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How do American high school students choose universities?
Thoughts vary greatly from age to age.
More than one million students in the United States use the Cappex.com website to select universities, which collects data on high school students in the United States and finds changes in school choices for students in grades 9-12. Grade one freshmen like to choose famous schools, but in grade three, the selection becomes more practical, taking into account factors such as admission rate, geographical location and so on.
TOP20 for Grade 9 students in the United States:
Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Yale, NYU, UCB, Duke, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Cornell, University of Florida, South Carolina, Florida State University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Brown University, Pennsylvania, Chapel Hill, University of Texas, Austin, Ohio State University University TOP20 for Grade 12 in the United States:
UCLA, UCB, Stanford, NYU, Harvard, South Carolina, University of Texas, Austin, Columbia, Cornell, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of Florida, Duke, Pennsylvania, North Carolina Chapel Hill, Boston University, Yale University, University of California, San Diego, University of California, Davis, University of California, Irvine, Texas Agricultural and Technical University Analysis of school selection changes in grades 9-12:
1. Senior students will think more about the admission rate, and the ranking of prestigious schools will decline.
2. Senior students tend to choose state universities.
The proportion of prefectural universities in Grade 9 was 34%, and it rose to 47% in grade 12. 3. Senior students tend to choose public universities.
Five of the top 20 universities are UC systems.
Harvard has slipped from the second to the fifth, Yale from the fourth to the sixth, and Princeton has never made the top 20.
4. USNews ranking has a greater impact on 9th-grade students than 11th-12th-grade students.
(Senior 3 students in the United States are more rational than those in the Communist Party of China in choosing schools abroad.
) Of course, the choice of schools can not be the same as others, but also to measure their own factors to choose their own schools and majors, so what do you need to do before choosing a school?
1. trade-off Language and standardized test scores GPA:
Low GPA has a significant impact on Applications Extracurricular Activities:
Students who can only read are not welcome.
Other advantages:
specialties; unique backgrounds, etc.
Economic Conditions:
Can you afford expensive tuition and living expenses?
2. Understand your inner needs List two columns on paper.
The left is your strong point.
For example, showing your positive traits, personality, abilities, good habits, desires, talents and so on will help you in your future work.
In the other column, write down your possible weaknesses - these may be the things that bother you.
Maybe you don't like cold weather, small towns, etc.
3. Understanding the subjective and objective factors of school selection Subjective factors:
Understanding the university is not limited to getting information from the official website, but also through books, school visits, summer programs, student enrollment exchanges, exchanges between elders and sisters, live videos, and even e-mail contact with the school.
Objective factors:
school ranking, future orientation, scholarship needs, geographical environment, application structure (stage), alumni orientation, public security, proportion of international students, climate conditions, school size, academic characteristics, tuition and living expenses Of course, every student may have his own dream school.
It doesn't matter if the strength is different.
Put it on the list of sprint schools and strive to do better.
Finally, Xiao Ming wishes everyone the best school for themselves!
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    ABOUT rhode-island local customs, tourist attractions
    銆銆 Rhode Island introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 3144 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked fiftieth.
    Population: 935000 In fifty states, ranked thirty-ninth.
    State: Providence, Providence
    The main city: chryston Kranston
    State bird: Rhodes bird about pheasant 銆銆
    Rhode Island is referred to as.
    Its formal name, called Rhode Island and Providence Plantations StateofRhodeIsiandandProvidencePlantations.
    銆銆 1636 years, the British began to the colonies.
    In 1790 May 29th to become the thirteenth old thirteen states of the United States state.
    The state's nickname is LittleRhody.
    The state motto is "Hope" Hope.
    Violet is the state flower with violet.
    銆銆 The NYSE: Newport Bay is a naval base, a population of about thirty thousand.
    A Naval War college near NavalWarcollege.
    Providence, Providence in the head of the Bay, is the state capital, and the state's largest city, the new England II metropolis, second only to Boston.
    city University of Rhode Island UniversityofRhodeIsland University and Blanc BrownUniversity.
    The former was founded in 1854, which was founded in 17 to 0 years earlier.
    銆銆 The state has four features: first, the state is the longest, the smalleSt. Ranked fiftieth in the fifty states.
    Second, the population density of more than 300 people per square kilometer.
    In the United States, second only to New Jersey.
    Before 1965, it ranks first, now ranked second.
    Third, capital of Providence, Providence is the most famous American jewelry jewelry industry and industrial city.
    A population of about two, 000. Fourth, the state is small, fishery is flourishing.
    Often there are sharks near.
    銆銆 The north and East were two and Massachusetts for the collar, West connecticut, south across the Strait of Long Island and the island of Braque BlockIslandSound.
    The terrain is low hilly area.
    The South Bank of the north into the Gulf, forty-five kilometers.
    This is called Nainagan Bay Bay, Seth NarragansettBay.
    銆銆 The main products for milk, potato, apple.
    The main industry is the textile industry and machinery industry.
    The tourism industry is well developed.
    The neighboring states rich, often come here on vacation.
    Rhodes Island, is the area of a minimal state.
    The the Atlantic has a long coastline, a total of more than 400 miles.
    The new city, Rhodes Island, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, is the United States in nineteenth century and a favorite summer resort.
    There are many luxury villas, Rhodes island and Aegean Sea island of Rhodes similar to the name.
    Although it is the smallest state, is known as the world capital of yacht.
    The state has 33 state parks and 63 State Beach stand.
    The island has many little.
    known luxury villas, on behalf of the original villa is one of the waves.
    Waterside villa behind is connected with the sea, the waves of more than 10 meters high cliff, hence the name villa.
    It was built in 1895 years.
    Master Vanderbilt family run ships and railways, 49 railway operating in New York central system, there are 156 rooms in the Fifth Avenue of New York real estate.
    He enjoyed the 70 room villa waterside for only one year, he died of a stroke.
    It is said that Rhodes island is us politicians and business executives of leisure, every year attracts a lot of tourists.

    What are the high-tech industries in Rhode Island?
    The high-tech industries in Rhode Island mainly include national defense and national security, communication and information technology, marine, industrial product manufacturing, health and life sciences.
    The national defense industry is an important industry in Rhode Island. 16,000 people and 20% of scientists and engineers in Rhode Island are employed in the national defense industry. 50% of the specialties and technologies serve the national defense related industries. 銆
    Rhode Island is also known as Ocean State. Brown University and Rhode Island University are committed to the research and development of oceans and the environment. The Slater Center provides seed funding to promote the commercialization of marine and environmental technologies. The health and life sciences industries are the most promising industries in Rhode Island.
    Amgen plans to invest $1.5 billion to hire 1,000 employees to build the world's largest cell-nurturing facility to produce the company's therapeutic arthritis drugs. Famous Enterprises in Rhode Island State
    Rhode Island has two companies listed in the 2011 Fortune 500.
    CVS Caremark ranks 18th in the Fortune 500 in 2011. It is the largest drug retailer in the United States.
    It operates more than 5,400 retail pharmacies and specialty stores in 36 states and the District of Columbia, with sales of $107.7 billion in 2011 and headquartered in Woonsocket.
    2. TXTRON ranks 236th in the Fortune 500 in 2011. It is an aviation and defense equipment company with sales of $11.3 billion in 2011 and headquartered in Providence. The Unique State of Rhode Island
    Rhode Island, the full name of Rhode Island and Providence Manor State, is the longest state in the United States. Geographically,
    it is the smallest state in the United States. In addition, the state is part of New England in the northeast of the United States, and is also one of the 13 states in the early American Revolution of Independence.
    Rhode Island has five counties - Providence, Kent, Washington, Bristol and Newport. Including the main land of Providence manor, namely all towns in Providence County, Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island, which is geographically known as Aquidneck Island, there are currently three big cities, Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth. Most of them are harbours.

    Universities and Secondary Schools in Rhode Island
    State university
    University of Rhode Island - URI
    Rhode Island College - RIC
    Community College of Rhode Island - CCRI
    Private Universities
    Brown University: Rhode Island's best-known private university and Ivy League
    Rhode Island School of Design - RISD
    Johnson and Wales University
    Providence College - PC
    Hall Institute of Technology
    Salve Regina University
    Bryant University
    Roger Williams University
    New England Institute of Technology.
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