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    ABOUT pennsylvania local customs, tourist attractions

    Pennsylvania major industrial sectors of metallurgy, textile, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, shipbuilding, electronics, electrical, the iron and steel industry is particularly prominent, steel production accounts for about 1/4. Pittsburgh is the largest iron and steel industrial center, Philadelphia is the fourth largest city in the United States and Quanzhou's largest industrial center. Coal is abundant, production after the West Virginia, ranking the second in the country, the Northeast Pennsylvania is the main origin of the United States anthracite. Agricultural land area accounts for 30% of the area of the state. Dairy income accounted for 50% of agricultural income, milk is the main agricultural products, concentrated in the northeastern state of. Beef cattle industry is distributed in the southwest. Planting industry are mainly maize, winter wheat, tobacco, potato, mushroom production in China, Kui River downstream Texas Hanna Lancaster County is a famous agricultural area etc.. Economic crops are tobacco and fruit etc..

    Located in the eastern part of the United States, one of the 13 states in the state of. Pennsylvania northwest of Lake Erie, North and northeast of New York, east of New Jersey, Southeast of Delaware, south of Maryland, southwest of West Virginia, West and Ohio border.

    Trade situation: in 2011 the total trade exports 41 billion 74 million U.S. dollars, the United States ranked tenth, accounting for 2.77% of the total U.S. exports, an increase of 17.6%. Major export markets for Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, germany. The main export products include mineral products, medicine, medical supplies, chemical products, machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, computer and electronic products, mechanical and electrical equipment and parts, alloy metal products, etc..
    In 2011, China for Pennsylvania's second largest export market, exports of approximately for $35.23 million, an increase of 31.5% and 8.57% when the state of total exports accounted for. 2011 Penn's total exports to China in the 50 states of the United States listed the seven, the products are mainly exported to have mechanical excluding electrical products, chemical products, metals and minerals, computer and electronic products, primary metal processed products such as.

    The independence hall was built from 1732 to 1756, which is a famous American historic building, and it is a symbol of American independence. Room but three, the table but a few, but more than a dozen chairs, but it was the seat of the U.S. Congress and the high court, is to sign the declaration of independence and the approval of the United States constitution.
    Legislative, judicial and administrative separation of the three powers from now on, just and fair in this process based on the establishment of. Pennsylvania State Capitol Independent Building was the colonial period. First and second in the Americas conference held in September 1774 and 1775 may then, on July 2, 1776, 13 British colonies composed of representatives of the Continental Congress was held here, on July 4,
    through the by Jackson in the drafting of the declaration of independence, announced that the North American colonies from the British, the establishment of "free and independent states of America". In the United States war of independence,
    the Congress has commanded operations in the independence hall, and in this creation 0, entered into a permanent union of the United States of america. In May 25, 1787, representatives of this 13 state constitutional convention, presided over by Washington, and signed the constitution of the United states.
    Now, the Independence Hall furnishings still intact, 13 conference table was covered with a green velvet cloth, placed paper, stationery and books.

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