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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Full Answer to Malta's Educational Welfare In recent years, more and more high net worth families choose to emigrate overseas in order to provide better education for their children.
Malta has emerged as the choice of many visionary parents.
How is education in Malta?
Next, let Xiao Ming tell you in detail.
What is Malta's education system?
Malta, as a former British colony, is now a Commonwealth country, and the education system is also deeply influenced by Britain.
Malta belongs to the British education system, and its teaching content, teaching methods and entrance mechanism all continue or draw lessons from the British educational tradition.
What about language problems when you go to school in Malta?
When children go to school in Malta, they do not need to worry about language problems at all, because the English environment is a major advantage of Malta, and it is also the reason why many scholars from other countries have come to MaltA.Malta's official language is English, with a penetration rate of 89%.
There are free English tutoring classes in Malta's primary and secondary schools after class.
In addition, the government also provides free English classes to help new immigrant families learn the language.
Extracurricular English training institutions are also a good choice, with affordable prices and rich courses.
Can you live in school or in a boarding family?
Public primary and secondary schools do not provide accommodation, while some private schools can provide accommodation or boarding.
Schools that provide accommodation, such as St.Edward's, are managed by residential teachers, have strict registration for outings, and have security and cameras to ensure the safety of students.
And St.Martin, Verdala, QSI can provide boarding, boarding families are licensed by the government, and boarding families will sign contracts with schools.
Is Malta's education free for foreigners?
Public education in Malta is free for the children of citizens of the European Union, the European economy and Switzerland, and for citizens of other third countries, only when parents work in Malta and obtain residence permits can their children enjoy free education.
If parents are unemployed, only 400-600 euros/year sponsorship fee is required to attend public schools.
In addition to public schools, Malta also has a large number of private schools, mostly British schools, a small number of American schools, but there are no British and American education industrialization, highly profitable, high tuition fees and other issues.
Private schools in Malta are non-profit international schools, with costs ranging from 3000 to 8000 per year.
How long is a school year in Malta?
A school year is divided into three semesters from September each year to June the following year.
Will there be year-end examinations in Malta's schools?
Maltese schools usually begin testing in the fifth grade of primary school (about 10 years old).
Examinations include all core courses in the form of written examinations.
Maraite's quality education system and English environment attract students from all over the world to study here.
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