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Best City for Studying in the United States Top1:
Boston If you want to compete with the global brain elite, Boston is absolutely the best choice.
Cambridge, located around Boston, is home to two of the most famous universities in the United States, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
In addition, Boston has Tufts University, Boston College, Boston University, Brandis University and Northeast University and other Top50 schools in the United States.
In terms of educational resources, Boston is absolutely the winner of life in North American cities.
Of course, the broad employment prospects are also one of the favourable factors for Boston to be on the liSt.At the same time, Boston is very active in the field of culture and art, very developed in the entertainment industry, not only specializing in academic "nerds" oh~ Top2:
New York When it comes to American cities, how can we miss the sleepless city of New York, which stands in the center of the world?
Wall Street, Broadway, Fashion Week, after years of change, New York's attraction can be said to be increasing.
In terms of educational resources, New York has two world-renowned top schools, Columbia University and New York University, as well as top 100 universities in the United States, such as Fordham University and Yeshwar University.
New York ranks first in the United States in terms of attractiveness to students, and high quality of life becomes a priority for students.
San Francisco For San Francisco's list, the existence of Silicon Valley is absolutely essential.
As one of the top ten financial centers in the world, the San Francisco Bay region has nurtured hundreds of innovative companies, especially in the field of technological innovation.
In addition, San Francisco is also an important scientific and educational cultural center in the world, with world-renowned private universities Stanford University and public universities University of California, Berkeley.
Based on the strong background of technological innovation and rich educational resources, San Francisco has become the most favored city for employers on the list, and its employment prospects are predictable.
In terms of cost of living, San Francisco is relatively lower than other cities such as New York, and the cost-effective ratio of studying is higher.
Chicago Chicago is called "Windy City" and your hair will keep flying.
Don't miss it for self-timers.
This fast-growing city is one of the world's financial centers and the second largest commercial center in the United States.
Apart from the rapid economic development, Chicago is also unique in the field of musiC.Bruce and jazz are quite popular.
Of course, the best places to study in the list are the resources of famous universities, among which the University of Chicago and Northwest University are the typical representatives.
In terms of employment prospects, Chicago can not be underestimateD.The employment rate of students is very high.
Los Angeles The year-round sunshine has made Los Angeles one of the most livable cities in the worlD.The sun, the waves, the beach and the bikini beauties that fill the eyes are so exciting to think about.
The development of Los Angeles is mostly based on creative industries - music, television and movies.
The world-famous Hollywood is the most famous product of Los Angeles.
In addition to the pleasant natural environment and the developed entertainment industry, UCLA is the place that many students are most interested in.
Learning and livable, Los Angeles is really a good place for students.
Washington, D.
How can the capital not be listed?
Studying in Washington, D.
C.means going to the White House and the President for a chance encounter, going to Capitol Hill, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument to explore the footprints of American development.
As the political center of the United States, Washington, D.
C.naturally has its special attractions.
George Washington University and the University of Maryland, Parker, are popular with students in terms of resources of famous universities.
Philadelphia Speaking of Philadelphia, the first one to enter people's minds should be the old Ivy League University of PennsylvaniA.In fact, Russell University and Temple University in Philadelphia are all famous universities ranked around Top100 in the United States.
In addition to the advantages of famous schools, Philadelphia is also a historic city.
The famous Declaration of Independence in American history took place in Philadelphia, and it once played the role of the capital.
In addition, Philadelphia is a tourist city, with a well-developed food culture and a convergence of world delicacies.
It is absolutely a paradise for food.
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, like Philadelphia, is also located in Pennsylvania, the second largest city after PhiladelphiA.Pittsburgh was originally a famous steel city.
In recent years, the transformation has been successfully realizeD.The focus of economic development has been placed on medical, financial and high-tech fields.
In terms of resources of famous universities, Pittsburgh has Carnegie Mellon University, the highest university that computer majors dream of.
Besides, the University of Pittsburgh ranks among the top universities in the United States.
Atlanta As the capital and largest city of Georgia, Atlanta is one of the ten largest metropolitan areas in the United States.
At the same time, it is one of the three highland cities in the United States, rich in forest resources, known as the "forest city".
As the center of the American Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta's positive attitude towards the struggle for civil rights also earned it the title of "the city too busy to hate".
The famous universities in Atlanta are also world-famous.
Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology are ideal choices for countless students.
Baltimore Johns Hopkins University is absolutely at the top of the world in terms of resources of famous universities, and medical schools rank at the top of the world.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Beautiful 17-mile bend
    When I wake up naturally in the morning, it's only seven o'clock when I look at my watch.
    When I get to the United States, I get a good sleep.
    It may be the reason why I drive every day, the air is better, or the mood is relaxed.
    The wind smells of the sea, the radio plays country music, and the scenery outside the window complements each other.
    After a dozen miles from the hotel, California Highway 1 (CA-1), the most famous highway in the United States, is built along the Pacific Ocean coast of the West Coast of the United States, with beautiful peaks and loops, especially 17. Seventeen Miles is the best scenic spot! This scenic spot is purchased and developed by private people.
    It's 17 miles long, so it's called.
    Most highways in the United States do not charge tolls on national, interstate or ordinary highways, so although the price of oil in the United States is slightly higher than that in China, it is cheaper to run long distances without tolls.
    17 miles is a private territory, so you have to pay $9.25 to get in.
    It's the ticket to the scenic spot.
    From entering Highway 1, there are beautiful sceneries along the way.
    Here we have to say that Americans are humanized.
    On Highway 1, as long as you can see the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean, Americans have set up view points, so that people can stop and rest at any time and anywhere and enjoy the scenery of the Pacific Ocean.
    Our whole family is basically crazy, and every now and then we marvel.
    It's so beautiful.
    I think of my neighbor and brother, super photographer colababy.
    If this guy comes here, he's staying here for almost a day.
    It's estimated that the camera will explode.
    Haha, actually I planned to take some good pictures.
    But the scenery here is really hard to get started, can only press the shutter desperately, there is no time for you to think, think about it or first full of eyesight, always have to calm down to feel, the beach came to an elderly couple, holding three big dogs, like the kind of hound in Holmes, so immediately go up and talk about it.
    Come on, I don't think the couple really came from Britain.
    The three dogs came by plane together.
    They said they were family members on holiday.
    Yeah, dogs are also important family members.
    Of course, these dogs are well trained and very close to people.
    Of course, they are very noticeable on such beaches.
    Many tourists come to say hello.
    Dogs are very important in the United States.
    Dog walkers are often seen.
    There are laws that require people who don't walk dogs to be sued in court.
    Therefore, there is a special profession in the United States.
    Dog walkers are not cheap.
    I volunteered to take a picture of the British couple's family at the seaside and believe it will soon be on their fireplace.
    All the way up and down, driving along the coastal highway, the other side of the sea is lush trees, not far from the hillside is a golf course, of course, the basic private territory, the looming of a villa, where a house basically does not need to go on vacation, of course, the beautiful scenery is also disgusting.
    Sometimes, maybe only a passer-by like me can really feel the existence of beauty.
    So from time to time, it was almost impossible to move.
    Soon it was noon.
    Just as we were approaching Big Sur, the police set up a roadblock in front of us.
    They said that because there were rocks sliding down ahead, the road was being repaired, and because there was only one lane in both directions, they would leave unilaterally from time to time, and all the cars would wait quietly.
    Waiting for the other side's car to pass slowly, I noticed that each driver opened the window to greet the construction workers and said to them, "THANK YOU!" The workers answered, "HAVE A GOODDAY!" It was a very simple way, but always felt warm.
    I recorded it on DV, and it happened on this mountain road.
    I was touched by the fact that there were two RVs in front of me.
    I followed them all the way, and the speed was not too slow.
    Besides, I could enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way.
    But the two cars soon found a parking place to pull over.
    When I got back on the road, you had to admire their courtesy, all for others.
    Think about it, and finally realize that the traffic rules in the United States are very simple, that is, to think about others first, everyone carefully implements the rules of the game, from this moment on, I can finally drive in the United States freely.
    At a seaside parking near Hertz Castle, we were lucky to see a large group of wild walruses, a large family.
    Some of the little ones were already climbing to the side of the road.
    Most of the beaches were sleeping soundly.
    They were spectacular.
    They could even hear snoring one after another.
    A few were near the sea.
    Playing, of course, is likely to be flirting, hilarious, and from time to time a few go into the sea to swim a few times and then go ashore and sun, people around them with a rope around a line of isolation, I have never seen walrus so close, of course, no one will disturb them, people and animals are so natural and harmonious in the.
    Sharing the sunshine of California together.
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