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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
25% of British visas were given to Chinese last year Data show that in 2018, Britain issued more than 730,000 visas to Chinese citizens, accounting for 25% of the world's 2.9 million visas, an 11% increase over last year.
Among them, 588,000 visiting visas, an increase of 11%, while nearly 100,000 student visas, an increase of 13% year on year, account for about 40% of the total number of student visas in the worlD.It is not surprising, therefore, that in the streets and alleys of London, one can always look up at the faces of familiar compatriots.
So, what makes Chinese people so fond of going to Britain?
First of all, from the perspective of tourism, the brilliant history and profound cultural accumulation of the British Empire made many Chinese admire it.
The former prosperity of the Sunset Empire has left many historic sites worth visiting for future generations, such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and so on.
The fascinating Cambridge University by the British Museum and poet Xu Zhimo, which contains many Chinese cultural treasures such as The Motto of Women's History, has also attracted thousands of Chinese tourists to explore ancient times.
Secondly, from the perspective of studying abroad, Britain is a powerful Western Educational country with a long history.
There are more than 90 universities and more than 150 colleges, including more than 1400 majors and nearly 40,000 degrees, for Chinese students to choose freely.
Among them, Cambridge University, Oxford University, London University College, Imperial College of Technology and London School of Political Economy are among the top ten universities in the worlD.Studying here can not only get a very high gold content degree certificate, but also be baptized by the excellent academic research atmosphere, and make solid achievements in learning.
At the same time, it can also gain a broad international vision, excellent English level and good professional quality.
In addition, from a business point of view, London is the world's largest financial centre and the world's largest foreign exchange trading centre.
Data show that foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives that change hands in London every day are worth more than $1 trillion, almost three times as much as those in New York.
London is also the best start-up city in the world, attracting more venture capital than anywhere else.
In 2017, 53% of the venture capital inflows to London accounted for the whole EU region.
The unshakable position in the business sector has enabled Chinese businessmen to flock to Britain and choose to come here for business opportunities.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Atlanta Tour: The World's Largest Aquarium
    Atlanta Aquarium is known as the largest aquarium in the world.
    Attention! It's an aquarium, not an ocean park or something.
    Again, if anyone wants to go, don't buy any tickets except Entry Ticket.
    You'll really regret it.
    It's interesting for children under 10 to see the 3D movie.
    The Quick Dip Tour really doesn't need to be used.
    It's to show you the big fish pond and the filling at the same time.
    Big fish ponds are also used for diving projects, so don't pay to dive there unless you really like the fishy smell and the fishy smell of sea water.
    The whole building is like this: Fish walls on both sides of the ticket office
    Frogs, so colorful, are estimated to be poisonous.
    White Crocodile Elephant-nosed fish (like this) The top of the head is also the bottom of the transparent glass fishpond, you can see the belly of the fish.
    At first, it was a silly crab.
    I couldn't open it for 15 minutes because I wanted to eat a shell.
    I was worried about it.
    Let me help you break it apart.
    Would you like to eat it? I photographed this mentally retarded name, Japanese spider crab (I guess the longfoot crab eaten by Hong Kong people is the same).
    Suddenly, I thought of the foot of the pigsty in Storm of Heart, and I was going to die.
    I used my camera to record all kinds of entanglements in opening the shell.
    The female crab is small and oval.
    IQ is higher than price.
    Eat the shells quickly and throw them away.
    The ceilings of the ocean cold water hall are bigger than those of the ocean fish.
    It is said that the beluga whale (the other is the killer whale) is one of the treasures of the two townships.
    It's so small.
    It's supposed to be a baby beluga whale.
    I haven't seen such a small whale.
    Let's start with Quick Dip Tour.
    It's an extra-cost project to show you how they raise fish.
    Of course, you can also see their two little killer whales (not on display) The fish pond looks like this.
    The picture is a picture of information on the Internet, but it's similar to what I saw.
    The people in the picture are researchers and staff.
    This is how killer whales look, and it's about the same size (pictured in the web material picture): Next comes my favorite touch pool.
    There are four different touch pools that can touch different aquatic organisms.
    The first is that you can touch eels and a small shark.
    The picture of the real pond, everybody is fishing (network data map): Eel is like this, swim here, touch it quickly! There are many eels in Hong Kong Ocean Park, but they are not allowed to touch.
    But this aquarium is allowed to touch, so I felt very excited and energetic.
    I went back to touch every pond three times to cover my face.
    There are still three small sharks in the pond, the slender one on the right is the small shark, because there are only three, it is estimated that they are afraid of being touched, and they are not too swimming to the edge, so it is relatively difficult to touch.
    The second touch pool: The top sign tells you the right way to touch with two fingers (each pool has two fingers).
    Everything in the pool was ugly.
    I touched it twice and left.
    Although ugly, it's still a physical picture.
    I'm feeling Let's touch it together.
    My favorite touch pool: There are sea anemones and starfish in it.
    Because it's an ocean hall, the water in that anemone's pool is very, very ice.
    The anemone feels so soft that it hardly feels at firSt. It feels like it hasn't touched the water yet.
    But when you stop for a moment, it gently sucks your finger with the front end of the tentacle.
    Starfish feels rough and hard.
    I think all starfish are dead.
    It's too hard.
    The eel feels soft and slippery, just like catfish.
    Shark skin is a little rough.
    Tropical Museum, basically tropical fish or something.
    First, jellyfish.
    There are fewer jellyfish here.
    There are only two cylinders.
    I remember that when I was in the Ocean Park, the light jellyfish was a museum.
    Another network picture, take better, close to the real visual effect.
    An unknown tropical fish:
    There's a more magical tropical fish:
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