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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the advantages of immigrating to Grenada?
British, American, Australian and Canadian European multinational immigration policies are tightening, but Caribbean countries'immigration policies are becoming more relaxeD.Grenada, a Commonwealth country, has recently become a global passport immigration hotspot due to its high cost-effective investment in naturalization projects.
What are the advantages of immigrating to Grenada?
1. Free collocation:
obtaining passport and permanent residence status simultaneously without the need for third country status; 2. Gold status:
legal citizenship to the Commonwealth; 3. Tax policy is superior:
no personal income tax, capital gains tax, net assets tax, inheritance tax and gift tax, no global tax; 4. Simple conditions:
low application threshold, no requirement of source of assets, no requirement of business management, no requirement of naturalization language, no trouble of renewal of identity; 5. Four generations of immigrants:
the main applicant, spouse, children, parents and grandparents can apply for immigration status together.
6. Fast naturalization:
Citizen's passport can be obtained within an average period of 6 months.
7. No immigration supervisor:
no interview landing requirements; 8. Travel the world freely:
131 countries, Britain six months, France, Germany and other Schengen countries 90 days (180 days), China 30 days, Hong Kong, China 90 days; 9. Children enjoy British education:
they attend Commonwealth schools free of language examinations; 10. Quality medical education:
At present, more than 11,000 doctors graduate from St.George's University and participate in 45 national medical systems worldwide.
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    ABOUT maryland local customs, tourist attractions
    Druid Hill Park Druid Hill Park is located in Maryland, northwest of Baltimore, established in 1860, covers an area of 746 acres, and the central Park in New York and Philadelphia's Fairmount park together is known as the oldest American public park.
    Druid Hill Park is Baltimore's first large scale city park, with fascinating green lawns, hills, forests and picturesque waterscape is famous, very popular.
    The colorful fountain, murmuring stream and quiet lake makes it more fascinating, provides more fun to play for tourists.
    This is full of green park has become the best place for public recreation, people love this walking, horseback riding, golf, exercise.
    The park there are many sculptures, exquisite, Scotland hero William Wallace sculpture, the sculpture is about 40 feet high, as one of the most dramatic sculptures in the park, in addition, columbo, chris and christopher George Washington and Wagner's sculpture.
    From the beginning of 1991, once a year "stone soul picnic" in the Park held, in addition to sumptuous delicacy, face painting, art and music performances will be staged, attracting the participation of the people.
    Druid Hill Park
    Reason: Baltimore's first city park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Maryland: [Maryland State]
    Baltimore city attractions: [Baltimore]

    Maryland Zoo Maryland zoo before the name of "Baltimore zoo", is located in Baltimore's Druid Hill Park, opened on 1876, as the third largest of the oldest zoo.
    In fact, the zoo's earliest history can be traced back to 1862, when many people have their own home in the Druid Hill Park Animal exhibition.
    Maryland zoo covers an area of 160 acres, there are 200 kinds of life, only about more than 1500 of animal, including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, animal and birds, their creation in the park in the natural environment to live in comfort and reproduction.
    The zoo participated in a number of animal protection projects, but also to breed a large number of rare or endangered species, which is the largest African black footed penguins, in addition, also provides shelter for a large number of local wild animal, especially the bald eagle.
    The zoo also provides a feeding area for tourists, so that visitors can contact and feeding anilox giraffe, with their close distance.
    Let the kids feel excited about the children's zoo, shows the Maryland local animal, children can watch the swimming otter, skip the lily pad exploring the Magic cave, or climb the huge nest, watching the birds home.
    The Maryland Zoo
    Reason: the United States one of the oldest zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Maryland: [Maryland State]
    Baltimore city attractions: [Baltimore]

    Baltimore - Ohio Railway Museum Baltimore - Ohio Railway Museum is located in the United States the first railway construction at Mount claire train station, is the world's oldest and one of the oldest and most comprehensive collections and related Railway Museum, the oldest collection of 1 Shi Ke began dating back to the period of American railway.
    The Museum is like a three story pagoda, as was the circus, very attractive.
    The Museum's collection of rich and colorful, the variety is complete, including the historic buildings, locomotive, locomotive, clock, signal lantern, tableware, etc various kinds of objects and pictures of every hue train model, a lot of real has important historical value in the history of American Railway, there are more than 200 shapes of the locomotive and vehicle, is the world of the most abundant Railway Museum, let a person greatly.
    In the collection of many are the first railroad in the United States, such as the United States made the first locomotive, the Americans invented the first piston type internal combustion engine, the first Air-conditioned Railway locomotive.
    In addition to rich and colorful indoor exhibition, there are a lot of outdoor exhibition, outdoor exhibition recreates the train station like a train station will be packed, visitors can enjoy the experience of boarded the train, a train driver.
    B&O Railroad Museum
    Reason: America's oldest Railway Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Maryland: [Maryland State]
    Baltimore city attractions: [Baltimore]

    chesapeake Bay Bridge chesapeake Bay Bridge is located in Maryland, is a bridge across the chesapeake Bay transoceanic bridge on the eastern side of the two-way, connecting the Delmarva Peninsula and the west side of the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan Area, from Norfolk to Delaware Peninsula, between chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic set up a water corridor.
    The chesapeake Bay Bridge opened in 1952, 6946 meters long, the maximum span of 488 meters, is one of the world's most beautiful bridge, is one of the ideal place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the the Atlantic and chesapeake bay.
    In the 1952 year built, as a two-way lane, on the north side of the expansion of the 1973 parallel a three lane bridge, so that the double direction traffic separation, convenient traffic In the middle of the artificial island on the chesapeake Bay Bridge, visitors can watch the spectacle of the mouth of the Atlantic Bay, the world's busiest shipping lanes, and fishing, eat, buy souvenirs.
    Each year the chesapeake Bay Bridge will open a public walk or ride a bicycle tour, attracted to bicycle enthusiasts around the world, we all want to experience the best bike Benz in the sense of Long bridge.
    chesapeake Bay Bridge
    Reason: one of the most elegant Bridge
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Maryland: [Maryland State]
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