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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Canada, as the world's oldest emigrant country, is the first choice for global emigrants!
But what should new immigrants pay attention to when they first come to a country?
Today I'll show you something about Maple Leaf Card that you don't know!
When new Canadian immigrants first land in Canada, they need to check in at the airport and apply for a Maple Leaf CarD.After you get off the plane, you can pay attention to the signs of the airport, choose the "New Comers" new immigration corridor, and finally come to the new immigration airport reception desk - CANN to handle the required matters.
You need to be prepared in advance:
passport, landing paper (two for each person, one with a photo, one without a photo), if you already have a Canadian address, you also need to be prepared in advance.
Arriving at CANN, there is a service desk, which takes the number first, and then queues up for the call (similar to the bank counter, after the call, the whole family goes to the counter to go through the formalities) depending on the number of people waiting for new immigrants.
If there are fewer people, the whole procedure can be completed in 10 minutes.
If there are more people, there may be a delay of 2 or 3 hours.
If you want to change planes to Quebec or other places, please reserve 3-4 hours of sufficient transit time.
Here, you need to fill in the mailing address of the Maple Leaf Card (which must be in Canada).
If you do not have a permanent residence for the time being, you may not fill in it firSt.Later, we will update the information on the Immigration Bureau website.
At the end of the counter processing, the whole family is required to sign one of the immigration papers at the designated office.
When the signature is completed, the immigration officer will take it away.
Please keep the remaining piece of immigration paper properly.
Do not damage or lose it.
First Maple Leaf Card Waiting Cycle Recently, the approval cycle of the first Maple Leaf Card is relatively long, and many customers only got it after 6 or 7 months.
During this waiting period, Maple Leaf Card progress can be queried on the Immigration Bureau website.
During the waiting period, if you are in China and eager to return to Canada, you need to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Travel Certificate.
Have you ever heard of visa return?
Maple Leaf Card is valid for 5 years.
You are eligible to apply for renewal nine months before its expiration.
It is worth noting that there has always been a misunderstanding that if the Maple Leaf Card expires, my Canadian identity will disappear.
In fact, the Maple Leaf Card is only a convenient document for you to enter and leave CanadA.If you have been in Canada, it doesn't matter if you have not been dealing with the Maple Leaf CarD.So what is triggered is:
1. Even if your card expires, you will still be eligible for renewal as long as you meet the requirements of immigration supervision for two years in five years.
It is not against the Immigration Act.
2. If your card expires and you don't live in immigration prison enough, and you don't want to continue to have identity in the future, you should also take the initiative to abandon the Maple Leaf Card, so that you can completely cancel Canada's permanent residence status, and then you can be eligible to smoothly handle the Canadian tourist signature and so on.
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    ABOUT georgia local customs, tourist attractions
    Remain in the memory of Atlanta
    Although Atlanta has left the United States for several years, but there is still often lingering in the minds of all.
    Saji Ayushu may not be a very famous, but the mention of Atlanta is almost known to every family held in American, because there will be owen.
    Although remain in the memory of the Atlanta Olympic Games is like a piece of advertising posters, gradually fade, a place full of rough traces.
    The vine red brick campus Remember to read a bid for the Olympic Games publicity out of the country, Atlanta is deeply in mind: the highway, through the buildings of the edifice, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the high-rise building with large glass to reflect sun, this scene is a bit like Shanghai now Pudong, clean and bright but with the modern sense.
    came to this beautiful city, beautiful trees and tall buildings around the city, I love most is that a red brick everywhere vine campus, love with broken pieces of the sun to walk in the quiet campus, the campus building with red brick wall love tone, began to feel a little bit behind the soil.
    Love gradually, especially the green vines around the wall, let a person feel very elegant, it exudes a touch of fragrance, a calm water, the sun is in the city and the students, the foot gently shake, the day is very long.
    The lack of the Olympic Village 1996, coincided with the centenary of the birth of modern Olympic Games, 7 19 April to June 4 8 in the United States held in Atlanta 26 Olympic Games the Olympic family reunion.
    In some china here students also got a piece of the Olympic Village pass, hung on the neck can freely access, sit the long small tram to walk in the village, watch free movies, it unfortunately did not free Olympic meal.
    But it is said that the Olympic food is poor, china team many players would rather eat instant noodles do not eat the food offered by the Olympic Village, which also affected the play, after all, not what instant noodles nutrition and energy.
    Fortunately, from our campus is not far from the Olympic century Park, during the Olympic Games there are many big singers to sing, are free of charge, including the time to settle in Atlanta china singer Wei Wei.
    In the United States, all cannot do without the business, in the United States for the Olympic Games has become a commercial activity, the whole of Atlanta basically no investment for a large number of Olympic Games, the International Olympic committee was dissatisfied with the 0 event and century Park, and NBc Bob costas in china anchor team when the rude comments, this the Olympic Games in the world especially in the minds of people can say is inadequate.
    Where the flying stone mountain Not to Atlanta, heard that the city has a reputation that is hot, it was called hotanla.
    To know that after, Atlanta is not very hot.
    There are many tall trees here, Lake Park can be summer fishing, so the climate is actually quite pleasant, there are many places for hiking.
    When it comes to the picnic place, the most attractive when the number of the famous stone mountain.
    People come here to stop at 100 meters high, wide and huge piece of whole stones do not know how to fly this?
    Fantastic people.
    It is said that the world's only piece of this stone, another piece in Australia, it also fills this stone has a huge relief, there are 3 characters embossed on the 3 people, carrying on a century old pistol, riding on a tall and strong, the front, you is the commander in chief of the American civil war Southern rebel general lee!
    This park is also rich in the South American style, like a brilliant Nongyan like Atlanta sunny colors.
    From the south of Atlanta to drive 6 hours to reach Florida Orlando to visit the famous Disneyland, to the north of 6 hours can reach the charming scenery of Washington d.c.
    Masterpiece "float" hometown It is worth mentioning that in Atlanta, these modern buildings have a great reputation, the headquarters of coca.cola, the world's largest media company owned by Turner Broadcasting Group, Turner was a legend in a very controversial, he is not only the media wizards, or philanthropists, have a one.
    time $1 billion donation money to the United nations.
    The same irony is only more than 200 years after the founding of the United States, is not what cultural traditions, but the modern culture now affects all aspects of the whole world, coca.cola and Warner is one of the typical examples.
    Of course, Atlanta is the hometown of the immortal masterpiece "gone with the wind".
    This is the romantic color, reflecting the civil war novels, let the world's countless readers deeply impressed by Hao Sijia and Bai Ruide's love and the ups and downs of the plot, also let people remember the famous American female writer Margaret Michel.
    The background of the novel and chengdu here, there is also the author Margaret Museum in stone park.
    Here is the hometown of Martin Ruud Kim, presumably a few people will hear him shouting that the classic I have a dream: parallel sentences and completely indifferent.
    Retain the traditional chinese The composition in the United States immigration countries, with different cultural people from various countries bring the different color.
    And every kind of culture, will retain their original.
    This fusion of multi nationality resplendent with variegated coloration, traditional culture, more rich, more content.
    Here in Atlanta is also a city of chinese is quite active, intensive chinese supermarkets, restaurants and numerous activities for overseas chinese life catering and entertainment are very convenient.
    In mid 90s, local TV stations began several hours a day chinese people show slightly reduced homesickness.
    What is more, it is said that once Yao Ming and Houston rockets in Atlanta and the Hawks game break, not the usual American cheerleaders, but chinese dance and lion dance, the warm sunshine luoguxuantian as Georgia, some infected with the scene with different color of the audience, according to witnesses in front of his black grandmother has been shouting: YAO-YAO.
    And the funny thing is, the player is in English, really lively strange, but this is also the Atlanta chinese numerous and active results and witness.
    A sunny colorful city, beautiful flowers Rosa has told its own story;
    a people wherever nostalgia never place, this is Atlanta.
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