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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Ireland's popularity is growing as Britain's process of leaving Europe continues to advance.
In addition to the influx of immigrant applicants and overseas investors, more and more international students are choosing Ireland as their destination.
What's so good about Ireland?
The Advantage of Ireland in Studying Abroad Diploma advantage:
Ireland is a pure English-speaking country, undergraduate courses are generally divided into three years/four years, master's degree is generally one year/two years (Research category).
It is the only pure English-speaking country in the EU.
Educational Advantage:
The exchange between market and education is very close.
In education, schools adjust their curricula according to the needs of industry and market through information between market and industry.
Tuition advantage in Ireland The tuition fees of Irish universities are about 100,000-200,000, living expenses are about 60,000-100,000, totaling about 16,000-300,000 per year, which is much higher than that of Britain, America and AustraliA.Usually I go to Lidl, Tesco, MS and other supermarkets, and occasionally go out for entertainment and relaxation on weekends.
The expenses are not too big.
The Irish government allows students to work legally for 20 hours a week, with holidays available throughout the day.
Ireland currently has a minimum hourly wage of 9.80 euros per hour.
It is the highest minimum wage country in Europe except Luxembourg.
Job Advantage of Ireland Ireland is a highly developed capitalist country.
It is also one of the fastest growing countries in the world economy.
Dublin is the capital of Ireland, known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, where many multinational companies have their European headquarters, such as Apple, Google and Facebook.
There are more and more jobs in Ireland in recent years.
A large number of enterprises will be stationed in Ireland after Britain leaves Europe.
The employment rates of IT, biopharmaceuticals, finance and other popular professions are very high.
The working experience of foreign enterprises is also very helpful to the development of returning home.
Most courses in Ireland offer internships in large international companies in the third year of undergraduate courses.
After graduation, students have the opportunity to develop in Ireland or other European countries.
Irish Colleges and Universities There are 21 public institutions of higher learning in Ireland, including 7 public universities and 14 public colleges, which offer doctoral, master and undergraduate courses.
The main representative universities in Ireland are:
Trinity University (TCD), University of Dublin (UCD), University of Technology of Dublin (DIT), University of Cork (UCC), University of Gawai, City University of Dublin, etC.Polytechnic schools in Waterford Polytechnic and other central cities are the most representative.
The rest include Carol Polytechnic and Limorick Polytechnic.
When applying for a master's degree in Ireland, we should attach importance to the background, specialty and average score of undergraduate colleges and universities.
We can ask the teachers who study abroad with mustarD.In addition, students'personal statements are also very important.
A good personal statement will not only help to be admitted, but also have an advantage in the application for scholarship in the future.
Advantage Major in Ireland Computer Specialty:
More than 60% of software products and 40% of hardware products in the European market come from IrelanD.Eight of the world's top 10 computer companies have their European headquarters in Ireland, including Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, GATEWAY, etC.They are also the European headquarters of Facebook and Paypal.
Many other world-renowned companies also have their European headquarters in Ai.
Erlan, such as Google, Yahoo, Apple and so on, has become a truly "Silicon Valley of Europe", and it is very easy for computer majors to find suitable jobs after graduation.
Biopharmaceutical Professional:
Nine of the world's top ten biopharmaceutical companies have their European R&D headquarters in Ireland, with annual exports of the pharmaceutical industry amounting to $5.2 billion.
For Ireland, which has a population of only 4 million, there is an astronomical figure.
International Tourism and Hotel Management:
Ireland is rated as the world's best tourist destination, with more than 5 million people coming to Ireland every year, a whole lot more than this small country with only 4 million people.
Financial Services Industry:
Ireland has become the second largest financial service center in Europe.
Many of the world's leading banks, including Bank of China, have their European settlement centers in Dublin, the capital of Ireland.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    california Railway Museum is located in california, the capital of Sacramento, because of its important role, is often referred to as the connection of california and the United States the rest of the "train".
    The Museum's history can be traced back to 1937, by a group of railway enthusiasts that they donated 30 locomotive and car of his collection, become the first batch of Museum collections, built in 1981. The california Railway Museum exhibition hall is 100 thousand square feet, unveiled 21 locomotive and car, carefully copied, there is physical models and pictures and other 40 kinds of exhibits, even part of locomotive can be traced back to 1862. A variety of exhibits the audience like to relive the major historical events personally on the scene of railway since 1850. In the next locomotive show exquisite workmanship, authentic wax portrait, in addition, in the jungle Road on the site, the platform and the train, play different roles and responsibilities the resurrection of the wax On your marks, a long gone scene.
    In addition to train and copy of the portrait, there are a lot of miniature train walk in the corridor in the window, shuttling between the different scene.
    The california Railway Museum also opened a children's play area, provide a large number of electric vehicles, train model and supporting track, let the children play in the feeling in the broad and profound railway culture, develop children's imagination and creativity.
    california State Railroad Museum
    Reason: one of the most important American Railway Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Sacramento city attractions: [Sacramento]

    cypress Point club is located in the state of california on the west coast of the United States of Big Sur (Big Sur), is the most famous of the United States and in the world of golf course.
    It was founded in 1928 by the famous Alister Mackenzie (Alister MacKenzie) was designed, a total of 18 holes, each hole is full of challenge, so that players have the opportunity to experience unusual playing experience.
    Alister Mackenzie in all designs, known as the cypress Point club is the pinnacle of his.
    This course is the most characteristic hole is natural for many players had a stuffy fifteenth, sixteenth and 17 holes, the sixteenth hole not 223 yards across the fairway, roaring waves from the tee of the Pacific Ocean, is the most thrilling golf hole, every tee is a big challenge for all the golfer.
    cypress Point club
    Reason: one of the most challenging golf course in America
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Attractions: Monterey peninsula city [Monterey Peninsula]

    Griffith Park (Griffith Park) is located in the northeast of Hollywood.
    Is the largest park in Losangeles, the second largest city park in california, is also one of the largest urban parks in North america.
    The wide area of 17 square kilometers.
    Griffith Park is in nineteenth century by the American mining magnate Griffith Griffith (Griffith J.
    Griffith) donated land, and donations to build a Greek theatre and observatory.
    The Hollywood director D early and important W Griffith (d.
    This is a comprehensive recreation center is huge, in addition to the green, and is suitable for every kind of sports venues and fitness facilities, and the zoo, Museum, Greek theater, and the famous Griffith observatory.
    Long beach, Losangeles satellite city group is the largest one in Losangeles, is the summer resort in the United States naval base and Miss World selection is Asian goods into the well-known, far and near, America portal.
    Long Beach is located in the south of Losangeles, Long Beach port (Port of Long Beach) is the third busiest port in the world. The name of the city from 9 km long coastline, which is famous for its health resort.
    come to Long Beach the most can not miss is the largest aquarium in Long Beach, South california (Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific), the equivalent of three football pitches.
    The Museum is divided into three regions: in the South Pacific are mainly tropical Pacific (Tropical Pacific), with Losangeles as the center of southern california and the District of california (Southern californiaBaja) and from northern Japan to the North Pacific region of the Arctic (Northern Pacific).
    Every region shows the rich natural environment and a wide variety of marine organisms.
              Long Beach (Long Beach) the beach city, regional comprehensive university city and commercial center.
    The area has a conference center and the world trade center.
    The busy port and near the port of Losangeles (Los Angeles Harbor) not only to meet the tourists for sightseeing tour countless, popular catalina Island (catalina Island) provides a convenient.
    Local attractions: Queen Marie (Queen Mary), the Pacific (Aquarium of the Pacific) aquarium, Museum and waterfront shops and restaurants.
         The car went straight to the beach, look at the famous 9 km long coastline white beach.
    Here the vision is very broad, the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, endless beach, the scenery is really shocking.
    Here than Santa Monica good place is no artificial trace, no souvenir, no rent a swimming circle, completely natural scenery.
    To say someone is barely traces along the white sandy beach and built resort building, three or four storey has ten storey, each room all have a balcony facing the sea, unified a table chairs.
    Imagine sitting on the balcony, at dusk or night under the moonlight, listening to the sound of the waves, enjoying the gentle sea breeze, watching the tide gradually with the Pacific wide beach, let the brain in the ethereal state innocently in a daze, how to enjoy ah!
              The next goal is to Queen Marie, it was originally a British cruise, its maiden voyage in May 1936. The total length of 310 meters, a displacement of 81 thousand tons, is the world's largest and most luxurious cruise
    Has the first class rooms, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, cinemas, swimming pool, a city.
    That is to say, we will think of the Titanic British Prime Minister churchill has three times on this cruise ship.
         During World War II, Queen Marie was used for military transportation.
    This was painted on the sea hidden gray, and from the the Atlantic transport line, and has a troop of 750 thousand people, has played an important role in World War ii.
    Has become the target of Nazi germany.
    Hitler is said to have sunk hundreds of thousands of her reward.
    But it is a change danger into safety.
    After the end of World War II, Queen Marie cruise and several American soldiers will marry the girl to the United States, all those families set up in the war, World War II hero become hundred.
         In 1967, she completed 1001 voyage across the Atlantic, bought by the United States, "settled" in Long Beach city.
    Now a part was transformed into a hotel, the other part is as a Museum.
    I found a man asked queen Marie where?
    I gave a hundred percent correct answer: "in the harbour."
    I really want to ask him: "do not say in the mountains?"
    I don't know the boat in the harbour?
    They then go to a black couple tell me the specific location, just across the sea more than 300 meters away, but must go back around the bridge to reach my eye distance, about six or seven kilometers away, time is certainly too late.
    Two of Long Beach's most famous attractions I didn't go into, but do not regret it, this trip to play very well, here the natural scenery is the most attracted me.
    In this paper, the author from the chapter "a Beijing book" journey to the weSt. A good book is like opening another world. Wonderful waves,.
    From the world famous Hollywood Avenue, San Pedro to the port of Losangeles, many landmarks in Losangeles have appeared in various times acclaimed classic novels.
    With a masterpiece together to explore these cultural heritage thick landmarks!
    Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood Boulevard      Known to the world Hollywood Boulevard is synonymous with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Hollywood TcL chinese theatre is located here.
    It appears in the literary works is long.
    standing, writers often see the other side of the street to attract.
    In Raymond chandler (Raymond chandler) famous hardboiled detective novel series first "sleep" (The Big Sleep), the protagonist Philip Marlow's fictional office space is located near the Ivar Avenue Avenue and Hollywood boulevard.
    This novel is "Time" magazine as one of the published from 1923 to 2005 of the 100 best novels English".
    In order to commemorate the great writer, the Losangeles municipal government in 1994 to Hollywood Avenue and Kahanjia Avenue (cahuenga Boulevard) named as "Raymond chandler square on the corner".
         Nathaniel West (Nathaniel West) 1939 novel "locusts day" (The Day of the Locust) to the Great Depression of the Hollywood as the background theme.
    This is also included in the "Time" of the 100 best novels of English "famous novel about a group of people came to the city of flashy dream, grow from aspiring young star named Homer Simpson costume designer, the cowboy and the story of the merchant.
    The 1 upsurge in a Hollywood movie premiere in the novel in Losangeles has become one of the greatest literary scene.
    Address: Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, cA
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