaking, fishing and swimming if you have time, but when we get out of the car, we find it better to stop and take a picture on the way.
    (1 hour drive) Third stop: Soldoc hot spring (hot springs are dirty, there is no need to bubble), but parking to the pedestrian trail, there is a fall, which is quite spectacular.
    Fourth stop: fork Twilight city view (39 minutes drive), you can not stop to take a look, if it arrives at noon, you can find a restaurant to eat.
    The fifth stop: Hoh Rain Forest RainforeSt. It is said that there are some fairyland feelings in it.
    There are many paths to choose from.
    Hall of moss is famous for its short time, it can be finished quickly, and the scenery is very characteristic.
    (57 minutes drive) Station 6: Ruby beach (1 hour drive) continues to reach Ruby beach along Highway 101. Ruby beach is a popular beach because it is easy to get in and out and does not need much hiking.
    There are many dark cobblestones here.
    Sixth stop: Lake quinalt (48 minutes drive) Https://reservations.
    ahlsmsworld.com/WashingtonParks/Plan-Your-Trip/Accommodation-Search/ResultsTotal: $179.62 It's a very blue lake.
    It's almost like taking a picture.
    Seventh, Lake quinalt-Mount Rainier National Park (3.5 hours) Then we went to Mount Rainier and stayed at Paradize Inn, a hotel on the hillside of the snow mountain.
    It was a hard day and we arrived at the hotel very late, but it was very convenient for us to play the next day.
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