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    ABOUT wisconsin local customs, tourist attractions

    Wisconsin located in North America, the northwest coast of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan to the East, to the north is the superior Highlands, southern plains.
    Climate and area: 169639 square kilometers of state area, ranking twenty-third in the United States 50. Is a temperate continental climate, winter cold, summer heat, by the five Great Lakes regulation, Binhu, the climate is mild. The average annual rainfall of 760 mm, more spring and summer.
    City and population: population of about 5 million 710 thousand (2011), ranking twenty-ninth in the United states. Urban population accounted for about 65%, of which 86.2% of the total population of whites, blacks, Aboriginal and Asian descent were 6.3%, 1% and 2.3% of the total population. Madison (Madison), the former president of the United States named James Madison, population 220 thousand, is the political and educational center of wisconsin. Milwaukee (Milwaukee) is the largest city in the state, the economy developed, the major industries are machinery manufacturing, metal products and beer brewing.
    Economic indicators: 2011 GDP of 254 billion 800 million U.S. dollars in, the United States, twenty-first States, 50, accounting for the proportion of the United States GDP 1.70%. GDP44613 per capita.
    Five major categories of export commodities are industrial machinery and computer equipment, transportation equipment, instruments and related products, electronic and electrical equipment, food and related products. At present, more than 150 thousand of the state's export related jobs (according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the export of every $15 thousand will create 1 billion jobs).

    Agriculture: Wisconsin is the main agricultural product of the United States, there are 79 thousand farms, accounting for 4% of the number of U.S. National farms. The state is American main milk, cheese, butter, and dry or concentrated milk production to, enjoy the "cheese," reputation, milk production among the nation's second place, cheese production ranks the highest in the nation, accounting for about 30% of the total output of the whole America.
    Manufacturing: manufacturing industry is the second largest industry in Wisconsin, gross industrial products accounted for 40% of the state's total production value, for the state provides about 57.2 million jobs
    Tourism: tourism is only to the manufacturing industry, agriculture, the third major industries. The state of the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, hunting, fishing, boating skiing fun, attracting many visitors year-round stream of, is the prestigious tourist resorts.

    Investment matters
    Investment Law
    Wisconsin and there is no single investment law, investment in industry and in related laws and regulations of different.
    Two to encourage the investment measures
    1 purchase of machines and pollution prevention equipment can be SalesTax and PropertyTax.
    2 no inheritance and gift tax
    3 manufacturing inventory free PropertyTax.
    4 made of energy can be deductible for sales tax and use tax.
    The 5 Wisconsin development fund to provide low interest loans to increase job opportunities of the enterprise.
    6 Industrial Development Fund to provide grants and loans to research new products and manufacturing company.
    7 dangerous pollution product audit assistance. 8 employee stock ownership assistance loan scheme.
    Three Investment Limited
    The defense industry, aerospace industry, telecommunications, banking etc..
    Four head of investment institutions
    Five investment application procedures and audit procedure
    1 profit registration certificate to the state government for business hall
    2 factory building permits and land use permits to distinguish between local government application

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