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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Why is Irish education popular?
These four characteristics tell you why!
In recent years, Irish education has attracted more and more international students from all over the worlD.Why is Irish education so popular?
Let's start with the education system.
Preschool In Ireland, parents can choose their preferred preschool classes, including privately run nurseries, kindergartens and some enlightenment classes.
Children are between the ages of three or four, and in preschool classes of one or two years.
Primary School Education The types of primary schools in Ireland include state schools, special education primary schools and private schools.
State schools are also divided into religious primary schools, non-church schools, multi-church schools, Gaelscoil (all courses are taught in Irish) and vocational schools.
These schools are also divided into boys'schools, girls' schools and co-education of boys and girls.
Secondary School Education Irish students usually start secondary school at the age of 12. Secondary education includes a three-year junior high school and a two-year or three-year senior high school.
There is a transition year course in senior high school, followed by three two-year Diploma courses.
The junior high school diploma examination is conducted at the end of junior high school.
The choice of transition year between junior high school and senior high school does not focus on examinations, but on making students feel more about life, improving their interpersonal skills, expanding their knowledge and broadening their horizons.
Transitional year is not a necessary part of high school, students can choose freely.
University Education Ireland's university education system consists of seven universities (St.31st University, Dublin University, Dublin City University, Limerick University, Ireland's Gorway National University, Ireland's Cork University, Ireland's Menus National University), 14 technical institutes, and five education and training institutes.
Among them, Trinity College, as well as Oxford and Cambridge, is a well-known Irish institution of higher learning.
It was founded in 1592 and is one of the seven oldest universities in Britain and IrelanD.Its graduates'academic qualifications can be recognized globally.
Quinn Business School, University of Dublin, Ireland (undergraduate) is a business school with both the American Business School Association and the European Quality Improvement System Certification.
Only 20 business schools around the world have won two awards at the same time.
The government attaches great importance to education The Irish government's education plan in 2018 aims to "have the best education and training system in Europe in the next ten years", which shows the importance attached to education.
At the same time, the policy of English education implemented by the Irish government throughout the country shows that Ireland is fully aware of the significance of the education system in the skilled labor market.
It is because of Ireland's English education system that students can master this international language more proficiently, and Ireland can gain more competitiveness in the international market of English globalization.
Superiority of Educational Welfare Ireland's educational welfare ranks first among many European countries, and its implementation comes from the guarantee of Ireland's educational resources.
Irish citizens have free access to primary and secondary education in IrelanD.All Irish children are required to receive compulsory education from the age of 5 to 16, but at least 40% of students choose to Start preschool at the age of 4. From 2010 to 2015, the number of people receiving higher education in Ireland doubled, and now 60% of Irish people have received higher education.
It is not difficult to predict that in a few years, Ireland will usher in an era when all the people are college graduates.
For stamp4 visa holders, they can enjoy free educational benefits in primary and secondary schools as well as Irish local students.
After three years of residence, they can pay tuition fees according to the standards of EU students.
After graduation, many international students can apply for a two-year work visa free of charge.
Low tuition fees and low burdens In terms of cost, the annual tuition fee of the National University of Ireland is 9000-13,000, that of the Polytechnic University is 8000-9,000 and that of the Private University is 6000-8,000.
The cost of education and living in Ireland is only 60% of the cost of studying in Britain and 70% of the cost of studying in the United States.
How can smart parents let go of this adverse cost-effectiveness?
A sound education system The Irish education system consists of three parts:
primary education, secondary education and higher education.
In recent years, further education has been accepted by more and more people.
Ireland's compulsory free education period is from primary school to university.
However, public universities in EU countries can only be exempted from tuition fees.
Besides tuition fees, they have to pay sponsorship fees, examination fees, and even apportionment fees.
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