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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The threshold for Portuguese investment immigrants to obtain passports has been significantly reduced Five years after the Portuguese Gold Residence Program has been granted a Portuguese Gold Visa, some people will choose to join Portuguese nationality to obtain a high-gold Portuguese EU passport for a variety of needs.
According to the Amendment to the Portuguese Nationality Law promulgated by the Portuguese Government in July 2018, the threshold for naturalization was lowered, and the residence time requirement for naturalization was reduced from six years to five years.
This means that as long as the holder of the gold residence visa in Portugal has lived in Portugal for 35 days in five years and passed the Portuguese A2 proficiency test, he will be eligible to apply for a Portuguese EU passport and has little residence requirements.
Many investors will be worried that the problem of immigration supervision has been solved and the Portuguese A2 proficiency test needs to be passeD.Will this test be difficult?
Let's get to know it with WTO.
The Portuguese Language Level Test (CAPLE) is a special test for non-Portuguese foreign students or people whose mother tongue is not Portuguese conducted by the Portuguese Language Testing Center of the University of Lisbon, Portugal.
So what is the Portuguese A2 level?
Portuguese A2 proficiency test is divided into written test, listening test and oral expression test.
1. Written test:
1 hour and 15 minutes, accounting for 45% of the total score; 2. Listening test:
30 minutes, accounting for 30% of the total score; 3. Oral expression test:
the examination time is 10-15 minutes, accounting for 25% of the total score.
Examinations cover personal interests, restaurant orders, Hotel bookings, daily life profiles, directions, bank and post office inquiries and answers, oral complaints, emergency requests for help, frequent travel questions and answers, shopping malls and so on.
Portuguese A2 proficiency test scores are divided into three categories:
1. Muito Bom (excellent, between 85 and 100); 2. Bom (good, score between 70 and 84); 3. Suficiente (pass, score between 55 and 69); In addition, after acquiring the status of gold residence in Portugal, according to Portuguese law, couples who have been married for more than three years can apply for Portuguese citizenship without passing the A2 level examination if one of them passes the A2 level examination.
Minor children can also apply for naturalization without passing the A2 level examination in Portuguese.
As can be seen from the above, in fact, the Portuguese A2 proficiency test is not difficult.
As long as one person passes the A2 proficiency test, the whole family can apply for naturalization.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    The Museum is located in the beautiful california Losangeles most ancient chinese architecture, established in 2003, is a specialized exhibition of chinese American History Museum in california, South california the first such type of Museum, the exhibition of fine arts works and historical items related to the chinese 150 years ago.
    The establishment of the Museum is not only beautiful, let the chinese children understand chinese in American history, but also let mainstream society know about chinese American history and contribution.
    It is the largest Museum of chinese, tells the story of chinese immigrants to the United States have suffered humiliation and bitterness of history and in their grief at separation and joy in Union, this strange land of entrepreneurship, growth, success.
    The Museum displayed a large map of the early settlers, clothing, jewelry, stationery, furniture, daily necessities, immigration affidavit, and even the entire chinese medicine shop cabinet, counter, and grocery goods such as kitchen, people can clearly understand the life and experience of the chinese in america.
    The gorgeous Museum remind generations of chinese children and ethnic chinese people, remember to make contributions to American society, ethnic integration between the American pluralistic society understanding is the guarantee.
    chinese American Museum
    Reason: the United States the largest Museum of chinese
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    city Attractions: Losangeles [Los Angeles]

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    Florida Highway 1 consists of 42 cross sea bridge, Unicom 100 island.
    In addition to more than a hundred times the imperial clear blue sky and white clouds, the vast expanse of the sea with your wheel extends forward, but will let you shock
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    Sicily has a charming Mediterranean scenery, the vicissitudes of the ancient architectural monuments, Europe's largest active volcano, Italy is indeed the source of beauty.
    April is the best time to visit Sicily, but also very few people Jingmei, suitable for hiking, cool climate, blooming flowers all over the mountains and plains, take a time to walk.
    [] chinese visa: citizens can apply for individual tourist visas to Italy, Italy and other countries in Schengen area.
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    Australia - Melbourne?
    April Melbourne autumn maple to an invigorating autumn climate, different colors, let the passionate vitality of the city is a riot of colours.
    Melbourne is known as "the world's best places to live", here, you can experience the rhythm of modern metropolis, the shuttle in the secret tunnel, bars, restaurants and upscale luxury boutique, you can also go to the suburbs to visit the famous Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula scenery.
    []: visa application to Australia visa can apply for a visitor visa, if after Australia to go to other countries to apply for a transit visa.
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    Israel is a natural and humanity are very wonderful country.
    Here, you can drive a jeep, riding a camel travel;
    living in tents, enjoying the Middle East coffee;
    can be lost in the faith of all - Jerusalem, go to cry against the wall, touched here thin lines, the feeling of the city's most heavy flavor can be the lowest in the world;
    altitude of Dead Sea sunshine a dead sea mud, self-service Spa..
    Of course, there are many important Israeli Bible historic city, and the Jewish nation unique belief spirit and cultural life, worthy of you to explore and experience.
    [visa]: the need to apply for a visa in advance.
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    In Tiberias, Jordan.
    The experience of baptism, according to legend Jesus is here to accept the baptism of San John.
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    Thailand Island - like?
    As the island is Thailand's second largest island, the island is surrounded by mountains, quiet and pure and flawless, not being developed and the destruction of the island like stay in space in the reclusive country, is a real land of idyllic beauty and ecological paradise.
    In addition to Elephant Island swimming and diving, but also in the meticulous white beach playing recreation, or hiking, riding like rainforest experience travel, fishing, sailing, swimming and diving and other activities.
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    [visa]: chinese citizens from third countries arrived in Thailand can apply for landing visa, can stay 15 days in Thailand.
    As is china to Thailand from Elephant Island prior to apply for your visa.
    [traffic]: from the perspective of direct flights to Bangkok, Bangkok via ferry to elephant island.
    [experience] hotel: recommended Elephant Island Deva Hotel (The Dewa Kon chang), the hotel is located in Klong Prao beach, Thai Gulf also provides rooms overlooking the Bay beauty private balcony oh.
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