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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the difference between Grenada passport + E2 visa springboard and EB-5 investment immigrants in the United States?
What's the difference between a Grenada passport + E2 visa and an American investment immigration program?
E2 visa is a good policy for citizens of bilateral investment treaty countries.
It is currently a very advantageous visa for the United States, but the prerequisite is to apply for the nationality of the United States treaty countries firSt.Therefore, obtaining a Grenada passport as a springboard to apply for an E2 visa to settle in the United States has become one of the effective ways for the whole family to live in the United States.
Comparison of E-2 Project and EB-5 Project * E-2 is a visa; EB-5 is ultimately a green card; * E-2 is available quickly; EB-5 takes many years; EB-5 has clear investment amount and employment requirements (10); E-2 does not; * E-2 submitted at the U.S. Embassy and Consulate; EB-5 submitted at the Immigration Department; All countries can apply for EB-5; E-2 is open only to citizens of countries with investment treaties with the United States.
Advantages of E2 Visa Five-year visas can be renewed indefinitely.
It can be obtained in about three months.
The applicant's spouse and children younger than 21 can accompany; Children can attend public or private schools; Some states have university state endogenous tuition waivers; The length of life in the United States is unlimited; - Spouses can work at will; Can manage the enterprise on its own initiative, but not necessarily; - No need to apply to the Immigration Department; No schedule.
Why did you choose to obtain an E2 visa through a Grenada passport?
Grenada's investment treaty with the United States provides for the longest visa period (five years) Other countries meet the requirements of applying for E2 visa, but the visa period is relatively small, which will cause unnecessary trouble to investors, such as Moldova and the United States have investment treaties, but only three months.
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    ABOUT nebraska local customs, tourist attractions
    Omaha is the largest city in nebraska.
    Located in the eastern part of the state of Missouri River, Iowa and council Bluffs across the river.
    Urban area of 236 square kilometers, population 336 thousand (1990 large urban areas by Douglas and other 3 counties, covering an area of 4035 square kilometers;
    in 1825 as a trading station, a city in 1857. The Platt River to the east near the Missouri River as the pioneer of injection, and the merchant West Portal and material supply station;
    1865, along with the Union Pacific Railway accessibility, river transportation center and expand, become the agricultural products distribution center.
    The first half of the 20 century, the industry began to develop, become a major economic center in the state.
    The economic activities and agricultural related, large livestock fence and grain warehouse, as one of the main livestock market;
    food industry developed, known especially for meat processing and packaging.
    There are oil, agricultural machinery, smelting and other departments;
    many insurance companies, is the intersection of several railway, road and air lines, an important port.
    The river is the main industrial zone, west of the central business district, the main residential area in the commercial and industrial districts outside.
    A bridge across the river, on both sides of contact.
    city University of Omaha.
    Jocelyn art Museum collections of famous paintings, sculpture, jewelry and pottery;
    the United States Strategic Air Force headquarters is located in the southern suburbs of the air base.
    The prince of peace catholic church is located in Nebraska, built in August 2011, covers an area of 24000 square feet.
    The effect of the Pc component imitation stone church walls especially the natural grace.
    The project is also 2012 American concrete Institute Nebraska medal.
    chimney Rock State Historic Site is located in Western Nebraska Morrill county, covers an area of 83 acres, 1288 meters above sea level, in the 19 century as the Oregon Trail, california trail and the Mormon trail landmarks on interstate 26 can see.
    chimney Rock national historic site first mentioned in 1827, when the chimney Rock is higher than it is now, after years of weathering and erosion, the top of the rock height decreased, in addition, lightning is also responsible for the decrease
    It is called a chimney Rock, because of its shape is like a roof top of tall chimneys, but is experiencing a slow process of collapse, the top is a hard sandstone.
    chimney Rock National Historic Site
    Necessary to Reason: the United States the most magical chimney Rock
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Nebraska: [Nebraska State]
    Buffett annual meeting of shareholders held nearly 3 million people flocked to Omaha
    According to the chicago Tribune reported, "the annual shareholders' meeting Warren" Buffett's Berkshire - Hathaway will begin at local time in the United States in May 3rd.
    With the general meeting of shareholders will be held once a year in the Missouri River in Omaha, about 30 thousand people poured into this beautiful town.
    Once a year the Berkshire shareholders' meeting is held the first weekend in May.
    Every year to attend the general meeting of shareholders of the number are growing, especially in this year.
    According to the related news, Sunday (5 3) the number of the influx of the Omaha convention center to approximate 3 million.
    Aggregation, a hasty and boring meeting held relatively simple and the general company, Berkshire shareholders' meeting will last 3 days, including the evening reception, Sunday last 6 hours of meetings, and organized a series of activities on berkshire.
    In the past 40 years, "Warren" Buffett himself became one of the richest people in the world, he more than $40 billion in net assets currently.
    However, in his 77 years old when he has the system will most of his assets into Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation (Bill & Melinda;
    Gates Foundation).
    In a way, Buffett makes many investors become a millionaire.
    Therefore, Berkshire's annual shareholder meeting to some extent has become the common wealth of the celebration of the general assembly.
    Buffett long ago said: how to be a good investor?
    Read everything you can get something, so you can have a full range of thinking, different views on investment.
    It is important to what is beyond time and meaningful and valuable things.
    When you are considering to buy a stock, you have to wonder whether you will buy it across the enterprise, why would you buy it the entire enterprise, not just a part of its stock.
    The risk and the opportunity to understand the problem of equity investment will help you better.
    Despite holding billions of dollars in assets, Buffett is not just to buy some shares of listed companies, such as coca cola co and American Express (American Express), he is often to buy the entire company, especially those products easier for consumers to understand the company, these companies are producing candy, vacuum cleaner or brick company.
    For this year's annual meeting of shareholders, believe that investors around the world are quite looking forward to.
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