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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The Australian New Immigration Program declares that skilled migrants are not allowed to leave designated areas.
Recently, the Australian Federal Government has launched a new plan to speed up visa applications in remote areas, but it requires skilled migrants who move to remote areas to stay in designated areas, otherwise their visas will be cancelled and there is a risk of deportation.
According to Australian media reports, the Australian Federal Government recently announced a new immigration plan aimed at solving traffic congestion in Australia, which will give priority to issuing visas for immigrants willing to settle in remote areas.
However, if they leave these areas before obtaining permanent residence, their visas will be cancelled.
Federal Immigration Minister David Coleman said visas were applicable to work in remote areas.
Therefore, new immigrants cannot work elsewhere, or they will be punisheD."If they leave the designated area, they will have to seek another visa, but they will not have one.
Frankly speaking, if they do, they are unlikely to get permanent residence again.
" "We know that in Sydney, Melbourne and southeastern Kunzhou, traffic congestion is very real," he saiD.These are true.
We also know that in many parts of Australia, local and state governments are in urgent need of more people.
Therefore, this distribution can be better coordinated.
It is reported that the Australian Federal Government is considering investing more resources in processing visas in remote areas.
Coleman said the number of migrants in major cities will decline as concerns about migrants'settlement in remote areas continue to grow.
The Australian Federal Government is discussing designated area migration agreements (DAMA) with a number of remote areas requiring more labour.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Florida, art comes from sunshine.
    Some people say that art comes from life, but often higher than life.
    But in Florida, where the climate is pleasant and the environment is good, art has long been integrated into the "Buddhist" life, and the two complement each other.
    From the frequent art gatherings of weekend communities to the world's top Basel Arts Festival, Florida defines a new way of life: with a vision of elegance but with real enjoyment.
    Emerald coast Emerald coast, Florida, is named for its emerald.
    colored waters.
    Snow-white beaches and fresh seafood are good reasons for tourists.
    In addition, this beautiful coast, dominated by Destan, Fort Wharton and Okarusa Island (easily accessible on Delta Airlines Shanghai-Atlanta flights with only one change) also has its own artistic flavor and a long.
    standing marine culture.
    October 27.28 marks the 23rd Mattie Kelly Festival of the Arts, featuring works and exhibitions by more than 200 artists in the United States.
    chinese tourists can also enjoy authentic American-style music performances on the spot, while visitors with children can encourage their babies to create at free interactive art stations.
    Hungry stomachs, of course, can't be enjoyed.
    Food stations and wine &
    beer gardens offer affordable gourmet wines.
    The climax of the McGrady Kelly Festival is its awards, with 28 categories offering award.
    winning artists a total of $10,000 in cash awards.
    South Walton South Walton county is also located in northwestern Florida on the Emerald coast, where a variety of artistic flavors add wings to South Walton's sunny ocean.
    Spend a leisurely day wandering through South Walton galleries and galleries, admiring the beauty of photography, jewelry, sculpture, or interactive art.
    The seaside town of Seaside is the location for the movie Truman's World, and the Fired Up Pavilion creates interesting art adventures for chinese tourists of all ages.
    Draw your own studio and let everyone draw their own portrait.
    Then we wandered through the small, exquisite Laskin store in cicerde, where many girls'favorite boutiques and local artists' crafts gathered.
    Gainesville Gainesville is the seat of the University of Florida, where there is not only a strong academic atmosphere, but also the intersection of sunlight, art and nature.
    Every year, the Downtown Festival &
    Art Show in Gainesville attracts more than 100,000 art lovers from all over the United States.
    Hundreds of artists will be given the opportunity to display their oil, acrylic, sculpture, jewelry and photographic works.
    Besides, on-site music festivals, performing arts and food enriched the participation of festivals.
    This year's Art Fair will be held at 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on 1.2 December.
    St. Petersburg &
    clear Water Bay No matter how beautiful the beaches in Florida are, they are not the only reasons for tourists to come here.
    For example, St. Petersburg &
    clearwater, two coastal cities on Florida's West coast, won the Owl Tourist choice Award for "No. 1 Beach in America" this year.
    From the top artists'Museums here: the Dali Museum and the chihuli Glass Museum to graffiti blooming on both sides of St. Petersburg's central Avenue, Florida is second only to Miami's hot seaside paradise.
    For art lovers, the DalMuseum, which houses the largest collection of Dali's works outside Spain, is one of the most interesting.
    The Museum's masterpieces and styles are accurately illustrated from architecture to collections.
    While enjoying surrealist works of art, you can also take pictures of yourself in front of the Museum's bubble glasses and Dali's beard.
    In addition, Museum shops and restaurants are also a good place to relax.
    The Imagine Museum is St. Petersburg's newest Museum, which features contemporary American glass art.
    At present, the Imagination Museum has more than 500 exquisite and gorgeous glass works, representing the evolution and development of this art form over half a century.
    A novel Florida RV self driving tour (with super practical car guide)
           If you want to go to the United States to visit friends, suggested in the United States to rent car for free.
    I heard that the vast majority of high-speed charge, and the beauty of many western United states.
    Because of the time and my friends and I can only choose to go to Florida RV self driving tour!
    According to the original plan of the target is Daytona Beacth, about two hours' walk.
    From the middle of Florida, to the northeast of the sea.
    This is before departure, travel routes and tourist friends carefully designed.
    It reached the camp.
    The rain stopped, the camp was washed clean, refreshed!
    Equipment is perfect, in addition to the supply of water, electricity, cable TV, WiFi;
    the most important is the sewer.
    The only solution to the water, you can freely use Trailer in the kitchen and bathroom.
    Because it is near the sea, to the love of fun fishing boat, people provide convenient conditions.
    If the winter in the winter camp, should be a good choice.
    Lunch and dinner as time permits, try to do it yourselF- This can save the cost of the restaurant, that's one of the benefits of camping;
    to make full use of oh!
    Afternoon excitedly went straight to Daytona Beach play, beautiful beach;
    Baisha special delicate, step up very comfortable.
    This is the only beach one can drive!
    Wandering in the sea;
    enjoy the gentle sea breeze, enjoy the beautiful scenery;
    A: about the camp Buy Trailer at the same time, the business presents a "RV Travel Savings" Guide book.
    By this thick guide, you can find all the information in the camp.
    According to their travel plans, to find suitable design camp.
    To advance booking, or online booking;
    but it is best to check on the phone.
    Second: to attend a RV club membership in the camp will be preferential.
    The stay at the camp member price: 19 --42 knife knife day week month;
    price, price, price concessions for many years.
    In the longer time it.
    Three: must give Trailer insurance, the annual fee is very low.
    Four: how to maintain the balance of Trailer in the road, this should be the most concerned problem.
    1. at the time of purchase Trailer, sales staff will ask you to buy a fixed device, this is definitely not the province to buy!
    When the Trailer and pickup on the connection, the device should be installed on.
    Reduce the swing of Trailer.
    2. to Trailer60% weight, put in the first halF- For example: our trip, put all the luggage, computer bag and placed on the seat beside the bed.
    Even the Dining area desktop, moved to the front on the bed.
    In order to increase the weight of the front is Trailer.
    A tool place outside 3.Trailer, try to put forward the edge tool component.
    4. enclosed pickup car, easy to carry supplies.
    Five: to take safety measures 1. carrying Trailer and pickup the spare tire, just in case.
    2. for the sake of safety, the liquefied gas tank, spare tire, and Trailer all want to lock against loss.
    Six: the need to prepare something According to the travel experience, in addition to cooking, seasoning, necessary food, health cleaning appliance;
    I think: 1. need to prepare an electric stove, both inside and outside can.
    Reduce the cook in the Trailer inside the smoky, can also save liquefied gas.
    Principle: try to use more electricity, less gas.
    2. prepare a barbecue and can cook with liquefied gas stove.
    When used against no electricity, so that no danger of anything going wrong.
    3. folding chairs, and a small table;
    and a camping ground cover tarpaulin, to prepare for possible period of want or need.
    Some camps do not provide chairs 4. prepare a piece of cloth, covering the camp desktop, so rest assured to use health.
    5. per person for a pair of plastic slippers, go to public bathroom with.
    We are not prepared in advance, and he bought two pairs.
    The small East West are up to 6. before starting to fall, not everywhere.
    I use a basin, all packed into the inside, put it in the tub.
    7. attention to anti mosquito bites.
    8. prepare a small electric cooker, amazon.
    A half cup, enough.
    9. special reminder: if you are not a citizen, to bring the best passport.
    We are experiencing the first camp, not to mention what experience.
    But according to personal experience, provide some reference opinions.
    What need to be prepared for what to bring, but also according to your own needs to decide.
    condolences to the Art Museum The people attending the funeral will see the funeral filled with different items, and also wrote the inscription is extremely exquisite, you know the symbolic meaning of various items at the funeral?
    Maybe you know, maybe you don't understand, so don't worry, because in the United States dedicated to the creation of a mourning art Museum.
    The art Museum is located in mourning in Florida county of Delaware, is a people learning the Art Museum of mourning.
    The Museum will tell you about the different items and a symbol of the story, such as angels, the lamb of God, wreaths, urns, which from seventeenth century to nineteenth century the mourning art form that has attracted the most attention, including books, paintings, jewelry, watches, etc.
    The most unusual is a collection of cemetery gun, because many physicians and artists to do research from the new tomb in the death of the stolen body, as a night watchman to holding a pistol to prepare for possible period of want or need.
    From the exhibits, we can see that in the age of the people once believed in hell, heaven, still can be found in the inscription on the.
    The Museum of Mourning Art
    Reason: one of the world's rare Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
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