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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What do you know about the growing "EU identity"?
European immigrants are becoming more and more popular, not only for the purpose of obtaining a country's right of abode, but also as a springboard to free access, residence, study, work and live in Europe as a whole.
But it is only when the immigration status of the pre-emigrant hot countries is clearly understood that a wiser decision can be made.
The main identities of EU immigrant countries include:
residence visas, permanent residence rights, EU permanent residents and EU nationality.
residence visa This is the starting point of becoming a "European".
At present, most European countries invest in immigration projects on the market, and the applicant's initial status falls into this category.
These visas give immigrants the right to reside in the country for one to five years, while the rights to work, do business and enjoy benefits vary from country to country.
If the right of residence is granted in the Schengen State at the same time, immigrants can enjoy the right to free business within the Schengen Zone countries for no more than 90 days every six months.
Permanent Residence Many European Union countries stipulate that foreigners can apply for permanent residence after five years of legal residence in the country.
To apply for permanent residence qualification, they need to meet certain residence requirements and local language proficiency requirements.
Obtain the permanent resident qualification of a European Union country, meet the relevant tax requirements, and enjoy the same medical and pension benefits as the citizens of that country.
If the country issuing permanent residence status is the Schengen State at the same time, the holder of permanent residence status can freely travel to any other Schengen Member State for business, stay in other Schengen States for no more than 90 days within six months, and have no right to settle, work, do business and learn freely.
The identity holder and his children study in the issuing country and enjoy the same treatment as the citizens of that country.
Permanent Residents of the European Union EU Long-term Residents, which is stipulated by the EU Permanent Residence Act of 2003 and translated into domestic law by the member states, is an identity issued by the member states of the EU and holds the permanent resident status of the EU issued by any EU country, and has the right to freely settle, work, do business and study in other EU countries.
The holder of this status studies in any EU country and enjoys the tuition fee treatment of the citizens of the target EU country without paying the international student standard tuition fee of the citizens outside the EU.
Although the name of the identity is EU Long-term Residents, i.
EU permanent residents, the EU Act clearly stipulates that the identity is permanent in nature.
The EU permanent residence card has a validity period of at least five years and can be updated automatically after the validity period.
Nationality of EU Member States That is to say, to become a citizen of the EU countries.
Naturalization requirements vary from country to country.
Generally speaking, it requires at least five years of legal residence in the country, taking local language examinations and meeting some additional conditions.
All rights of European citizens may be enjoyed upon acquisition of nationality.
But there are also special cases:
if you apply for Cyprus to invest in naturalization projects, you do not have to wait for a long time to meet the residence requirements.
Now you can obtain a passport for about 6-8 months without immigration supervision, language, education and business background.
With Cyprus passport, 173 countries and regions around the world can be exempted from signature, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan and other countries.
Not only that, but also the freedom to live legally and enjoy working conditions equal to those of local citizens in 28 EU countries and four member countries of the European Economic Area (Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).
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    ABOUT montana local customs, tourist attractions
    Montana States introduce
    Area: 381085 square kilometers.
    In fifty states, ranked fourth.
    Population: 761000 In fifty states, ranked forty-third.
    Helena: state Heldna The main city: Billings Billings.
    Sura Missoula.
    State flower: bitter root flower.
    State bird: No Oon 銆銆 Montana States, is latin.
    The meaning of "mountain" Mountainousregion.
    銆銆 The northern boundary of the state of canada, east of North Dakota, Southeast and South Dakota bordering the West and southwest of the two party and adjacent Idaho and Wyoming to the south.
    The main crops are wheat and barley, sheep and cattle more times.
    As the main mineral oil, coal and gold and silver.
    Montana States, is latin.
    The meaning of "mountain" Mountainousregion.
    18, the beginning of the nine year colonial.
    In November 8, 1889 to become the forty-first state of the United states.
    In the Bitterroot Bitterroot state flower.
    The alias is called "the treasure state" TreasureState or "sky country theBigSkycountry.
    The state motto: "gold and silver" GoldandSilver.
    The state is Helena Helena, is located in the southwestern part of the state, a population of twenty thousand.
    There are twelve institutions of higher learning.
    The most famous is the Montana University, founded in 1893, in secret Sura Missoula, eight thousand students.
    Northwest of the state of the Rocky Mountain National Park in the ice and GlacierNationalPark area of 4000 square kilometers.
    There are many valley glaciers and glacial Valley terrain.
    The state has two features: first, the territory is mountainous The Rocky Mountain is located in the western area of the state, accounting for about 5%.
    The rest for about 5% of the eastern high plains.
    In addition to the mountains of western territory, all belong to the upper Missouri river drainage basin, water by etching and cutting, high mountains and deep valleys, ups and downs.
    High plain looks like mountain, but the flat top.
    Because throughout the mountainous population is very rare.
    The industry is not developed, fresh air, clean water, no pollution, is the most clean state of the continental United states.
    In section two, each year by the state output 3 million christmas tree, in fifty states, ranking firSt. The northern boundary of the state of canada, east of North Dakota, Southeast and South Dakota bordering the West and southwest sides and adjacent Idaho and Wyoming to the south.
    The main crops are wheat and barley, sheep and cattle more times.
    As the main mineral oil, coal and gold and silver.
    Livingston 7062 is the number of the total population of the town, from Bozeman (Montana) only 25 miles.
    Many young people think life here is very good, although they are attracted by the low rent here, but more inviting them is only an hour to drive from the town of Yellowstone National Park, and the town is home to many artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians.
    They always hold readings, concerts at a fixed time and other interesting entertainment.
    Of course, a better life cannot do without the delicious food, including meat and beef dishes are Pork chop town.
    Grand Rapids is located in northern Montana, with more than 100 kilometers northeast in the capital of the state of Montana is cascade county Heller, the county seat, named for the Missouri River waterfalls.
    This is the city of northern Montana in agriculture, mining, industrial and commercial center, but also a city with a long tradition of city.
    Grand Rapids is a family friendly city, not only has complete facilities in big city, small town also has comfortable environment and atmosphere, which is famous for its rich and colorful history and a variety of outdoor recreational activities.
    The city has 57 parks and the Missouri River 40 miles of river scenery, including Gibson Park (Gibson Park) is very popular, because of the summer concerts and other famous Provide an understanding of the history and a good place for appreciating the art in Museums and galleries for visitors, including Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art (Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art), Russell Museum.
    Outdoor sports enthusiasts can enjoy the fun of sports in Grand Rapids, hiking, mountain biking, boating, canoeing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing etc especially popular.
    Great Falls
    Reason: a variety of outdoor sports city Montana
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state: Montana [Montana State]
    Attractions: Grand Rapids city [Great Falls]

    University of Montana
    State university
    University of Montana
    Montana State University
    Eastern Montana College
    Western Montana College
    Northern Montana College
    Montana Tech
    Private Universities
    Carroll College
    University of Great Falls
    Rocky Mountain College.
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