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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Which country is better for European immigrants to provide for the aged?
With the change of old-age consciousness, deciduous leaves are no longer the only end-result for the elderly.
On the contrary, due to the development of vision and the experience of traveling abroad, more and more elderly people are choosing to enter the major overseas pension paradise.
European countries with good natural environment, high welfare and easy immigration have become the first choice for old-age migrants.
So what are the strengths and weaknesses of many European countries?
Greece Longevity village The average life expectancy of Greece is 80.
3 years, which surpasses the average age of 79.5 years in the member countries of the Organization for World Economic Cooperation and Development.
In Greece, the legal retirement age is 65 years for men and 60 years for women, while the actual average retirement age is 61 years for men, 61.6 years for men and 60.
5 years for women.
Well paid Greece is one of the earliest countries to implement social welfare system in the worlD.It is also a generous pension-granting country in the European Union.
Its total pension payment accounts for the largest proportion of GDP in the European countries.
The average Greek pension is even higher than their retirement wages.
Low prices Greece is a big agricultural country.
Agriculture and the tertiary industry, mainly tourism services, are the main economic pillars of Greece.
Compared with other European countries, Greece's price level is very low, about 1 liter of milk, the price is only about 1 Euro.
Wine and dairy products are also cheap, and good quality wines can be purchased on a budget of 4-5 Euros.
Although the price of Greece is low, it will not lead to a variety of goods because of the low price, in addition to local specialties (olive oil, wine, etc.
), many imported things can also be bought.
Ireland Good social environment Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland and Germany are leading 189 countries and regions in the world, ranking first in the human development index, according to the latest human development index data released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Changes in the human development index are driven by changes in health, education and income.
From 2012 to 2017, Ireland's human development index ranked the highest, rising 13 places, reflecting the longer life expectancy, higher education and higher income of local residents.
High livability index Ireland is known as the Emerald Green IslanD.It has a comfortable and pleasant climate all year rounD.The average temperature in summer is not more than 25 degrees C, and in winter is not less than 0 degrees C.The national green coverage rate is over 80%, and it is rich in pure natural fooD.Food safety is guaranteed.
Ireland ranks seventh in the world in the Global Retirement Index 2018 released by Farsheng Global Asset Management Corporation.
Well paid After retirement in Ireland, the elderly are eligible for a variety of pensions.
At present, there are three different types of pension system in Ireland:
transitional, contributory and non-contributory.
The first two belong to the state pension, which needs to be paid according to the amount of pension, while the latter is to apply for a limited subsidy of the state pension, which is actually a kind of social assistance.
A variety of pension schemes ensure that Ireland's elderly can "depend on their old age".
Malta High cost performance ratio for immigrants In recent years, more and more elderly people have joined the immigration team.
The simple immigration conditions and complete pension welfare construction in European countries are the first choice for immigrants.
Malta, especially in European immigrant countries, is known for its low threshold and high cost performance.
Immigration to Malta requires only 55,000 for financing, and Maltese immigration status can be obtained to settle in Malta and enjoy a leisurely European life.
Good health care As an island country with a population of less than 400,000, Malta's medical system is leading the worlD.Its public health care is mainly supported by the state tax and social security system, covering various medical links such as hospitalization, prescription, pregnancy and childbirth, surgery and rehabilitation.
Maltese citizens can enjoy free and high-quality public health care.
All medical fees and emergency medication are free.
General medication can be purchased at the pharmacy by prescription itself.
Hospitalization does not need to pay for it at all.
At the same time, the hospital will provide special care services.
Life integration Malta is a typical Mediterranean diet.
Its diet structure is similar to that of Italy.
Seafood dishes are a typical example of Malta's Mediterranean diet.
Because of its geographical location near Sicily, Italy, you can eat authentic pizza and pasta here.
In terms of diet, you don't have to worry about your inadaptability at all.
Food, beverage and daily necessities available in the country are also available in Malta's supermarkets.
Old people living, old people depending on, super-high welfare, medical security, livable environment, these are the life that the elderly retire and retire to look forward to.
The European countries, known for their high welfare, are perfectly suited to the needs of these elderly people.
That's why more and more elderly people are joining the immigration team, and even many of them are still at the peak of their lives, planning ahead to lock in European immigrants.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Coronado Island
    Colorado is not far from downtown San Diego.
    It's just a bridge near Harbour Village.
    Photographs taken at Colorado Bridge.
    The Rainbow Colorado Bridge will be closely linked to the city of San Diego.
    The Coronado Bay Bridge was built in February 1967, completed on August 3, 1969 and opened to traffic during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of its founding in San Diego.
    The Coronado Bay Bridge is 3.4 kilometers long, winding and elegant.
    It is supported by 30 pillars and winding 200 feet above the waterway.
    It is high enough for the U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier to pass underneath.
    Coronado means Spanish crown.
    Strictly speaking, Victorian Colorado is a peninsula, not an island.
    However, with its outstanding beaches and world-renowned resorts, locals seem to prefer to compare it to a Pacific resort called Colorado Island.
    Colorado's small towns are quiet, tranquil and peaceful, such as Paradise, which attracts many tourists from home and abroad every day.
    There are various art shops, cafes and fast food restaurants on the street.
    The picture shows the street fast food restaurant.
    The buildings on Colorado Island are small and exquisite.
    Most of them are brick and wood structures.
    There are no tall reinforced concrete buildings in sight.
    Colorado Island has a very advantageous geographical location.
    It is adjacent to the vast Pacific Ocean to the West and across the bay to the city to the eaSt. It is the best place for people to look at the Pacific Ocean to the West and the night view to the city to the eaSt. It is also a very famous summer resort.
    Every day it attracts many tourists from home and abroad.
    Colorful small buildings hidden in the dense shade flowers, the streets in the sunshine are quiet and pleasant.
    The picture shows the residential buildings on Colorado Island.
    Colorado, a half-moon-shaped Peninsula just over four miles north-south and less than two miles east-west, has two distinct landscapes.
    The southern part of the island is a residential area like a paradise; the northern part is a military stronghold of the Third Fleet of the United States, which has a deep harbor and is hunted by warships.
    Colorado Island has a very advantageous geographical location.
    It is adjacent to the vast Pacific Ocean to the West and across the bay to the city to the eaSt. It is the best place for people to look at the Pacific Ocean to the West and the night view to the city to the eaSt. It is also a very famous summer resort.
    The former white sand beach is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the United States.
    The mysterious footprints were left by seagulls.
    Who made this sand sculpture? How long did it last? In fact, the sand sculpture can not be preserved for long.
    When the sea breeze blows, it may be destroyed.
    I'm glad to see such a perfect sand sculpture.
    Snow-white beach, blue water, how can we not throw into the embrace of the sea? Even these two little guys are going to embrace the sea.
    This is a group of children making sand sculptures.
    Are these two little guys building sand sculptures, too? There are many children sculpturing on the beach.
    Children of Sand Carving Seagulls who are not afraid of human beings and dance with human beings are spirits.
    On this island, breathing fresh air and enjoying the clean and bright sunshine, you will feel that time is no longer moving, and the world will be left with blue sky, blue sea, white clouds and white sand.
    When the sun goes down to the west, it is the most beautiful time.
    Seagulls in the sunset The two little girls buried themselves in the sand.
    The little girl seems to be a gymnaSt. On the other side of the ocean, I swam in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
    People walking on the beach at sunset Visitors to Colorado Island usually go to the Colorado Hotel.
    It is one of the oldest hotels in California.
    It is said to be the first five-star hotel in the United States, built in 1887. In 1977, the hotel was designated as the national historical landmark of the United States.
    The fountain in front of the hotel A side door of the hotel Take a picture in front of the main entrance The hotel room looks like the cabin of a luxury cruise ship.
    The courtyard in the lobby is like a garden The swimming pool at the Grand Hotel in Lorado, taken in photos, is a postcard.
    This is the hotel's outdoor restaurant facing the sea.
    The Colorado Hotel is a lover's favorite Colorado ranks second in the world's top ten places for romantic marriage (after Greece's St. Torrini).
    Many young Americans also use it as a place for romantic travel and marriage.
    The young couple are taking engagement photographs.
    Brief introduction of bronze medal There are many tropical plants in front of the door.
    The restaurant in the Grand Hotel of Laurado is often hard to find.
    Front door This is the hotel's outdoor restaurant facing the sea.
    The Colorado Hotel is a favorite of politicians and social celebrities.
    Twelve U.S. presidents have been here.
    The picture shows the President of the United States staying.
    President Roosevelt visited hotels several times during his tenure, and President Nixon and Reagan hosted foreign heads of state at state banquets and summits.
    The picture shows the President of the United States staying.
    The picture shows the President of the United States staying.
    Marilyn Monroe once lodged here and made a comedy movie called Some Like It Hot with Jack Limon.
    There is also a legend that this famous movie star's final mysterious destination is here, so one of the 229 rooms in the hotel is called "ghost house".
    This is a picture of Marilyn Monroe.
    The most popular legend is that King Edward VIII visited the hotel at the beginning of the last century and met Mrs.
    Simpson of the United States.
    She fell in love and could not extricate herself.
    Finally, she chose to give up her throne for 325 days and was willing to be a duke and marry a beautiful woman.
    This touching love story of "not loving rivers and mountains and loving beauties" was also made into a film.
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