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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What should we do when the school offers to study abroad and the visa is refused?
When the overseas students are happy to get the offer of their dream overseas colleges and universities, the most worrying thing is that the visa for studying abroad has been refuseD.So in case of visa rejection, how should foreign students start the "self-help model"?
Explicit possibility of re-visa If the visa officer does not take your passport after the face-to-face interview, it means that you refuse to sign.
It can be re-applied after refusing to sign.
Analysis of the Reasons for Refusal After being refused, first of all, don't be too nervous.
First, carefully recall what the visa officer asked you to do and the questions you answered during the face-to-face interview, and analyze them from the beginning.
The reasons for refusing to sign are generally:
the visa materials have problems.
Lack of materials, non-standard DS160 form filling, insufficient guarantee money, doubt of the authenticity of the materials will all be the reasons for refusing to sign; impure motivation for studying abroad, immigration tendency; insufficient face-to-face performance, such as bad attitude, unclear English expression, inadequate answers, excessive physical movements caused by too much tension; adequate preparation, but visa officers still refuse to sign.
Although this situation is rare, there will still be, purely looking at the visa officer's mood on that day.
Analyse the possible reasons for refusing to sign, find out the target of improvement and attack again.
Ready to sign again After analyzing the reasons, whether or not the visa is rejected due to the visa material problem, remember to check the visa material again before submitting the visa again to ensure that the material is sufficient and authentic.
The process of re-visa is the same as that of the first visA.Just go through it again.
If you make an appointment for a visa location, you can try to change embassies, because the visa officer who refused to sign before may refuse to sign for the same reason, but if you change embassies, you should first understand the relevant provisions of the embassy's re-application for visas, and confirm whether the embassy is allowed to change embassies.
Face signature preparation The questions answered in the face-to-face process must be authentic, confident, specific and reasonable.
Therefore, we must prepare in advance and simulate exercises before we sign up for the question of funds and purposes of studying abroaD.In addition, we should ensure that the English language is fluent and clear in answering questions, and that we can't answer unnecessary questions.
Write a letter of complaint If the reason for refusing to sign is unreasonable, there are obvious errors, and the personal situation is too complicated to lead to refusing to sign or refusing to sign more than two or more times, the visa officer may consider writing a complaint letter to the embassy, which is also a remedy for refusing to sign.
The appeal letter should be indirect, normative, logical and key points. complaint letters can be written with special guidance to ensure their effectiveness.
Prepare for investigation When applying for a visa, the visa officer will investigate your information, possibly by telephone or other means, so you should be prepared to keep the phone open, as do other relatives or colleagues.
In addition, you should ensure that the actual situation of the investigation is consistent with the information you submitteD.If the phone is not connected or the situation is not consistent, you will refuse to sign.
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    ABOUT oklahoma local customs, tourist attractions
    Oklahoma introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 181089 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked eighteen.
    Population: 2811000 In the 50 states, listed in article 27.
    State: Oklahoma city Oklahomacity
    The main city: sand Tulsa
    Laughton Lawton
    State flower: mistletoe
    State bird: Kunming bird catching tail
    銆銆 Oklahoma, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "red" Redpeople.
    銆銆 The new year began colonization.
    In 1907, 16 November became the first 46 states.
    The mistletoe mistletoe is the state flower.
    This state is called "the first state" alias SoonerState.
    The state motto: "work conquers all" LaborconquersAllThings.
    銆銆 The state is located in the central part of the state of the Oklahoma city Oklahomacity, canadian canatianR.
    In the north, the population of 37 million, the state first metropolis.
    The college has four, the.
    The most famous is the University of Oklahoma, founded in 189, years, locations in the state of Norman near Norman city, about twenty thousand students.
    銆銆 The state has two features: first, the contour is like a saucepan, pot handle to the weSt. Second, production of oil and gas production of chlorine is the most rich, Grant Thornton, for the state crown.
    銆銆 The northern boundary of Kansas and colorado two, east of Missouri and Arkansas two states, south across the Texas River and the RedR.
    River, west of Texas and New Mexico.
    銆銆 This is the southern high plains.
    The high terrain in the northwest, southeast low, there are many rivers flow parallel.
    This is the upper reaches of Arkansas River and the Red River basin.
    According to the topography, can be divided into four areas: (A) the northwest corner is black platform BlackMesa (high plain part) two meters high, 2000. (B) is the central Plains area, has been cutting height of about four meters.
    (c) is the northeastern Ozark highlands.
    (D) southeast of chita mountain is austria.
    The main crops are wheat, animal husbandry mainly for beef cattle, as the main mineral oil.
    These three kinds of products is the economic foundation of the state.
    The state has built many reservoirs, irrigation and hydropower development, and beautify the ground, become a scenic area.
    The tourism industry also developed with.
    Tulsa Oklahoma is located in the northeast of Oklahoma city, 99 miles northeast of Tulsa county, the county is also the state's population, more than 2 of the city.
    The city is the forty-fifth largest city in the United States and North America's ninety-third largest city, because the former is rich in oil, the "oil capital of the world" reputation.
    Most of the buildings in Tulsa on twentieth century for the Art Deco buildings, magnificent buildings become a beautiful scenery of the city.
    The city has 135 parks, area of up to 6000 acres, is the botanical garden is a riot of colours, elegant environment of the park, to provide a space for rest and relax.
    Oklahoma Oklahoma aquarium is the only independent type aquarium exhibition up to number 200, can see the colorful world of the sea.
    The Tulsa zoo is one of the best American zoo, is 436, more than 1500 animal homes, in addition, there is a different animal exhibition in the history of North america.
    Phil Brooke Art Museum, Tulsa's most important Museum, opened in 1939, about 150 thousand people visit each year, has a collection of well-known artists, the exhibition held at the same time, rich and colorful.
    Necessary to Reason: the oil capital of the world
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state: Oklahoma [Oklahoma State]
    Attractions: Tulsa city [Tulsa]

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