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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Application for Re-opening of Investment Immigration in Weizhou The categories of applications for state guarantees to be reopened are:
188A Business Innovation Category 188B Business Investment Category 188C Major Investors 188E Entrepreneur Immigration 132A and 132B Business Genius Immigrants The permanent residence visa for 888 investment immigrants, which is not affected by temporary customs clearance, has been in a state of applicability.
After the suspension of many states, they reopened one after another Since December 18, 2018, after Xinzhou began to suspend the issuance of investment immigration quotas, applications for state guarantees have also been suspended in Kunzhou, Weizhou, Western Australia and South AustraliA.In the beginning of 2019, Australian immigrants showed a tense situation.
Shortly thereafter, with the reopening of investment immigration applications in South Australia, New State and Western Australia, Victoria also plans to reopen in February.
Although the specific opening time and the number of places, the state immigration authorities did not give clear information, but this series of frequent changes in immigration policy has sounded the alarm for applicants intending to immigrate to Australia!
So far, there has been no major change in immigration policy in Australia for seven years, which coincides with this year's general election, while the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other countries are courting, and Australia is likely to follow the trend to adjust.
In addition to competing for a potentially smaller immigration quota, applicants in post-coup Australia may also face the following situations:
188A Entrepreneurial Immigration:
Increase the applicant's share-holding ratio, company turnover and family assets requirements; 188B Investment Immigration:
doubling the amount of investment or increasing the requirements of venture capital; 188C major investment immigrants:
due to simple application conditions, improve the auditing standards, the proportion of venture capital, or close down directly; 132 Genius Entrepreneur Immigration:
Cancel One Step Get Green Card The quota is tight!
It may be shut down again at any time It is the general trend that the number of places is getting smaller and smaller and the requirements are getting stricter and stricter.
Under the tense situation that Australian immigrants are about to change dramatically, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to deal with this problem that we should lock in the old politics, seize quotas, submit application materials as soon as possible, prepare as early as possible and train as early as possible.
However, the opening of the application window for state guarantees in succession also means the rapid reduction of quotas.
In fact, the previous state closures have stimulated a large number of waiting applicants to submit materials, but also increased the intensity of competition for the remaining quotas.
The requirements for guarantees in Australian immigration states are complex and changeable.
The state government may not give notice after every change of the requirements.
The requirements for submitting documents in the audit are also very strict.
Benefits for Australian citizens:
1. Sign-free 181 countries and regions in the world 2. Free medical insurance in 11 European countries 3. After retirement, settle in Germany, Switzerland, Canada and other 30 countries to receive pensions 4. E-3 Visa Easy to Migrate to the United States 5. Permanent residence in New Zealand and equal treatment for local residents 6. Free public education from primary school to senior high school 7. Unemployment relief allowance and other benefits
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    ABOUT wisconsin local customs, tourist attractions
    銆銆銆 Area: 145438 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked twenty-sixth.
    Population: 4651000 people in fifty states, ranked sixteenth.
    State: Ma Di Madison.
    The main city: Milwaukee Milwaukee
    Racine Racine
    State flower: Violet Flower Butterfly
    State bird: Robins
    銆銆 In Wisconsin, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "grass" GrassyPlace.
    銆銆 167 years of colonial rule.
    In May 29, 1848 to become the thirtieth state of the United states.
    The butterfly is the state flower violet butterflyviolet.
    The alias "the right skin state BadgerState.
    The state motto: "forward" Forward.
    銆銆 The state is located in the Madison horse Madison, Milwaukee West, population three, 000. The high school has 57 years, many State University, located in Madison Ma University of Wisconsin, founded in 1848, about six thousand students.
    In 1956, the number of students of the foundation of the ear close to twenty thousand.
    銆銆 The state has two characteristics: first, the state of dairy cows.
    The state is full of undulating ground, growing grass, there are about two million dairy cattle.
    The state farms, 80% dairy farm animal husbandry.
    The annual production of milk, butter and cheese cheese, in the state, are listed firSt. Secondly, the paper states.
    The state of topography, climate and soil are suitable for reafforestation.
    Through the efforts of decades, has been used for a large number of paper.
    銆銆 The northwest shore of Lake Superior, the eastern shore of Michigan lake, northeast Michigan community, Minnesota to the west, southwest and South and both Iowa and Illinois State border.
    The state can be divided into: (A) is superior in northern taiwan.
    (B) of central and southern low hill shallow valley area.
    The ice age, the east of the Mississippi River in southern state, influence might be higher in the northern, all erosion landforms.
    This area is called "moraine".
    Other country, moraine is widely distributed.
    More than one.
    half of the ground state is very rich woodland, yielding hard wood.
    The main crops are corn, oats, vine maple syrup, orange.
    Turkey, *, more cattle.
    銆銆 This industry is very abundant, the product gross total production value of 40% of the state.
    Mineral zinc and iron.
    The state has sixteen ports.
    The largest one is located in the southeast of the Milwaukee Milwaudee, shore of Michigan lake, population 14, 000. Is one of the major cities in North American manufacturing of diesel engine.
    銆銆 Milwaukee is the largest city and port of Lake wisconsin.
    Michigan is located in the West Bank of the lake;
    the population of 628 thousand (1990), the 15% German immigrants, blacks accounted for 1 / 4;
    large urban areas including 4 counties, an area of 3856 square kilometers, accounting for 1 of the population census / 4;
    located in Binhu steep shore, 193.5 meters above sea level;
    in January the average temperature -7, July 21 c, annual rainfall of 740 mm, the original inhabitants of Indian called "Lo in Milwaukee", meaning "beautiful land".
    At the end of seventeenth century the French here traded furs.
    In 1818 the establishment of the white settlements, built in 1846;
    a large number of Europeans (mostly in German), commercial prosperity, has become an important market for wheat;
    in 1870 after the industry gradually rise;
    deep city cheese agricultural belt for the state in the main grain, dairy and livestock products of wood distribution center, one of the country's largest beef processing center beer brewing;
    the characteristic of industry, has 3 National 4 big beer factory, domestic output ranked first, known as the "beer capital".
    Machinery manufacturing is the largest industrial sector, 29% of the working population, the main production of auto parts, motorcycle, tractor, mining and construction machinery;
    is the north central transportation center.
    Excellent port facilities;
    there are 4 rail lines and suburban highway intersection;
    city through;
    south of Mitchell international airport.
    city stretching 16 kilometers along the Michigan Lake;
    both north and south, South Industrial Zone and old residential area, north of the city's business district, central business district from the lakeside westward 3 kilometers, many banks, department stores, office buildings and theaters;
    Wisconsin - Milwaukee 11 University and other colleges and universities;
    the Milwaukee Museum is one of the United States 4 Museum;
    city to clean its tidy streets, many parks and green space.
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