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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Eight things you may not know in Malaysia!
I have talked with you about Malaysia's climate, consumption level, education, health care, tourism and international schools before.
I believe you have some knowledge of MalaysiA.Malaysia is the only country in the world that has territory on the Asian continent and the islands of the Malay Islands.
It is also one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia.
Regarding Malaysia, the following eight things Xiao Ming wants to say today are unknown to you.
Let's grow our knowledge together.
1 THE SOUTHERN END OF THE ASIAN CONTINENT Tanjung Piai, located in Malaysia, is the southernmost tip of the Asian continent, where Singapore's skyline can be seen.
2 Three countries share an island Borneo is the third largest island in the world, second only to Greenland and New GuineA.The world's third largest island is shared by Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
3 The Largest Annular Intersection in the World Malaysia's Bucheng has the world's largest roundabout with a diameter of 2.2 miles, about 3.54 kilometers!
4 Nine Royal Families Malaysia has nine different Royal families, and is the country with the largest number of Royal families.
Malaysia's head of state will be elected from the nine royal families for a five-year term.
5 Building No 4 Floors Malaysian buildings do not have a fourth floor.
They usually change the original fourth floor to "3A".
Influenced by Chinese culture, 4 is considered unlucky because its pronunciation is similar to death.
6 World's tallest Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur's twin towers, once the world's tallest skyscrapers, were later surpasseD.However, it is still the world's tallest twin towers, the city landmark and symbol of Kuala Lumpur.
7 Longest Venomous Snake Malaysia is the home of King CobrA.A king cobra, 5.7 meters long, was found in MalaysiA.It is the longest venomous snake in the world.
8 has the best cheap airlines in Asia AirAsia is Malaysia's second international airline and the first cheap airline in AsiA.As a world-renowned low-cost airline, AirAsia has provided high cost-effective services for tourists for many years, and has been awarded "the best low-cost airline in the world" for many years.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    No.1 Highway
    Route 1 is about a long road along the western coast of the United States, with sea and mountains on one side.
    You can imagine the feeling of driving.
    It's best to drive a convertible car, blue sky and white clouds, sea breeze, mountains passing by, like thousands and thousands, relaxed and happy.
    I went to the section from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
    There were many beautiful sceneries along the way.
    There were 17 miles, Big sur, Hurst Castle and some little-known beaches.
    Flocks of seagulls flew freely.
    Occasionally several tourists took pictures and enjoyed themselves.
    Including 17 miles, although it is a famous scenic spot, but not many people on weekdays, tour groups generally do not go, can quietly breathe with birds, walk around at will feel enjoyable.
    My suggestion is to go south from San Francisco so that you can see the sea directly on the right, first through 17 miles, and enjoy the scenery at one stop, such as Spanish Bay Spain Bay, Bird Rock Bird Stone, Fanshell Overlook, Cypress Point, Lone Cypress, Ghost Trees Ghost Trees, etc.
    On the land side, there are luxury houses and Pebble Beach Golf Links, the most famous golf course in the WeSt. The PGA Tour station of the golf tournament has also hosted competitions including U.S. Open or PGA Championship.
    On one side of the ocean, the blue sea glitters in the sunshine, and huge rocks with soft sandy beaches come face to face with strong biological odor and salty seafood.
    The coast is full of seabirds, algae, aquatic plants, as well as strange-shaped, toothed and clawed trees.
    The sea off Ghost Trees is a dangerous Big Wave Surfing surfing site where many surfers died.
    Pebble Beach has a few visitors to Stillwater Cove Pier pier pier, 360 degree view of Carmel town.
    Then turn to big sur, the most shining section along the Taiping Coast Highway.
    National Geographic Magazine selected 50 Places of a Lifetime in its lifetime.
    Among the 50 tourist attractions, only Big Sur Dasu and Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Canyon are the second natural landscapes in the United States and the WeSt. There are no obvious large towns in this area.
    They zigzag along the coast and the cliffs.
    The winding coastline is a snow-white beach, overlooking the white spray on the sea, shining with the sun, seabirds flying, and the Los Padres National Forest National Forest along the coaSt. If you have spare time, you can choose a beach to swim along.
    Here are three best Big Sur beaches: Point Lobos State Reserve, Garrapata Beach and Pfeiffer Beach.
    Garrapata Beach is the best one for road trips.
    Passing Carmel to the south of Point Lobos State Reserve, Wolf Point State Reserve, many short walks and beautiful beaches, especially the clear water in the south of China Cove China Bay, are suitable for swimming and playing, but in summer the sea is still very cold, while in the calm water of Whaler's Cove Bay on the North side, many wildlife live.
    Such as Harbor Seal seals and Sea Otter otters.
    Continuing south to Garrapata State Park and south to Garrapata Beach, the vast snow-white beach under the mottled cliff walls, is suitable for a short stay to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.
    Continue to look at the Point Sur State Historic Park (36.34501, -121.89323) on the South Point Sur roadside, three sections of snow-white beach under the South Bay Cliff.
    In the middle section, there are Lakeside Beach at the mouth of Little Sur River, which connects with Point Sur giant rocks.
    The Point Sur Lighthouse lighthouse above is suitable for photography.
    Continue Pacific Coast Highway south to the most famous Bixby Creek Bridge giant single-hole arch bridge (36.3726, -121.90327), built in 1932, is the world's largest, and the scenery on both sides of the bridge is very moving.
    This scene is National Geographic magazine The World's Most Scenic Drives, the world's most beautiful highway tourism book.
    Cover photo.
    Two other recommended places are Hertz Castle and the Danish town.
    Herbert Castle is the most famous Castle mansion in the United States or Forbes Fubis.
    It is a State Historic Park with national historical landmark.
    The main building is located on a hill about 1,600 feet above sea level, overlooking the beautiful blue sea view.
    The original name of Herbert Castle is La Cuesta Encantada in Spanish.
    Qiu, the name of the castle was added by later generations.
    Julia Morgan was a rare female architect at that time.
    When UC Berkeley graduated and went to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts School in Paris, France for further study, she was the first female graduate of the Architecture Department.
    Visiting Hearst Castle requires about two hours of guided tour.
    There are many times when Hearst Castle Rd passes south through Highway 1 and immediately is the beach (35.6439, -121.1865).
    The long San Simeon Pier trestle goes straight into the sea.
    From the trestle, the white Hearst Castle on the top of the hill can be seen in the distance.
    William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach In addition, to the south there are Morro bay, Pismo beach, Danish towns can enjoy and stop one by one, too many, need to look slowly, remember to take a sunset.
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