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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Life is healthy and safe.
How can Portuguese life not be desired?
With the tightening of immigration policies in traditional big countries and the low threshold, the fast-moving European house-buying immigrants are becoming more and more popular with investors.
Among many European home-buying immigrant countries, Portugal stands out because of its high-quality living conditions and safe environment.
Quality life The climate of northern Portugal belongs to marine temperate broad-leaved forest, while the climate of southern Portugal belongs to subtropical Mediterranean.
The average temperature ranges from 7 11 in January to 20 26 in July.
The annual average precipitation is 500-1000mm, the climate is pleasant, the vegetation is luxuriant, the air is good, it is very suitable for living and providing for the aged.
In addition to climate factors, Portugal's medical level is always an escort for Portuguese health.
Portugal's investment in health care accounts for 10.1% of its GDP, about twice as much as China's.
Its medical system is complete, ranking 12th in the world, among which organ transplantation and other subjects rank first in the worlD.Thanks to the country's superior medical system, Portugal's average life expectancy has reached 79.5 years.
The Portuguese medical system is comprehensive and has a high level of medical care.
Public hospitals and health centres provide free medical services to Portuguese citizens, foreign citizens who have obtained legal residence rights or legal work permits.
After joining the Portuguese Social Insurance, only the registration fee is required to go to public hospitals.
According to the nature and origin of the drug, there are discounts as low as 2-3 and 8-9. secure environment Thanks to the effective guarantee of social and public life, Portugal's social security index has been at the forefront of Europe.
Portuguese citizens also firmly believe that their country is the safest, and their perception of security attitudes ranks first in the European Union.
Portugal's safe environment and high quality of life make it not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, but also one of the most ideal countries for investment migrants around the world.
Previously, the World Economic Forum also rated Portugal as the seventh safest country in 144 countries and regions worldwide, suitable for living and providing for the aged, based on a number of classification indicators (including relations with neighbouring countries, domestic homicide and violence rates, etc.
At the same time, Portugal's drug safety and food safety are in the unified regulatory framework of the European Union.
The government has strict control over the quality of medicine and food safety, avoiding the residents'importation of diseases to the greatest extent.
In addition to the safety of life, Portugal's investment environment is also very safe.
Now Portugal's new policy on investment immigration has been implemented. compared with the old policy, the approval process is more standardized, investment is more transparent and safe, and better for immigrants.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    My American Self-driving Experience
    The United States is really a country on wheels.
    You can't walk without a car.
    That's not true.
    On my third trip to the United States, I had a Chinese driver's license in my waiSt. In some states in the United States, you can get your passport, visa and your own driver's license.
    There are different periods of probationary driving.
    Let's start with the impression of American highways.
    Just as I was disappointed to see the New York Metro before, American highways, including highways, are far less beautiful than those in China.
    Firstly, many roads are covered with tortoise cracks like the old man's face.
    Fortunately, the cracks are still flat and new.
    There are no bumps and falls, and there is no bump on them.
    This shows that the quality of roadbed construction and asphalt is superior despite years of highway construction.
    Second, there are no neatly arranged roadside trees on both sides of the highway.
    This is due to the fact that the United States is basically a natural vegetation besides the cities.
    There are a lot of jungles scattered on both sides of the highway.
    There are also a lot of old trees with thick hugs.
    Of course, there is no need to plant trees artificially.
    Thirdly, there are basically no iron barriers on the expressway, not to mention that there are no iron barriers on the shoulders of the hard roads on both sides, or even the middle barriers (of course, there is a wide grassland for isolation).
    I'm really worried that someone will turn around and drive into the opposite lane.
    Fourth, the ramp of expressway exit is far less common in China, and elevated and streamline arc-like smooth, often a car out of the expressway will encounter traffic lights, after waiting directly into the ordinary grade highway.
    Fifth, the highway toll is a rare toll, which in my opinion is only a symbolic charge of a few dollars or less than a dollar, and some of them are still unattended, you can throw money into the box! Later, I think American highway toll-free has its own economic principles besides its purpose of "public" surname: first, the construction cost is low, you see it does not need to plant roadside trees, install iron railings and build long transition ramps; second, because the construction quality is good, it does not need too many repairs, which can save repair costs; third, because the construction quality is good, it does not need too many repairs.
    There is no need to set up toll stations or toll collectors to save related costs.
    Let's talk about the traffic rules in the United States.
    Driving on the right in the United States is the same as that in China.
    Traffic regulations are not very different from those in China, so it's not uncomfortable to drive.
    There are several impressive points: First, when driving from fork roads or branches to main roads, there are red hexagonal "Stop" warning signs (which are also common in China).
    Traffic regulations in the United States stipulate that drivers must stop at this point (whether there is a car in front of them or not).
    After observation, they can choose to drive on the main road (sometimes stopping for a few minutes is a common thing).
    Vehicles on the main road only take care of themselves and have no obligation to give way to vehicles coming from the branches.
    This is not like when I was studying in China, the teacher taught us to "look left and right" when crossing the intersection, even when passing the green light, otherwise the road test will be deducted.
    Such a regulation ensures the smooth flow of the main road and reduces the probability of accidents.
    The second is "right of way" and comity.
    It is also common in the United States that there are no traffic lights at intersections because of its vast area, vertical and horizontal roads.
    The rule here is to observe slowly first and then to walk first according to the first arrival (right of way), and then the vehicles on the four directions of the road take turns passing one by one.
    There is absolutely no competition and crowding together.
    The general feeling that Americans drive gives me is courtesy and civilization, and here we are still "fighting for culture".
    I once took a walk out of the neighborhood to take a short walk on a level road.
    There were no slow lanes and no sidewalks.
    I walked cautiously along the edge of the road.
    I saw a lot of fast-paced cars approaching me slowing down and slightly bypassing a few meters.
    Some car owners would roll down their windows and ask if you need a ride.
    After shopping in the supermarket, if your car wants to reverse out of the parking space, the passing vehicles will stop at a distance waiting for you.
    Ask my daughter to know: Americans think that cars are a kind of device with great inertia and it is difficult to stop at once, so we must keep "distance" for safety.
    So you can see that when Americans are driving at the stop and waiting for the traffic lights, the distance between cars is mostly 4 or 5 meters.
    I think this is probably the car civilization that people have accumulated over hundreds of years.
    In the United States, apart from big cities, there are few "parking difficulties".
    Apart from two or three car parking garages, parking areas in supermarkets, hospitals and other places are mostly larger than the area of buildings.
    My daughter works for more than 7,000 people at the company's headquarters, and the huge indoor and outdoor parking lot can park nearly 8,000 cars.
    What impressed me was that there were special parking spaces for the disabled in any parking lot, wheelchair patterns were printed on the ground of the most superior parking space, and my daughter repeatedly cared that I could not park on the wheelchair, otherwise I would be severely punished.
    In recent years, the number of family cars has been increasing rapidly in China, and the material conditions for the "automobile society" and people's car civilization literacy really need time to accumulate and develop slowly.
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